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The power of the internet is that people from all walks of life, from every level on the playing field get to have a say. Reading testimonials and reviews can help you easily make a decision. We would be crazy not to take advantage of this great tool. Even if you are buying a vacuum cleaner, wanting to eat out at a restaurant or stay in an airbnb –  its all there for the world to see. A collection of testimonials have been added to the Computer Coach Australia website to demonstrate the broad range of skills we have to offer our clients.

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As a computer coach for over 25 years we have worked with many clients. Zoe the founder of Computer Coach Australia first started teaching one-on-one to small business people to use computers in the 80’s. The main package or app that was used was an accounting package. Zoe has taught Microsoft office products, and Windows since their inception. She worked at TAFE as classroom computer teacher with a wide range of clients from small business to those with special needs. This included Government employees, seniors, disability clients, English second language learners, mental health and technophobes. There is not a type of client that Zoe has not  experienced in training.

Zoe Campbell - Computer Coach Australia

Computer programs or apps that were used ranged from business packages, to video and image editing. PowerPoint is a favourite of Zoe’s and so are Apple products like Pages. Today cloud based systems have yet again changed the face of technology. We don’t even need to bring our computer with us or even own a computer to access your files. We can do almost everything today on a smart phone or a tablet. However, when creating websites and video / image editing it is best to have a big screen.

Founder of Computer Coach Australia 

After leaving TAFE Zoe founded Computer Coach Australia to meet the demand for one-on-one coaching. We are all time poor and not many of us have the time to sit in a 10 week course 2 hours a week, hoping to learn what we need. Zoe experienced that one-on-one teaching at the clients pace, place and time specifically to suit their needs is the most productive way to learn. She enjoys working with new technologies and opportunities for small business. Zoe has been endowed with patience and genuinely enjoys working with seniors.

Working with Seniors requires patience, and a knowledge of some of the challenges seniors face. There could be hearing, sight or mouse issues. Zoe is an Apple accessibility consultant and has spent many years adjusting her teaching methods to suit the client. Her training style is client focused rather than subject focused which is why Zoe started Computer Coach Australia. It is important to fill in any learning gaps as learning is sequential. Doing an online course is not going to analyse these gaps. You need to sit with a trained teacher who has the ability to assess.

Computer Coach Australia Work Place Training & Assessment

Zoe is a qualified computer teacher with a Degree in Education for Information Technology and Special needs, and qualifications in video and film,  as well as Cert IV Work Place Assessment and Training. Zoe  has assessed and trained many clients in the work place. She has experience and knowledge of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector and in particular, the skills and knowledge to become a qualified trainer and assessor in the industry. Zoe creates learning programs, delivers training sessions, assesses individuals, and understands the latest industry practices. As a Computer Coach Zoe helps clients at their own pace.

One-on-one computer coaching can increase your confidence and productivity in the work place. Working on the computer systems that you work with every day. We are expected to be proficient at once when starting a new job or pick this up quickly. When a new system is introduced at work there may not be professional training and this can be daunting. Having a Computer Coach that you can call when you get stuck can help relieve any anxiety and sleepless nights. Computer Coach Australia has a range of services that can help you to ensure going to work is an enjoyable experience rather than one to be feared.

Range of reviews for Computer Coach Australia

A collection of reviews gathered over the years are found here. Zoe has worked with a broad range of clients who have benefited from the services of Computer Coach Australia. If you are struggling, struggle no more. Give Zoe a call to day for a no obligation chat about your computer needs on 0407 956 071. Or you can send an email to


REVIEW – February 2017

As an absolute novice on-line person, I had no idea where to start to set up a website for my business.  Luckily I found out that Zoe Campbell of Computer Teacher Sydney is also a whiz at setting these up.  I could not be happier – especially as her rates are much lower than where you will find elsewhere. 

I cannot recommend Zoe highly enough for her diligence, help, patience and immense knowledge of computers in helping me bring this website to life.  If you would like a professional website at a fraction of the cost, I would urge you to give Zoe a call and check out all the services she offers here on her website – from beginners to advanced. 

