Just Why Do You Need to Backup?

Do you backup your computer and website regularly? I am surprised how many people think because they backup their computer they backup their website. Are you one of those? Or worse still they have no idea what a backup is. They may not even know the value of updating their software when a new update becomes available. You can learn to create a backup and schedules, update and keep your computer safe with Zoe at Computer Coach Australia.

Why You Should Run an Update?

Updates issued by the provider are for usually for a very real reason. In some instances, I advise doing a little research to find out if the update has any known issues, especially if it is new. Moreover, the length of time the update has been circulating is another factor to consider. If you leave the update for too long, your device may become un-operational. It is good practice to backup your website, computer or phone before updating to any new software versions.



Updating Is Often Necessary

Updates get to your computer via the internet. However, some updates can be lengthy and time-consuming. You can research the effectiveness of any update by looking at a forum online. When Zoe first started teaching computers in 1982, updates were manual. We would copy the update onto a 3 1.4 inch floppy disk and then take it to the client’s house. The updates changed the version number of the system, and there was documentation to cover the new modifications. Furthermore, if clients experienced a technical problem, the first place to check was if they had been updated to the latest version.

Backup is Crucial

Before any update, it is important to back up your computer system first, in case any error disrupts the system. Moreover, with a website, depending on the platform you are using, you may need to download a specific plugin that enables a back up to be done. You can set some backups on automatic, others you may need to perform on a regular basis. If something goes wrong with your computer or software, you get a virus or it crashes on the update, you can restore your data.

Computer Information Is Vulnerable to Attack

Why Do You Need to Backup

Why Do You Need to Backup

What would happen if an attack was made on the water supply company, or the electricity and they were unable to get the system up and running? Do they have a manual way to run things or are we becoming more and more reliant on technology? Did you ever go somewhere and they told you they can’t help you because the system is down? Don’t let this happen to you. The internet is a vulnerable place and our information is valuable. Malware. Code vulnerabilities. Brute force attacks. Unexpected downtime. The web can be a scary place.

Keep your data safe

As an owner of your own slice of the #internet, it’s a big responsibility to keep it safe and secure. And that begins with always maintaining an up-to-date backup of your site’s content, files, and settings.

To learn more about the backup, update, and restore processes and how you can protect your website from malicious attacks give Zoe a call on 040-795-6071 at Computer Coach Australia or send an email to computercoachaustralia@gmail.com

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