Meet our Computer Coaches Zoe Campbell and Lance Raftery. Due to an increasing demand we have recently added Lance to our team. Accordingly Zoe provides one-on-one training services in your office or home within Sydney. She also works remotely on line with clients outside of the Sydney area. Lance is providing training, support and troubleshooting one-on-one out of the Gold Coast region.

Zoe Campbell – Computer Coach

BA Dip Ed Education – Information Technology / Special needs (1999) Macquarie University, Sydney

Zoe Campbell and friends

Zoe Campbell – is one of our Computer Coaches

Zoe is a Hi-tech-Yogi and the founder of Computer Coach Australia. She delivers one-on-one training & support plus remote online training on technology throughout Australia. Particularly she loves to everything to do with websites, video and anything creative. In addition to Zoe has worked extensively with well-known vocational institutions. For example TAFE, RAC, Libraries, Ozanam Learning centre and within training departments of large companies.

Transforming busy digital lives with one-on-one, face-to-face Computer Training – at your pace, place and time


Zoe Campbell our Computer Coach is not just someone who knows a bit about computers and attempts to train people. She is a reflective teacher that works with each person to understand their preferred learning style. Especially, she has over 25 years experience teaching all forms of technology. For example to business owners, employees, students, special needs, NDIS recipients, English second language, first nations people and seniors. As a result her teaching style is natural, inclusive and non-threatening. Zoe’s career history is steeped in education, mentoring, business, innovative technologies and health. Subsequently she intuitively provides coaching and empathic mentoring to inspire – motivate – empower all learners.

Clients our Computer Coaches help

Zoe’s M.O. is to improve the quality of life within the frenetic world of technology. Incidentally Zoe is the recipient of a most popular tutor award. Likwise you can read her reviews here. As such, she has also founded Bondi Yoga Therapy providing:-

Yoga Ayurveda Therapist

Yoga Ayurveda programs
Private class in your home
Group class at North Bondi
Digital detox programs
NDIS – Special needs Yoga

*Note Yoga Ayurveda Therapy is suitable for everyone. Above all if challenged chronic illness, injury, pre and post operations, seniors, special needs or disabilities.

Zoe has authored four digital/video books. They are on the topics of Sport Injuries, Parkinson’s condition, Ageing and Women’s Health. Furthermore she can even teach you how to create your own digital book to sell.

Zoe Campbell our Computer Coach has a strong business experience developing and growing SME’s within the online multi-jurisdictional digital market. She has a solid understanding in devising effective business models. Namely creating appealing products and services tailored to target markets. As well as enhancing brand presence through effective marketing campaigns. Likewise she has trained people to develop skills in efficient operational and cost management. Zoe has a solid understanding of organic SEO. In addition to creating her own websites, youtube channel and other social media platforms.

As a Board Member of the Bondi Chamber of Commerce Zoe is always open to collaborate and learn from other like-minded professionals.

Zoe welcomes you to connect with her and have a chat about your needs.

“…computer literacy is a must for everyone today and without these skills is just as disadvantageous as other forms of literacy”.


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✆ +61 407 956 071

Computer Coach – Lance Raftery

Meet Lance our new Computer Coach. Lance Raftery is one of the Computer Coaches working out of the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. He is providing training and support for NDIS recipients, small business owners, employees and seniors. Particularly Lance will be providing one-on-one training and support in your office, home or at a convenient location. Lance is also available to provide website training. As an example training to use your existing website, rebranding or creating a new website. Likewise he has skills with WordPress and SquareSpace. By the way if you have ever wondered which is best WordPress or Square space you can find out here.

Everyone with a small business needs to own a website to get business. The website needs to be connected to social media to create organic SEO. In brief this is how Google algorithm works so people can find you on the internet. Using a website is not as mysterious as developers would like you to think. To being with learning to use your website is empowering. In addition to these skills will save you time and money. Read more about a WordPress plans here.

Lance Raftery our Gold Coast Computer Coach

Lance is one of our new Computer Coaches. He is patient, personable, friendly and he loves a good laugh. We are excited he has joined our team at Computer Coach Australia. Lance will aim to make every session empowering and motivating, in a safe and supportive environment for you to learn. He enjoys everything technical and he has a passion for building computers. You can read the training topics we cover here for beginners to advanced learners. We use our session questionnaires to create a learning plan so you can work towards your goals.

Gold coast Computer training

Whatever you need to learn on your computer Lance can help you with. He is a digital native with loads of patience and experience in Microsoft Office products and website design. Similarly there is no question you can ask Lance that he wont know – and if he doesn’t he has the knack to find out the answer. He will show you how to learn-to- learn.

No question or task too big or too small. I will break things down for you and check your understanding as we go along.   


Lance not only is providing Gold Coast Computer training for NDIS and others – he also has a great passion for building computers. Therefore as a young entrepreneur his own company is called Combat X Computers. Likewise Lance created his own website and loves getting technology to work for him. Specifically In his own business Lance provides the following:

  • Custom water cooling
  • Hackintosh/Custom Macs for audio production and video editing
  • Hardware upgrades for PC and Mac
  • OS upgrades, installation and data cloning
  • Small form factor builds
  • Budget builds through to epic workstations
  • Understanding the market and keeping up with the latest tech news to deliver hardware to meet your specific needs

Contact Computer Coach Australia

To find out more information on how we can help you to learn to use your computer efficiently and feel confident and motivated call Zoe 0407 956 071 or drop us a note. We love to hear from you.