Computer Training Sydney – The Basics

Gary reached out to computer training Sydney because has bought into a franchise as a start-up in real estate, and the main focus Gary needed help with was to buy a reliable computer with personalised instruction. On Google, Gary found out that Zoe from Computer Coach Australia could help him with his problem.

Computer Coach Australia

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Professional Development hours are essential for many industries. And as a franchise, he needed to work through several modules. Being skilled with technology improves the service his business provides. Alternatively, this can help him give better assistance to his clients. He was able to do this by having one-on-one computer training Sydney with Computer Coach Australia.

As part of the real estate franchise, Gary got access to a CMS database with tools to create a website with training courses to complete.

Being able to rely on your technology performing well is a great start and helps with the learning process. We base troubleshooting on a method of elimination. The most important thing is assessing your options and growing the confidence to try something new. Our main ethos at Computer Coach Australia is to boost the learners’ confidence.

Computer Coach Australia Moodle Training

We downloaded the real estate modules Gary had to complete from Moodle.

Moodle is a personalised learning environment that many training organisations use. It is designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system.

Moodle is a free platform that people in education commonly use. The teacher and the student require a username and password to access the site.

TAFE teachers use Moodle as an intranet platform to upload coursework and resources. Students get their portal, username and password. That way they can access assessment tasks and upload completed assignments.

Bridging the Learning Gap with Computer Training Sydney

Gary needed some one-on-one training because he was having problems accessing the Moodle platform on his old computer and iPad.

This was confusing, and he began to lose confidence in his skills. He needed to learn how to locate and download resources to complete the quizzes and assessment tasks for accreditation.  Often, confidence is a problem for many people using computers. This happens if they have had very little formal computer training. Working with a professional teacher from Computer Coach Australia with many years of experience, Gary was able to gain that confidence.

Most people learn about computers from their friends or children. This doesn’t bring about confidence, and those people usually have many learning gaps.

Teaching is a profession and learning from a teacher, rather than someone who knows a bit about computers, can be revolutionary.

Gary recognises his limitations and the value of time. Why waste hours trying to work out how to use something when a 2-hour computer training session with a qualified computer coach at Computer Coach Australia can teach you the proper way. Gary was skilled in using computers; he just needed to fill in those learning gaps and gain confidence.

Gary found Computer Coach Australia on Google. And what a great and proactive start to a change of career it had been. He was able to read the reviews and the scope of training that we provide.

Gary is going to be a success in running his real estate franchise with a proactive attitude.

WordPress Website

Computer Training Sydney

Computer Coach Australia

Working with Gary, we were able to show him how to create a new WordPress website, a user-friendly platform for beginners.

Using a free app, we created the logo design and resized it for all the social media platforms. The main pages we added to the website were on properties for sale and sold, testimonials and contact details. After we created the website, we developed a plan for social media marketing. Linking the social media platforms to Facebook and the website was the first place to start. Later he would develop skills in Facebook ads.

Gary researched Youtube and found some fitting marketing tips for the real estate industry. Each marketing strategy was set up to suit the demographics, business vision and goals. Gary is keen to learn to use video marketing via Youtube. Furthermore, he linked it to his website, Facebook and Instagram accounts.  Besides, a list of clients is well on the way to make the best use of MailChimp for e-news campaigns.

Help Buying a New Computer

Gary was ready to purchase a new and reliable computer. His old PC was running Windows 7 he wanted his technology to work seamlessly with the iPad and iPhone. Windows 7 was struggling to communicate with the hardware and several of his applications. He lost a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong. Was it the user, the hardware or the software? Gary had been using the iPhone 6 and an iPad to do the majority of his work.

Now with the new business looming, he wanted to update his computer to optimise the workflow. What Gary needed to be a success was confidence in his equipment, rather than wondering if he was doing something wrong. Until now he was able to perform many of the simple tasks like send e-mails and do website searches on his iPad. With the introduction of the new real estate franchise, Gary wanted a laptop computer with a bigger screen and storage, so he turned to Computer Coach Australia for help.

Concerns When Buying a New Computer

Computer Training Sydney

Computer Coach Australia

Gary was keen to transfer all his technology over to Apple products. Using the same technology streamlines operations rather than mixing operating systems that may be lagging behind.

Zoe at Computer Coach Australia is an Apple Accessibility Consultant and has over 25 years of experience working with PCs. Gary completed his computer training in Sydney. He wanted to know which computer would best suit his requirements. After purchasing the machine, a couple of face-to-face computer training sessions soon taught Gary the differences between using the Apple and the Windows systems.

The transition from Windows to Mac can be confusing. Especially if you are used to one way of doing things. Having these differences explained to you by Zoe who is highly skilled in both can save you time and frustration.

So, if you are looking for computer training in Sydney, you have found the right person for the job.

Buying Technology Based on Your Needs

When purchasing any new technology, there are certain things to consider based on what you plan to use it for. A basic set of questions can determine your current and future needs. To save time and frustration, compatibility between devices provides a user-friendly and reliable performance.

Buying a computer is similar to buying a car. However, some have stronger engines than others. Moreover, you would not buy a sports car to drive on dirt roads now, would you? Nor would you buy a car with huge engine capacity if you were planning driving it in the city. Often people go into the computer store expecting the salesperson to know what their needs are.

However, salespeople are quite often trained in sales with a quota to make, not technology. Trusting you are being given the correct information based on your needs from an impartial computer coach in Australia can be a relief. There is a skill in knowing what questions to ask and understanding your future needs.

TAFE Uses Moodle

Computer Coach Australia

Computer Training Sydney

At TAFE, Moodle is the platform used to upload course notes, homework and manage student records.  Students get access via an online portal to upload their class work, download resources and tasks. Moodle is a cloud-based system that saves paper and that you can access from any computer or location.  All you need to access the Moodle platform is a computer, a username and a password.

There is a learning curve for teachers or students with every new piece of software. Taking the initiative to secure professional help with Zoe at Computer Coach Australia increases confidence, motivation and productivity.

Zoe has provided Professional Development for Teachers at TAFE whenever they got new software.  At the end of each term, the computers would be cleaned, updated and backed up.

Learning new technology on top of a busy schedule is very stressful. It can prove to be unproductive as well. Increasing confidence and skills in computer literacy is enhanced by learning in the workplace or on the work computer. This is something you could learn with computer training Sydney.

Contextual learning makes developing skills in new technology easier to grasp. Storing course resources online saves the hassle of having to carry papers around between classrooms. What a relief for teachers!

Computer Training Sydney & On-on-One Classes

One-on-one computer coaching with Zoe can save you so much time and frustration.

Zoe will focus precisely on what it is you need. Besides, not just anyone can help or teach. We all benefit from spending time with a qualified teacher who can assess our learning style and blocks. Here at Computer Coach Australia, we also deal with issues such as technology addiction and many others.

Confidence is the main thing we need to develop. That is what the younger generation has that makes them seem so skilled. Sometimes people have only a few learning gaps that we need to fill.  Assessing learning gaps and abilities, and tweaking training methods to suit the individual is a skill. Sitting with a qualified teacher looking for options for those routine tasks is a worthy investment for your chosen career.

Zoe at Computer Coach Australia offers one-on-one training in your office or home. And it is for anything software or app related. So don’t wait and call Zoe to chat about your needs 0407 956 071. We provide this service based on ‘everything computers’ and, furthermore, it can be in your office or home. Clients are mainly from the eastern, inner and lower north shore areas in Sydney.