The Clients We Help With One on One Computer Training and Support

NDIS registered computer training

NDIS registered computer training

NDIS registered one on one computer training

We work with various clients providing face to face computer training in Sydney, as well as a remote service.  Computer Coach Australia is a NDIS registered computer training provider for clients with disabilities and special needs. Our trainers are trained Teachers with University qualifications in technology, support and also troubleshooting and special needs. They have over 20 years experience assisting clients to develop computer literacy skills to become independently empowered.

First of all, we work with both beginners and advanced clients. We travel to the clients’ homes and work in the context of what each person requires. Things they are already familiar with and what they need to know. We create a learning plan and service agreement based on the list of topics we cover. One on one computer training focuses on the client’s preferred learning style, therefore it fills in learning gaps. This achieves positive results, especially in contrast to other groups or online class training options. Clients we work with include:

  • special needs  – disabilities – mental health
  • seniors
  • employees
  • the busy executive
  • the business owner
Computer Coach Australia Computer Course for Beginners

Computer Course for Beginners

About Our Teachers:

Our trainers have 20+ years of experience in ’ business and computer skills, supporting groups and individuals with computer training. Furthermore, these are clients from all walks of life, including those with disabilities. We offer help in all aspects of computer use including phones, tablets, and other digital devices.

From bookkeeping to short filmmaking, websites and office apps also, we can teach you everything you need to know.

At Computer Coach Australia we see the need for one on one computer training. Everyone has their own level of computer or phone training (often from untrained people or children who have no teaching skills) – so therefore we can easily assess your level of understanding and start teaching you from there. This will help ease any anxiety and learning will become easier.

NDIS One on one computer training

computer training personalised NDIS

Due to every computer having a different setup, there are many operating systems, storage options, applications, and versions.

Every client is at their own level of understanding, with unique needs and a learning style.

Computer Coach Australia is NDIS Registered

Computer Coach Australia is NDIS registered to help people with special needs and disabilities. We teach clients from the level they are at, work on their specific projects and model learning to learn skills for future independence. We have high qualifications for assessing learning gaps and any blockages that might prevent learning, hence we adapt our methods to suit.

Our service provides remote one-on-one online computer access service, training, and management to help clients in areas outside of the inner Sydney areas.  Firstly, we discuss the computer skills that the client already has, what they use the computer for and what they would like to develop. This includes any areas they are struggling with and likewise, any projects we can work on together. This may include everything from writing a book to using Youtube or sending an email. We will create a service plan for moving forward with a list of learning goals to have as a vision for making the best use of technology. Our trainers are qualified teachers due with many years experience in many different types of technologies.

Computer Training NDIS special needs

Computer Training

Our Senior trainer Zoe, has a long-standing and very successful teaching background working for TAFE. This includes working with clients who need computer help and are at a disadvantage with low levels of computer literacy. Furthermore, it includes English Second Languages, disabilities and above all, special needs.

Specialising in all types of software applications and troubleshooting issues between the user, hardware, internet or software is a complex skill. Zoe also has lived experience with a brother who had an acquired brain injury as a young boy and therefore she has advanced communication, empathy and carer support experience.

Zoe is highly competent in this area. Furthermore, she can easily work with many different types of people including those with disabilities, special needs, mental health, long-term unemployed, small business owners, women out of work, literacy, and English as a second language to name just a few.

Services We Provide

Computer Coach Australia is NDIS registered as a computer trainer assisting clients in the Eastern suburbs and also inner Sydney areas. We also provide a one-on-one online remote service. One on one computer training suits everyone, and furthermore boosts efficiency, confidence, and independence. See a list of some of the services we provide below:

Microsoft Office: Word; PowerPoint; Excel, Outlook, Publishing;

Apple Applications: Pages, Keynote, Finder, App store;

Google: Docs, Drive, Business page, Calendar, etc.

Social Media: WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest WhatsApp etc;

computer training special needs

One on one basic computer training / NDIS registered computer training

BookkeepingPayPal, Online Banking, Invoicing etc;

Internet: Plan review, Scanning, Saving files, Settings, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Maps, Apps/Software, Calculator, Health, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Clock/reminders, News, Messenger, Online forms, Saving info, Bookmarking, Sharing, Accessibility;

iPhone or iPad: Purchases, Set up, Data & Internet plans;

Photos: Editing, saving, sharing, book creation;

Videos: Creating, editing, uploading – YouTube, Vimeo, Adobe Premiere basics;

Online Communications: Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime;

File Management: Updating protocols, backing up, file management, folders, deleting, renaming, sharing files and syncing devices, storage, backing up, cloud and also hard drive;

Virus Protection: Mac or PC scanning and virus protection;

Form design: Type form, PowerPoint, Word, PDF;

Emailing apps: Outlook, Mail, Gmail, attachments, signatures, downloads, address book, syncing;

Entertainment: Ted talks, ABC iView, SBS on demand, Classic FM, Cinemas;

How One on One Computer Training Can Help You

Save time and money learning from a teacher that can provide one on one computer training.

Zoe’s experience in one on one computer training includes NDIS registered computer training. History of support and troubleshooting has also taught her that everyone has their own special needs and unique way of learning.

NDIS registered computer training ESL

NDIS registered computer training English Second Language

With professional training, we will not only remove any obstacles in using technology but help your confidence grow, too.

This requires one on one computer training as well as support from a qualified computer teacher with the skills to teach, not just someone who knows a bit about computers.

Extensive experience proving computer training and support for people with various disabilities. Above all those with mental health and all types of special needs as well as an NDIS registered computer trainer.

You will also learn how to keep up-to-date with changing technologies instead of feeling left behind or at a disadvantage in the digital world.

Computers can be complex and intimidating. Therefore, hand the work over to the experts at Computer Coach Australia, and free yourself up to do what you love.

….and yes Zoe will come to you to provide that individualised service.

Call Zoe on 0407 956 071 or drop us a note below, we would love to hear from you.