  Thanks Zoe!

Om Shanti

Sharron Williams Dip IYTA, Dip PPNYT, Dip PGYT, Grad.Cert.Y.T.

Serenity Yoga & Meditation
0412 666 984


This is to confirm that I have found Zoe Campbell to be an outstandingly helpful and successful teacher,  iPads and syberspace are challenging for someone born in Sept.1917, but by coming to my apartment and dealing individually with my problems, ( at a very reasonable fee, )  she has made a vast difference to my capacity to deal with them, I am deeply grateful to her and find her assistance invaluable.

( Trained ‘ Voice Dialogue ‘ Psychotherapist )


May 2015
To Whom It May Concern:

I recommend Zoe Campbell to you.

I have known Zoe Campbell for over 5 years, through her work in the Aboriginal community.

Zoe Campbell is an honest, reliable, hard-working and highly skilled woman with a a passion for Social Justice and care for her working colleagues and students alike.

Zoe has always taken on extra working hours at home and work to finish tasks and huge projects.

I recommend Zoe to you and hope you will select her to join your team over other applicants.

I wish her well.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Elaine Pelot Syron

Custodian and Co-owner of The Keeping Place


I have worked closely with Zoe Campbell through my work in marketing support for the film group Bondi’s Dinner and Flicks by the Sea.

Zoe has worked with me in many capacities helping to engage people through her extensive knowledge social networking, producing creative, effective yet simple and impactful promotional material for websites, newsletters and flyers for promotion of our films.

Zoe has been instrumental in helping the team in developing ideas, organising and executing the film nights seamlessly. Our most successful film night was the screening of Utopia which was the direct result of Zoe’s idea to screen the movie Utopia.

In addition, personally Zoe has an extensive network of people she draws on which has also greatly contributed to the film nights. Her compassion, ability to engage people, think creatively and to share her passion for her work is evident.

She has successfully been able to engage the local community as well as influential, insightful and interesting people who have greatly contributed to the success of the film nights.

At our most recent film night screening Utopia, Zoe was responsible for engaging the local and indigenous communities, entertainers and people of influence which assured the success of the night. This included having George Newhouse speak, a former mayor of Waverley and currently an influential human rights lawyer who is the head of the Social Justice division of the publicly listed and well known Shine Lawyers.

Zoe has a rare combination of technical, creative and personal skills that have made her a significant contributor to Chapel by the Sea which clearly also underlies and highlights her passion for the work of the mission.

Yours sincerely

Xenia Hagidemetriou


Zoe is a friendly, helpful and skilled person in many fields.

I very much enjoyed her restorative and rejuvenating yoga sessions followed by excellent food combined with knowledgeable yoga philosophy.

Zoe was very helpful with continuing my outpatient acupuncture clinic in many ways. Firstly by facilitating the space in a friendly and professional manner and secondly by assisting with the design, promotion and dissemination of promotion materials on the internet and in physical form.

I have always found Zoe to be a friendly, supportive, professional and helpful. I respect her knowledge with Eastern philosophy and admire her many talents with computers and the internet.

Further more Zoe is a delight to be around and I enjoy working with her. I would not hesitate to recommend her abilities and skills and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information

Yours faithfully,

Damien Bodnarchuk

  1. Hlth Sc Traditional Chinese Medicine (UTS)

Certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing)

Dip. Natural Health, Yoga (NCC), M.AACMA, M.ACMAC

Founder and Co-ordinator: The Bondi Beach Affordable Acupuncture Clinic – 0434018496


Zoe Campbell’s dedication to community and social causes has been amply demonstrated over this period through the generous application of her time and skills, which include I.T. administrative work and media productions. Zoe has assisted me greatly in my own time with support services in these areas. I have found her a friendly and compassionate member of the congregation. I have no hesitation to recommend Zoe Campbell.

