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Computer Training Sydney

Frustrated wasting too much time trying to work out how to use your computer?

Computer Training & Support in the office or home

guaranteed to improve your confidence & productivity

One-on-one training & ongoing support with someone you meet, talk to & trust

Eastern suburbs & inner Sydney

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The difference between learning from an experienced and qualified computer teacher rather than someone who just -“knows a bit about computers” – can be revolutionary


Zoe at Computer Coach Australia provides client focused training that empowers and nurtures the busy executive, business owners, employees, seniors, people with special needs and groups. Providing a face-to-face, user centred holistic approach to learning with ongoing support. Or we supply a computer management / social media service. Let us do the work we do best, leaving you to focus on what you love. Simply delegate your tasks – we do everything computers.

Suitable for beginners to advanced.


With over 3 decades of business & computer experience, Zoe will teach you to ‘learn how to learn’. Keeping abreast of the constantly changing technologies requires time and a commitment. We will provide you with a questionnaire to formulate what you need to learn now and / or develop future skills in. Zoe will work through your list methodically with you, to ensure what you need is covered. With each task, Zoe will show you how to write easy to follow operating instructions. An action sheet of things to do and complete before our next session will enhance the skills you have learnt. You will feel inspired to read through our notes, motivated to practice, and gain confidence using the skills you have developed.


How to know what apps will best suit your needs?

No time to spend on Social media?

Social media can target your demographic and simply be linked to your website


Buying needs based rather than price is smart buying

Help to understand data and mobile plans

How to know what computer, phone or tablet will best suit your needs for now and in 5 years time.


Paying bills, buying tickets, filling in forms

You can learn to do your banking online

Pay bills and shop online feeling secure at the same time


Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Movie maker made easy

Essential basic office skills

You can easily learn to enjoy using a computer with Zoe at Computer Coach Australia


WordPress offers thousands of free and inexpensive templates

Create easy to use websites WordPress websites

You don’t have to keep paying $$ to be seen online


So many creativity tools & apps

You can learn to do your own editing

Easily learn to edit videos, post onto social media or share by email.


Essential basic office skills

Word Excel PowerPoint & Outlook made easy

You can learn to enjoy using a computer with Zoe’s at Computer Coach Australia


Keep track and monitor campaign success

Automatically reach clients in seconds

Learn to create and easily link your email campaigns to social media



I cannot recommend Zoe highly enough for her diligence, help, patience and immense knowledge of computers in helping me bring this website to life. 

Zoe is clever and self-motivated, with very strong problem solving skills, the ability to get on and communicate complex business system solutions to her Customer base and continue to support and solve accounting system business processes.

Karen, Financial Controller

Zoe is an outstandingly helpful and successful teacher,  iPads and cyberspace are challenging for someone born in Sept.1917, but by coming to my apartment and dealing individually with my problems, she has made a vast difference to my capacity to deal with them.

Lydia, Voice Dialogue Psychotherapist

 Zoe’s teaching experience is varied and practically based. Its not a “chalk and talk” style but a “watch first and practise” approach.

Simone Levian, Educator

Zoe has a rare combination of technical, creative and personal skills that have made her a significant contributor and clearly underlies and highlights her passion for the work she does.

Xenia , Psychotherapist

Zoe  is an honest, reliable, hard-working and highly skilled woman with a passion for Social Justice and care for her working colleagues and students alike.

Zoe was very helpful with continuing my outpatient acupuncture clinic in many ways, by assisting with the design, promotion and dissemination of promotional materials on the internet and in physical form.

Zoe’s dedication to community and social causes has been amply demonstrated through the generous application of her time and skills, which include I.T. administrative work and media productions.

Zoe is a highly competent media practitioner and video maker. She has many years experience in IT and has been of great assistance to my presentations  in both her technical support and in her ability to encourage and relax presenters.

Dr Ben-Zion Weiss, Social Ecologist

Zoe is very skilled in computers, she took a look at my computer and fixed it and also gave me some tips regarding ways to get around certain issues in future.

Annika Huxtable, Student

Zoe has a very strong work ethic and excellent communication skills. I would not hesitate in recommending her  both personally and professionally.

Terri Stock, Dip. Event Management

I have seen Zoe work with the disabled and with members of the public, helping with any IT issues they had.

Cecilia Fricker, Natural Therapist/Business Owner

Nothing is ever too much for Zoe and she always helped everybody with a smile.

In the past six months she has kindly helped fill a gap in the Transition Bondi organising team, in the area of website management and communications.

Kit Shepherd, Teacher

Zoe produced a fabulous easy access website for the Chapel which I personally found very appealing.

Rose Kluve, Lawyer

I myself have been involved in running events and have had Zoe as the designer and creator of fliers for my events, which she’s done in a creative and professional manner.

Kerry Dwyer

Zoe has been indispensable though her computer skills in helping Reverend John in the promotions of the Chapel.

Madelein Jones

Zoe assisted in publishing material as required and produced the on-line information weekly newsletter for the Chapel and local Bondi Beach community.

Robyn Foy

I value Zoe’s ability to review what I need and implement the solution and her willingness to do that bit extra to ensure that it works and is value for money and knowledge of systems and our to implement.

Steve Colquhoun, Eastwood Club


Zoe enjoys helping people to achieve their best and to envision a life of abundance and prosperity. She founded Computer Coach Australia in 2012, after teaching groups for many years. Zoe experienced clients with unique needs, at their own level of understanding, often requiring to learn at their own pace. This is difficult  to achieve within a standard group training session, which is pre-planned, paced and with students all at different levels. We are all gifted the same amount of time in life and using our time efficiently is a worthwhile skill to develop.

Saving you time

Qualifications and experience

Zoe’s computer skills in training, assessment, support and recruitment span business, government, lands councils, not-for-profit, TAFE, university students, indigenous people, English second language and special needs. She started her computer career training accounting and small business applications. Zoe started and ran her own Recruitment Agency specialising in IT professionals – Excel Personnel.

Teachers teach best and with a Degree in Education, Information Technology and Special needs Zoe has over 3 decades of teaching experience.  Work Place Training and Assessment, Certifications  in Film editing, Radio and Client support. She is an Apple Consultant, WordPress and Microsoft expert. Zoe has a broad intuitive knowledge in everything computers. Zoe’s training covers Apple Mac, and PC Windows platforms, iPhones / androids, iPads / tablets, digital cameras, video and social media marketing.

Computer Coach Australia best tutor award Sydney


Zoe has enjoyed travelling to many countries. She is a Yoga Ayurveda Therapist, lives and studies a healthy balanced lifestyle. Zoe is the owner of Bondi Yoga Ayurveda Therapy and creates programs to provide relief from work related stress, anxiety and chronic illness. Zoe is a trained Life Line counsellor. She has counselled families who have lost a child through neonatal or perinatal death. Zoe leaves a small footprint, loves the beach, is environmentally conscious and loves animals.  She enjoys improv acting, art and sharing social media updates on her Instagram page the 365bondi. 


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