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There are many different ways to monetise your website and earn some money. Some of them are display advertising, generating leads, affiliate marketing and an online store. The exact approach will depend on many different factors, the niche, the interests of your audience. Also the type of content, the amount of traffic your site receives, the loyalty of your audience and more.

In this article, we will introduce you to the most popular ways to monetise your website. It’s important to say that most websites combine different approaches to boost their earnings.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is one of the most common forms of monetising a website. You’ve already seen display advertising, these are the banners and text ads you see on most websites.

monetise your website with display advertising

Display Advertising

For many display websites, advertising is the most important source of revenue and shows the best results on pages that have:

Significant Web Traffic – Generally, most Display Advertisers can earn between half a cent and five cents per impression. This means that it’s necessary to have a pretty large audience in order to have some decent income.

Attractive Audience – Keep in mind that an “attractive audience” can be in several different ways depending on what advertisers are looking for. For example, if you have a majority of female audiences it can be very attractive for someone who wants to advertise jewellery. However, it’s relatively worthless for someone who promotes new video games.

Relevant advertisers – This is perhaps the most important factor that affects your success with display advertising. The more relevant advertisers are interested in appearing on your pages, the greater your success. What this ultimately means is higher earnings with this type of website monetisation.

The Benefits of Display Advertising to Monetise Your Website

Display advertising is an extremely popular way to monetise a website, but of course, it’s not for everyone. Namely, as a website owner with a large number of subscribers who pay a subscription, you should reconsider introducing display advertising. There is a real danger that you will annoy your subscribers with ads.

If you think this is the way to monetise your website, what you need to consider next is whether to show ads coming from an ad network such as Google AdSense or to try to sell the space on your pages directly to advertisers. With an ad network, you will get direct results. With direct sales to advertisers, you will ultimately earn much more.

Although the display advertising concept is generally simple, there are several ways that you can improve your earnings. There is a big difference between selling inventory directly to advertisers and showing ads coming from the ad network. Moreover, using both concepts implies the possibility of additional optimisation with which you can improve your earnings. On ad networks like Google AdSense, there are a number of experiments you can perform to improve your earnings, and it’s similar to direct selling to advertisers.

It should be noted that the great advantage of display advertising is the ease of implementation. Even if you don’t earn some big money with this method of monetising your website, a large number of site owners use it, very often in combination with some other way of monetisation.

Affiliate Marketing

Another very popular way to make money with a website is affiliate marketing. It can be said that affiliate marketing is promoting other products for the purpose of earning a profit. Affiliate marketing implies a partnership with a manufacturer or a product provider and promoting them on your site. In return for sending your visitors to their sites, they reward you with a percentage of each sale.

Affiliate marketing can be good for websites that deal with product reviews or include a forum. If you are dealing with reviews or comparisons of products, software, or other services on your site, affiliate marketing provides you with very good earning opportunities.

monetise your website with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

It’s worth mentioning that it’s a good thing that affiliate links can easily integrate into your content without disturbing the page layout in a very inconspicuous way.

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing to Monetise Your Website

It is important to point out that affiliate marketing is probably not a good way to monetise your website if your audience relies on your objective opinion as an expert on a particular topic. You need to think carefully about the amount of money you can earn with affiliate marketing and the level of trust that your audience has in you. If you’re not ready to sacrifice a bit of this trust, then affiliate marketing isn’t for you.

Similar to display advertising, affiliate marketing involves choosing between using an affiliate network (one of the most popular is the Commission Junction) or establishing a direct link with the merchants. It should be said that if you decide to collaborate with an affiliate network it will certainly be an easier way to find affiliate products and services that you would promote. However, with direct connections with merchants, you can probably earn much more money.

Generating Leads

Generating Leads involves gathering information about your visitors (such as an email address or phone number) and selling them to interested companies that would offer them some products or services.

You’re probably thinking why would you generate and sell leads when you can offer your affiliate products to your visitors and earn a percentage of each sale. Exactly. But as we have mentioned before, there are situations where it’s simply not wise to offer affiliate products to your audience. On the other hand, generating leads basically means collecting and selling certain information about your site’s visitors to companies that would be interested in placing their products and services on the “leads” to a specific group of people.

monetise your website by generating leads

Generating Leads

Generating Leads can be a very profitable business, especially when there is a high potential value from your audience’s conversion.

The Benefits of Generating Leads to Monetise Your Website

Generating leads has proved to be a good thing for websites that have an audience that comes looking for more information about a particular topic. For example, if you have a blog that deals with home design, maybe it attracts a certain number of readers who are interested in making some ideas applicable to their home. For this kind of work, you need a contractor and that’s what you can sell.

It’s worth mentioning that lead generation is probably not a good way of earning if you have a site that can’t create a user’s need for a product or service. For example, you will find it hard to find anyone interested in buying leads generated from a site that deals with the news because it’s very difficult for such an audience to buy something.

Online Store

A significant percentage of a website functions as an online store selling different products and services. You can sell different products and services on your site or be narrowly specialized. In fact, most sites are focused on a particular niche, such as t-shirts, or even computer coaching services! Needless to say, this is a great way to monetise your website.

Here we are talking about an online store for selling our own, branded products or services.

Of course, you don’t need to have a special e-Commerce site to sell products. You can place an online store on an already existing site by dedicating one part of the site to users who want to buy some of your products.

monetise your website through an online store

Online Store

Opening an online store could be a good move for you if you have a strong brand and an audience that identifies with it.

The Benefits of an Online Store to Monetise Your Website

Is your brand recognisable, do you have an audience that visits your site multiple times a month?  These users would most likely want to buy a branded product so you can achieve significant success by opening an online store.

On the other hand, if you have a passing audience, visitors who visit your site primarily with search engines and have a low rate of return visits, they are difficult to identify with your brand so it is unlikely that they will buy something from your online store.

It’s worth mentioning there’s a lot of work with setting up an online store. You will need to take care of products or how you deliver your services, and of course the payment process itself.

Generally, your site is the perfect sales platform because it allows you to attract your target audience. Through content, you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and then offer them specific products. Of course, in your online store, you can sell any products, not just your own.

So, What Is the Best Way to Monetise Your Website?

There are certainly a number of ways to monetise your website. Each website is unique and therefore the ideal monetisation strategy for each website is different. It depends primarily on the audience, content, topic, and many other factors. Perhaps the best model for you would be the subscription model, display advertising, or a combination of everything.

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