Kind Regards,

Peter Dowson – Producer

Digital Storytellers, Storytelling, Video Production, Web Design

Australia mobile: +61 407 887 868 Email:
Skype: peter-dowson Web:


Zoe Campbell is a highly competent media practitioner and video maker. She has many years experience in IT and working within the community sector with people. She has been of great assistance to my presentations  in both her technical support and in her ability to encourage and relax presenters. In my interactions with her I have always found her to be friendly and helpful. I’ve also observed her ability to very skilfully communicate with people who’ve come into her contact, who may have some mental issues or be distressed in some way. I consider her a great asset to staff, both on a technical and on a human level.

Dr Ben-Zion Weiss

Social Ecologist


I began working with Zoe in March 2012 and was so grateful for her welcoming and comfortable personality. Working with her was great. She made me feel very comfortable and was always there to step in if I got caught with anything. She knew everything there was to know about the Chapel and its op shop. Even though the shop was set up and ready by 12, Zoe would continue to work on its set up by moving things around and changing the displays all the way up until closing. She took a lot of pride in the way the op shop was presented to the public. Customers always seemed to feel comfortable in the shop thanks the Zoe. She would welcome them and help them as much as she could, picking out suitable clothes she thought each person would like. We would often have visits from people using Norman Andrews House or just other service users and Zoe would treat them with the same respect as any other customer and she would go to great lengths to help them anyway she could. It was clear that they truly felt Zoe’s caring and patient attitude. Zoe is also very skilled in computers. I noticed that other people working in the Chapel would often ask Zoe for help with their computer issues. I also had a computer issue of my own and she took a look at my computer and fixed it and also gave me some tips regarding ways to get around certain issues in future.

Overall, I really enjoyed coming in to work with Zoe every week and I would definitely recommend her to anyone else.

Annika Huxtable


I would highly recommend Zoe Campbell. As I am new to Bondi and was told by a friend a little about Chapel by the Sea and their opp shop, I thought I would go visit.  On entering the opp shop I was warmly greeted by Zoe who talked to me about chapel by the sea, the community events they offerred and gave me a flyer listing the various happenings.  I walked out of the shop feeling like I had met kindred spirits, possiblities of sharing with like minded sustainable, compassionate, community minded folk as I was feeling very isolated in this new city.  The next week I called in especially to say hello to my new friend Zoe who warmly welcomed me once again.  This time she showed me on her laptop the chapel  by the sea website, introduced me to John the Minister via the web and told me wonderful stories about him and the people they support, her ability on the computer was impressive.  She also connected me to Streettalk….a website connected to local Bondi folk that has been fantastic, really Zoe opened doors for me….I was also introduced by Zoe to several people as they popped in to the shop I really did feel that inclusion and equality for all was present.

Once again I think Zoe is  a great representative and asset to Chapel by the Sea.

Warm regards,

Vicki Biddle

M 0415880265


Zoe has been a genuine help to myself and others in the popular and valuable field of technology training.which is becoming increasingly important as times continue.i found her help invaluable..HER HELP WOULD MEAN TO ME SURVIVAL IN THE COMPUTER WORLD FOR ME.OTHERS FEEL THE SAME WAY.SHE IS AN IMPORTANT TEACHER AND WE NEED HER SERVICES AT THE CHAPE.SHE IS ALSO A PLEASURE TO BE AROUND as well.

From danielle joy golding


I have known Zoe Campbell since September 2013, when I attended a talk by a group Warlpiri women at the Chapel by the Sea. Apart from being impressed by Zoe’s technical skills in filming that and other events for the Chapel, I was indebted to her that day for the compassion and support she showed me, in the midst the demands of her work, when I received personal news that caused me extreme distress. Zoe subsequently followed up on that support over what has been a difficult period for me personally.

Since then, I have been continually impressed by Zoe’s competence and flair in using social media to engage the community in the Chapel’s many inclusive activities.

I consider Zoe Campbell to have not only the requisite computer and social media skills but also the essential values to carry out her work at the Chapel by the Sea competently and compassionately.

