How much knowledge you have of computers will be important to you, you will learn when you apply for almost any job, if not sooner. Knowing how to work on the computer, while actively using the internet, is one of the basic conditions for performing many professions in the modern world. There are many employers today that expect their staff to know how to do simple updates to the company website and update social media platforms. Luckily, Computer Coach Australia offers business computer training one-on-one for individuals as well as organisations in your office or home.

Although many schools nowadays teach computers, the fact is that over 40% of computer users have not had formal training now do they have enough knowledge to perform tasks that include, for example, using Word, Excel or PowerPoint, Websites, Social media updates, creating flyers or images or to quickly respond to emails and the like. Needles to mention, all these skills are important for doing business. And what better way to learn than with a qualified teacher!

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Business Computer Training

Why Choose Computer Coach Australia for Business Computer Training?

We design our courses so that all students receive adequate knowledge for optimal work on computers in an optimal time. And the prices of our business computer courses are among the best in the market!

Our teachers have all the necessary knowledge and certificates for conducting the training, and behind them are years of experience, which makes them the best. We work with everyone – busy executives, business owners, employees, seniors, beginners, people with special needs, teachers and students.

Regardless of whether you want training for business computer skills or to gain only basic computer knowledge, which involves active use of the internet and work in programs such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook, or you want to learn how to build and monetise a website, Computer Coach Australia has got you covered. Sending email campaigns with MailChimp? No problem!

Any learning gaps and phobias about computers will be addressed and your self-confidence will increase. Not to mention that any stress you may have is reduced from increasing your knowledge. Knowledge is power. We guarantee you will leave the session feeling confident and empowered. And you will have your own Computer Coach to call on when updates or new systems are introduced.

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Professional Development

Most jobs entail staff to undertake a specific number of professional development hours and most of these modules are online. In fact, some of the basic business skills today include knowledge of how to create or use documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Additionally, managing files, saving, uploading, renaming, deleting, downloading and sharing files. Furthermore, researching information on the internet, operating a database, posting on either social media or websites.

We will send you a form that will help you discern why you need computer help. In addition, we will make a list and work through it. First, we ensure you really understand the concept of the task you set out to learn and teach within the context of your work. Finally, we teach or model how to write easy-to-follow operating instructions.

There are many computer skills to know. Undoubtedly all business owners and employees will benefit from our business computer training. Don’t hesitate and contact Computer Coach Australia today. To see our current fees please click here.

At Computer Coach Australia we offer one-on-one, face to face training in your office or home in the Sydney area and for those outside of Sydney we have the excellent option for remote training service where you will learn with a qualified and experienced teacher and this is a


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