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Develop Computer Skills

Our session questionnaire for one-on-one computer training sessions face to face in your office or home is now also available via an online connection. We will assist you to discern what you need help with to increase your skills. Using a computer is not intuitive for everyone which can be due to lack of professional training. This results in learning gaps that leave people lacking in confidence and unable to move ahead to develop skills in new technologies.

At Computer Coach Australia we ask you to write a list of topics in priority order from the list below that you need help with. Two heads are better than one and we can also help you work through any technical problems you may have with your website or hardware. Methodically we work through the list you have created to ensure you are left feeling confident to go on to develop new skills as technology changes – as it does.

One-on-one Computer Training


Our session questionnaire for computer training provides basics that need to be set up for your system to run optimally

ORGANISING FILES:,   folders, deleting, renaming, sharing, users, PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP

STORAGE: Backing up, cloud, sharing, drop box, hard drive, USB;

SYNCING: phone, computers & tablets;

VIRUS PROTECTION: Mac or PC scanning and protection;


OPERATIONS; – Attachments,  downloads/uploads, address  book, contacts, folders/saving, sending/receiving/forwarding, signatures

MAIL PROGRAMS:- Windows / Apple mail,  Microsoft Outlook, Google Gmail, Webmail


SEO: becoming visible sustainably

MARKETING: Promotions/events or specials, Ad campaigns, e-Newsletters, Google business

PAYMENTS: e-Commerce, Paypal, Woo Commerce, Mail Chimp


Do you have the user names and passwords for the social media accounts?

ACCOUNTS: Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram Pinterest, Google Business, LinkedIn


PHOTOS: organising, syncing, editing, saving, sharing, albums, books;

VIDEOS: creating, editing, uploading

YOUTUBE: searching, sharing, uploading, watch list, channel, and promotions

DESIGNS: Promos creation, flyers, logo, posters, postcards and business cards


Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Team viewer


Create, edit, upload – iTunes / Amazon


APPLE: Pages, Keynote, Finder, App store, Find phone;

MICROSOFT: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook;

GOOGLE: docs, calendar, sharing, editing, saving

ACCOUNTING: Pay Pal, Online Banking, Invoicing, Waveapps


*please see separate form for posting, blogging, creating, rebranding, editing, maintenance, backing up, updating, linking to social media; WordPress

Other help required? 

Thank you for looking through our session questionnaire for computer training. Please return your responses of what you need help with, before our session if possible; otherwise we can go through it together.

Knowing the value of your time and wellbeing is a good reason to work with Computer Coach Australia

The purpose is for Computer Coach Australia to gain an understanding of your skill level, needs and to meet your expectations. It will also enable a lesson plan/goals for your Computer Coaching with an estimate of a realistic time frame to meet your goals.     

NDIS and Seniors social media usage

Session questionnaire assists with one-on-one training

You may relate to some of the topics we cover as being areas you need to brush up on. Learning from a professional teacher can really help you to save time especially if you find there are things that trip you up. Such as:-

computer coach australia feel safe online


forgotten passwords

what did I just do? how can I fix that?

where did those files go?

feeling totally frustrated

wasting precious time

feeling anxious to ask for help

not running updates or backups

lacking confidence online

scared to do money transactions

cant fill out that form

email full of junk

files all over the place

and there are many more…..

The list is endless, there are just so many reasons why having your own Computer Coach to turn to is a smart idea. They know you, and are someone for you to go back to and trust when you get stuck. A computer coach understands you, your learning style, your system and is ready to take you on to the next step.  

To save losing your job or owning a dead website – learning from a qualified and experienced teacher will provide a solid foundation to learn new skills upon.

We specialise in workplace training for WordPress websites and social media – as well as many other types of websites. With qualifications in Work Place Training and Assessment.

there is really nothing we can’t help you with

session-questionnaire-computer-workplace training
Business Computer Courses

Our session questionnaire will help you to learn exactly what you need

Whether you work for yourself or for an organisation you will need support to continually update your skills. Our teaching questionnaire for computer training session will assist you to benefit from your training time. From being proficient and starting with the basics to advanced operations. Furthermore, technology is changing so quickly. Thus, learning how to learn is a skill to develop.

Our one-on-one computer and iPhone training is very efficient and cost effective – you receive more face to face individual attention at your level of understanding in a 2 hour session with one of our coaches than you would receive in a 12 month course. We teach you to use your technology and you will become motivated and develop “learn to learn” skills.

you will get more face to face individual attention, at your level of understanding in a 2 hour session – than you would in a 12 month course!

Apple consultant, Microsoft expert & WordPress Geek

Computer Coach Australia is a part of the Apple Consultants network, has extensive skills in Microsoft Office and WordPress websites. We start by training people to learn exactly what they need to learn. As we are trained work place assessors we are highly skilled in assessing any learning gaps each client is experiencing.

Apple consultant one-on-one training

We know how to navigate each individual learning style and guarantee you will fully understand the task at hand. We can all be tripped up learning to use new technologies and two heads are better than one to develop new skills to provide a solid foundation to build upon.

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As an absolute novice on-line person, I had no idea where to start to set up a website for my business.  Luckily I found out that Zoe Campbell of Computer Teacher Sydney is also a whiz at setting these up.  I could not be happier – especially as her rates are much lower than where you will find elsewhere. 

I cannot recommend Zoe highly enough for her diligence, help, patience and immense knowledge of computers in helping me bring this website to life.  If you would like a professional website at a fraction of the cost, I would urge you to give Zoe a call and check out all the services she offers here on her website – from beginners to advanced. 

  Thanks Zoe!

Om Shanti

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Learn Office Windows one-on-one

What to do now

Yes we certainly can help you – so what do you do now? Please go through the teaching questionnaire for computer training list and take a note of what you need help with and return to

If for any reason you are having trouble with this side of things then give us a call on +61 407 956 071 and we can go through the options together.

Some people may want simply basics and others may need more advanced skills. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers can help you in your home or office, or we can work with you online. There is no reason to say you hate technology or technology hates you – here you can and will learn to become efficient and empowered using new technologies.

Thank you for filling out this form, we look forward to working with you.

If you would like to speak to Zoe call +61 407 956 071