Yours sincerely

Judi Morison


I have known Zoe Campbell both personally and professionally for the past 35 years.

Personally she has been a loyal, supportive and spiritual friend in times of need.

Professionally we have worked together on various projects from computer training, health and well being involving meditation, yoga and remedial massage. She has a wealth of knowledge combined with formal qualifications in various modalities including education as you may well know and respect.

Her assistance in providing me and my staff with administration and service user issues in the past was priceless.

Zoe has a very strong work ethic and excellent communication skills. I would not hesitate in recommending her  both personally and professionally.


Terri Stock

(Dip. Event Management)

Mob: 0414583683


Zoe has bought so many people together through her exhaustive networking and generosity of your time, expertise and of course  big heart. I have personally seen Zoe with members of the Chapel community, helping with marketing, designing and working with them to get an event up and running, as well as greeting them as they came by the op shop, it didn’t matter if they were business people or those a bit down on their luck – Zoe didn’t judge them, she just offered  friendly and genuine support.  I have seen Zoe work with the disabled and with members of the public, helping with any IT issues they had.  Zoe has been of great assistance to me personally, from counselling to mentoring and advising me re: computer and it related issues.

Kind regards

Cecilia Fricker

Natural Therapist/Business Owner


I have known Zoe for a couple of years.  she worked and volunteered at Chapel By the Sea and performed many computer related duties. Nothing is ever too much for Zoe and she always helped everybody with a smile. When the health and wholeness program began at Chapel by The Sea and Magnolia healing Centre, Zoe was very involved in the managing and the the production of flyers, posters and other event material. Zoe is a dedicated person and was very competent at running her yoga and computer courses.

Best wishes


Barbara Beinart Pashut

Innersens 4 life Workshops & Treatments

4 life beauty workshops & treatments 0413 740 697


I have known Zoe Campbell for about four years, through my involvement first with Transition Bondi, and then the Chapel-by-the-Sea, which has hosted Transition Bondi events during that period. She also led a support group for people wanting help with using computers, which I attended, to great benefit.

In the past six months she has kindly helped fill a gap in the Transition Bondi organising team, in the area of website management and communications.

She has always been friendly and generous in her dealings with Transition Bondi. She communicates clearly and promptly, and works professionally on the tasks she has taken on.  As a volunteer, she has not only contributed to our operations, but as well, to the spirit of community and supporting local constructive initiatives.

I have no hesitation in recommending Zoe.

Kit Shepherd


May 9th, 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

It’s been my pleasure to have known Zoe Campbell for the period of five years, as a fellow member, Chapel By The Sea, Bondi.

During this time Zoe has been courteous, friendly and helpful.

When she has assisted with Chapel liaison during times when Reverend John Queripel has been on leave, her communications have been prompt, responsive and professional.

Zoe’s commitment to Chapel By The Sea is also demonstrated by her willingness to work for the Chapel in areas such as Retail e.g. the ‘Pop Up Shop’.

And by her involvement in and the promotion of, other Chapel programs and events. I would indeed be pleased to speak with you concerning any, or all of the above. Please don’t hesitate to phone me.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Bacon

Member: Chapel By The Sea Assoc. Dip. Health Sc. (Rehab. Couns.)

Grad. Dip. Adult Ed. (Basic Ed.)



I have been on the Advisory Board of the Chapel by the Sea and have come to know Zoe Campbell as a result.

I consider Zoe to be a hard worker with the Chapel’s interest at heart and in mind at all times. She produced a fabulous easy access website for the Chapel which I personally found very appealing. I have been at the Chapel at times when she has prepared voluminous amounts of food for a function and then assisted at the Chapel function.

Whenever she has interacted with me it has always been friendly and respectful.

I see Zoe as a hard worker, and a very giving person who comports herself with professionalism and good humour.

I am totally supportive of Zoe in her role and work at the Chapel.

