Online computer skills are a must

Hello there, I thought some of you might be realising by now that online computer skills are a must to have. Now more than ever it is important to develop the skills to connect online. Whether you are an employee, small business, senior or NDIS participant we are here to help you learn these skills. Our one-on-one computer coaching involves online live training based on what you want to learn. You do not have to wade through online tutorials, we will get right to the point and you will become confident online before you know it. Our online one-on-one training is perfect for everyone, because it is tailored to suit you. As well as, you will have someone to go back to if you get stuck or want to further develop your skills. For this reason do tell your friends and parents that expert training is available now.

First of all, we work with both beginners to advanced clients, it doesn’t matter your level of skill we will start right where you are at. We are trained teachers and can easily assess your level of understanding in the context of what you need. Together we will go over our session questionnaire  which is a perfect place to start. This will help us create a list of what is best for you to focus on. Each time we meet online we will work through your list, as well share any other issues that may have come up. We are just a phone call away and will save you time and frustration. Give Zoe a call on +61 407 956 071 to discuss your needs. Read on to find out how we will help you.

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Computer Coach Australia online training topics

Our learning plan is based on the list of topics we cover and if it is not on our list it doesn’t mean we can’t teach you.  One-on-one online computer training focuses on each client’s preferred learning style. Likewise you will fill in any learning gaps in your understanding of how technology works. This achieves a positive outcome, especially in contrast to other groups or online class training options.

Clients Computer Coach Australia works with everyone including:-


NDIS clients


business owners

English second language

culturally diverse

first nations people

online computer skills training

Senior couple connected with family on internet

Using the internet provides various benefits for older people, aside from being mentally active and open-minded. At Computer Coach Australia we provide one-on-one training on your computer for seniors and NDIS clients at your pace, place and time.  Computer training will :

Online computer skills training

Improve the quality of your life  learning specifically what you need

Help you to stay active and healthy.

Learning new technologies stimulates mental activity

Autonomy will be strengthened by promoting independence.

Maintain and expand your network of contacts.

Email and instant messaging speeds up communication with other people.

Provide access to the ever growing number of online services such as banking, transport, subscriptions, tickets, that can be frustrating and time consuming.

Teach you how to manage your computer files, passwords, updates, security, photos, contacts etc

Online computer skills seniors

Online computer skills for SME’s

If you are now working from home and struggling without the IT support department close at hand – Computer Coach Australia can help you. With over 30 years of business and computer experience we  are skilled to work with groups and individuals in all aspects of computer use.

From banking to creating and using a website; Microsoft programs and emailing; you will learn all you need to know for business skills. The best part is that as trained teachers we can easily assess any learning gaps you might and fill them in for you by teaching you from where you are at.

At Computer Coach Australia, we see the need for one-on-one computer training. With this in mind, we start at your level and work with the technology you use. There are many operating systems, storage options, apps and versions. Every client is at their own level of understanding. Furthermore, everyone has their own learning style and specific needs.

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Computer online skills training for business

Computer Coach Australia provides individual client-focused computer skills training for business. Furthermore, you will be working with a qualified computer teacher.  The client list ranges from busy executives, business owners, employees, seniors, people with special needs and students. In fact, most people who help others learn to use their computers are not trained teachers. Learning to use a computer from someone who does not have a good foundation themselves is pointless.

Computer Coaches are trained to teach

Teachers are trained to teach. Our teachers have a long-standing business and computer training experience. We are able to assist all types of clients including those with special needs, low literacy and technophobes. In fact, we work with the person as opposed to the computer. Therefore most computer users have special needs. Everyone is at their personal level of understanding. We work with groups and individuals.  There is nothing we cant teach you. We work with everything from bookkeeping to short filmmaking and websites. Just about everything you can do on the computer, Computer Coach Australia can help you with.

Call Zoe at Computer Coach Australia today on 0407 956 071 or send me an email at we would love to chat with you about your needs.