One-on-one Computer Training

Why Use a Computer Coach?

You will save time trying to work out how to do things and have a coach you can go back to for the next action. We understand your computer system requirements and your strengths, limitations and preferred learning style. From learning to use or create a WordPress websites to Microsoft Office and Apple software we will help you with everything computers and phones.

We work with you on your computer in the context of your work place. Our new remote online computer training one-on-one, means you can access our help at your desk. We wont just fix the problem for you – we will explain how it occurred, what we do to remedy the issue and you wont have that same problem occur again. 

All our training focuses specifically on what you need to learn, rather than waiting for the course instructor to get to the sweet spot. We assess any learning gaps you may have in your understanding and work on filling in those areas.

Apple consultant one-on-one training
Learn Office Windows one-on-one

Our coaches are Apple consultants, Microsoft experts and experienced in WordPress training. As qualified computer teachers, we work through your list methodically to ensure what you need is covered. Our expertise is in training, supporting and troubleshooting  – and we know how to teach.

How computer coaching helps

Developing a solid understanding of computer technology, can help with your confidence and efficiency and save you time and frustration. We will provide a questionnaire to formulate an action plan of learning goals and outcomes, specifically based on what you need to learn now and / or develop future skills in. With each task we can write or show you how to write easy to follow operating instructions. An action sheet of things to do and complete before our next session will embed the skills you have learnt. You will feel inspired to read through the notes, motivated to practice, and gain confidence and increase your productivity using the skills you have developed.

Computer Training Sydney one-to-one
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Action plan

The attached Session Questionnaire for basic computer training and support prompts you into formulating an idea of what you need computer coaching for. It will provide an indication of your skill level and areas to develop.

Please have a look through and highlight any areas you need help with and return it to, or we can go through it together. From this we will understand the areas you need to develop and create a learning plan to work together on. 

To find out more about our fees and conditions click here or give Zoe at Computer Coach Australia a call on 0407 956 071 or simply fill in your information below and we will contact you.

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