Kind regards,
Rose Kluve
Mob 0408286127



I’ve known Zoe for 4 years, and she’s been always enthusiastic (and inspirational) in gathering people and making things happen, when otherwise there would be a silent empty room.  An example is when I worked with her on a creating a number of “community feast & gather” evenings.  Zoe was outstanding with her commitment, passion and hard work in creating these wonderful events, which filled the Ruby’s Café space every time.
I myself have been involved in running events and have had Zoe as the designer and creator of fliers for my events, which she’s done in a creative and professional manner.  And more recently, I’ve been a recipient of the fliers and news items she’s continuously creating, which have lifted the profile of Chapel events since she’s taken this position.
Kind regards,
Kerry Dreyer

I have known Zoe Campbell for 18months when I moved to Bondi. I met her at one of  regularly held activities; Transition Bondi‘s weekly dinner and film that is held to promote sustainability. Zoe has volunteered her computer skills to help promote Transition Bondi and its mission. Zoe has been indispensable though her computer skills in helping Reverend John in the promotion of the CHAPEL BY THE SEA. She has a robust work ethic and enjoys working on the computer.

Zoe has initiated fundraising for the payment of an indigenous mural on the CHAPEL BY THE SEA’S street wall. I have found her both compassionate and helpful to those less fortunate.

More recently she was asked to run the POP UP OP SHOP in the foyer of CHAPEL BY THE SEA where she created an inviting atmosphere with music and her easy welcoming manner. She is a natural asset to the Chapel with her diverse skill sets and her hardworking attitude.

Madelein Jones

Presently studying a Masters of Art at COFA, UNSW.

Exhibiting at ART ATRIUM GALLERY, 181 Old South Head Rd, Bondi Junction NSW 2022 –

Reference for Zoe Alien Campbell.

To whom it may concern,

I have known Zoe for thirty years, first meeting and working with Zoe at Canon Australia for five years. Zoe worked as a Customer Support Representative supporting Canon’s suite of accounting solutions. Zoe visited Canon Customers on-site to install and implement these IT solutions. Zoe’s work ethic and work was exemplary and she established many strong contacts and friendships with, the mainly qualified Accountants she visited, some of who I know she still has regular contact with.

Zoe’s position was challenging and Zoe needed to be clever and self-motivated, requiring very strong problem solving skills, the ability to get on and communicate complex business system solutions to her Customer base and continue to support and solve accounting system business processes.   Zoe was very well liked by her colleagues. Some of the suite of software solutions Zoe implemented and supported were Payroll, General Ledger, Cash Book, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Spread-sheet and word processing applications.

As IT evolved Canon Australia’s accounting solutions were superseded by Industry standard solutions Zoe went onto a promising career running her own successful personal Company placing mainly IT staff. Zoe throughout this period wanted to cement her abilities as an Educator and trainer and enrolled at University to complete her Bachelor in Education. This decision by Zoe and her encouragement also led me to University studies in Accounting and Business Administration.

I know Zoe to have been very dedicated to her students at Port Macquarie Tafe and completed courses in Film and attended Social Software seminars in her own time to improve her skills. I attended a Social Software seminar with Zoe in Coffs Harbour where she showed me her passion and enthusiasm towards using these communication resources to help in education. Zoe was teaching some special needs student classes at Tafe and looked to avenues and any resource that would not only help with their education but also to improve their lives and self-worth.

Zoe was passionate about her teaching position, Zoe had moved to Port Macquarie to help care for her Mother who was unwell and then her Father and was also the child in her family, after her Parents had both died that continued to help care, the most for her older Brother Keith who had disabilities as a result of being hit by a motor vehicle at a young age. Zoe never let her Brother down. Zoe immersed herself with her Port Macquarie community and worked as a Volunteer on the local radio station. This is where I saw Zoe’s passion for film grow and whenever we caught up she was doing one course or another to improve her skills.

Zoe has over the years developed a special relationship with friends of the Aboriginal community. I have met some of these friends and have always admired Zoe just understanding how things worked and were. She happily imparts her knowledge to others and it is my belief, Zoe helps with the healing between cultures. I have never seen Zoe be afraid of anyone in need, she has a kind deposition and excellent listening skills.

