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Computer Coach Australia

Private Computer Teacher 

Are you struggling during the process of learning new technologies? 

Do you find yourself wasting time trying to work out how to use new technologies?

Is technology not intuitive for you?

Have you got a website with no idea how to use it?

Do you need a website or want to re-brand the one you have?

Are you unsure which social media site to use and have not time to set it up?

Are your computer files all over the place, you don’t run back ups and say no to updates?

Does losing passwords, emailing trips you up and feel totally overwhelmed frustrate you?

Are you tripped up by the basics of Microsoft Office, Apple software or new technologies?

Or do you lack the confidence to find the right people to ask for help?

Computer Coach Australia offers 

One-on-one computer teachers at your disposal

Ongoing support

Home or office training

Remote & online training

Qualified computer teachers

Training for beginners to advanced

Training at your level of understanding

Learning plan based on your needs

Fills in learning gaps

For all types of computers & phones

Expert Computer Coach

What you will get

Learn to use your technology efficiently and as a result, save time and money

Professional ongoing support

Empowered, motivated and confident

‘learn how to learn’ and ‘keep up-to-date with ever evolving technologies’ 

Call today : 0407 956 071


Save Time and Learn Exactly What You Need to Learn

At your pace, place, and time

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social media training Sydney


How to Know What Apps Will Best Suit Your Needs?

No time to spend on Social media?

Learn to link your social media to your website and create organic SEO

help buying a computer Sydney


Buying Accordingly to Your Needs Is Smart Buying

Help to understand data and mobile plans

How to know which computer, phone or tablet will best suit your needs not only now but also in 5 years time. 

Learn computer basics Bondi


Paying Bills, Buying Tickets, Filling in Forms

You can learn to do your banking online

Quickly pay bills and shop online while feeling secure at the same time.

Learn to use Facebook Sydney


Word, Power Point, Excel, Outlook, Movie Maker Made Easy

Essential basic office skills

You can quickly learn to enjoy using a computer with Zoe at Computer Coach Australia.


WordPress Offers Thousands of Free and Inexpensive Templates

Create easy to use websites WordPress websites

You don’t have to keep paying $$ to be seen online.


So Many Creativity Tools & Apps

You can learn to do your own editing

Quickly learn to edit videos, post on social media, or share by email.


Essential Basic Office Skills

Word Excel PowerPoint & Outlook made easy

On the whole, you will learn to enjoy using a computer with our teachers at Computer Coach Australia


Keep Track and Monitor Campaign Success

Automatically reach clients in seconds

Learn to create and link e-mail campaigns to a website


Apple Mac and PC Windows platforms.

iPhones/Androids, iPads/Tablets, Digital Cameras, Video and Social Media Marketing.

Our one-on-one computer training is suitable both for beginners and advanced learners alike. Whether you need help to use your website or manage your filing we can help you.  Our mission is to empower and motivate our clients to be confident to learn new technologies. We focus on their special interests and strengthen any weaknesses. Meanwhile, our clients pick up essential skills for all future learning.

Computer Coach Australia has been teaching people to use computers since 1982 and similarly provides one-on-one face to face training in Sydney and an online remote service

“Computer Coach Australia gives immense value. It is priceless empowering people. It’s not about saving money for people in my eyes, it’s about putting crayons of the future into people’s hands. Most importantly, keeping people engaged because technology otherwise diminishes people. This is something both alarming and troublesome. They offer this exceptional service and hold deep ethics too. I never once felt a ring of shame at my lack of technical sophistication. This is a rare gift. In fact, I moved forward today in ways that helped me greatly. It moved me to the next gateway, with my feet firmly planted and also more confident. How good is that!” – Nicola 2018


Learning how to teach is not an intuitive profession, however, it is a necessary one. Our computer teachers for one-on-one training hold a Degree in Education and Information Technology. Coupled with over 30 years of teaching we are highly skilled computer teachers for beginners to advanced. We provide one-on-one training to meet your needs in addition to offering assistence for any specific tasks you might need.  Skills include:-

  • Work Place Training and Assessment
  • Certifications in Film editing
  • Apple Consultant
  • WordPress expert
  • Microsoft expert

Tutor Computer Coach Australia award

Computer Coach Australia
Computer Training Sydney
Computer Coach Australia


People in business, students, seniors, NDIS recipients and those with special needs. In fact, all of us have special needs to some degree. Our computer teacher one-on-one training skills and inclusive manner puts clients at ease.

Our training methods are client-focused rather than subject-focused.


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