After Zoe left Port to move back to her much loved Bondi Beach address, Zoe again became involved with her local community and directed her energies to the Bondi Chapel. I have visited her there on a number of occasions and witnessed the start of the Chapel Website and other social media sites where Zoe along with others at the Chapel improved the Chapel’s mission that attracted Visitors to nights of entertainment. Zoe again loved her position and when finally asked to look after the Chapel Op Shop enthusiastically took wonderful pictures of her clientele, developed Op Shop social sites, help promote the Op Shop at a major event at the Opera House and when there visiting Zoe recently everywhere we went people were handing her bags of donated clothes.

Zoe is a Woman who does not do things in half measure; she is also a qualified and very experience Yoga teacher and practitioner. Zoe has studied Ayurveda in India and is always happy to impart her knowledge to others. Through her Yoga and Ayurveda Zoe lives a very healthy life style and has always shown great passion and enthusiasm and is inclusive by nature with others and often with those less fortunate than herself.

Karen Bellingham

I feel Zoe Campbell’s teaching experience is varied and practically based. Its not a “chalk and talk” style but a “watch first and practise” approach.
I teach as well and I see Zoe has compassion for the learner and a feel for how to make the study applicable and useful to each of her students.
She focuses on them, not on her personal needs and achieves outcomes through their energy and motivation.
Basically it is refined teaching with kindness and attention to the learners style of taking new things in.
Simone Livian
Port Macquarie nsw 2444

ZOE CAMPBELL has been known to me since 2010 when she was employed at Kambala School, Rose Bay in Sydney to work with students in the Boarding School where I was Deputy Boarding Mistress.

Her duties were carried out in a manner that was both professional and to a high standard. Zoe was quick to achieve a good rapport with the female students from ages 10-16 years.

I also worked with Zoe as a volunteer at the Chapel-By-The-Sea, Bondi Beach. Zoe was on The Chapel’s Management Committee with me from 2012 and she organised a number of programs including Yoga and Computer Education classes at the Chapel. Her involvement was very professional and of high quality. Zoe further assisted the Chapel in publishing material as required and produced the on-line information weekly newsletter for the Chapel and local Bondi Beach community.

I would welcome further inquiries as to more information, if required about Zoe and would have no hesitation in recommending her for similar positions.

Yours sincerely,

Robyn Foy, Dip PE, BSc, MEd.).

I have known Zoe for many years and have always greatly enjoyed being in her company. She is a warm, interested and friendly being. She is energetic, enquiring and always ready to help. As a friend, she has my trust, respect and affection.

On the 30th December 2013 I sustained a very serious injury to my foot and when I finally returned home after a long stay in hospital, Zoe offered to come by my home and help me with some remedial yoga. I already have an exercise routine that I do daily but she showed me some yoga moves that really complemented what I was doing. What I found particularly useful was Zoe’s combining of Ayurveda yoga with Buddhist meditation. She emphasised the importance of breath in my movements and different postures. i.e. when to exhale and inhale and the duration of breaths for different postures. She also reminded me about calming my mind. She took a holistic approach to what I could do to help my body recover from the trauma of the accident and for that I am very grateful.

I am very happy to be contacted as a personal reference for Zoe and wish her every success. She has a wonderful mix of personal warmth with high levels of professional achievement and versatility in her chosen areas of interest within the world of yoga and computer-related sciences and arts.

Michael Lane
Company Director and Investor

To Whom It May Concern,

I Lyle J Davis have know Zoe A Campbell for over thirty years. From memory, her first job as a teenager was using computers in the management of a motor vehicle distribution company located in southern suburbs of Sydney, she has worked in the IT industry with Cannon after leaving her first job. Of late she has advised me in the right direction of choosing a PC which she helped me to use and has given me direction with the service users.

In my opinion Zoe is a most suitable user of computers and is highly capable in the instruction and use of such communicative instruments.


Lyle J Davis