Computer Coaching is Client-focused Training

At Computer Coach Australia we are NDIS registered to provide computer coaching to people with special needs as well as computer training for seniors. Whether you are eligible for NDIS benefits a senior or a business person who struggles using computers, we can help you to feel more confident using your technology. We believe everyone has special needs which is why we provide client focused computer training. This is clearly demonstrated in how easily we learn new information. Many of us did not have computer training as a part of our curriculum at school. With the introduction of computers and technology, which is such a major part of our lives, today we need to develop new ways to learn and keep learning. Technology is constantly changing, and learning these skills can help us move forward with the changes.

Keep Up-to-Date With Technology With a Computer Coach

Computer Coaching

Computer Coaching – Client Focused Computer Training

With technology being such a major part of our lives, in the family, socially, and professionally, everyone needs a Computer Coach. A computer coach is someone who knows you and your computer system and can save you time and frustration trying to work things out. Either one-on-one in your office or home or online remotely, we can soon iron out any issues you may have and keep you up-to-date with the changes in technology.

Client Focused Computer Training Uses Preferred Learning Styles

Everyone has a mix of learning styles. Some people may find that they have a dominant style of learning, with far less use of other styles. Others may find that they use different styles in different circumstances. There is no right or wrong way, it is what best suits the individual. Nor are your styles fixed. You can develop ability in less dominant styles, as well as further develop styles that you already use well. This is why at Computer Coach Australia our training works better than learning in a classroom environment.

Why a Trained Teacher Is the Best Computer Coach

At Computer Coach Australia, we offer computer coaching to Seniors, people with special needs, NDIS registered, and business people. We work from a list of current challenges, that is put into priority order. Using multiple learning styles and multiple intelligences for learning is an approach Zoe specialised in while studying for her BA in Education at University.

Computer Coaching

Computer Coaching

It is a modern approach to modern-day issues. Training others to use technology is a skill and an approach. Traditional training in schools uses mainly verbal and logical teaching methods. However, they offer a limited range of learning and teaching techniques. A result is that we often label those who use these learning styles and techniques as bright.

Computer Training for Seniors in Sydney

Computer Training for Seniors

Computer Coaching – Computer Training for Seniors

Many “older” people Zoe works with have had the belief they missed the boat, and are unable to learn technology and keep up-to-date with the changes. This is not always the case, where there is a will there is a way. We find a lack of confidence using a computer is due to a lack of formal training. Often people pick up bits and pieces of training here and there from their busy kids, grandchildren or a neighbour. They are not trained to teach and may have only one style of teaching.

Patiently connecting and understanding what the student needs is a skill. Helping the client to feel confident and motivated using computers will empower them not leaving them feeling worse. Everything is online these days, we all need to develop these skills. At Computer Coach Australia we come to you. We methodically work from your list and together we create notes you can easily refer to. Click here to hear an interview about Computer Training for Seniors with Bob Rogers from the 2CH radio.

Learn Your Preferred Learning Styles With Computer Coaching

By understanding what your preferred learning styles are, you will be able to learn easier.  Below are some preferred learning styles taken from a site We have collated this information for you for easy reference. There is an option here to go to the site and take a preferred learning style test. Knowledge is power.

  • Visual(spatial): You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.
  • Aural(auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music.
  • Verbal(linguistic): You prefer using words, both in speech and writing.
  • Physical(kinesthetic): You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch.
  • Logical(mathematical): You prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.

Special Needs Clients Benefit From Learning Computer Skills

Zoe can easily assess which learning style suits you best and coach you to use your technology in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way. This will improve the speed and quality of your learning, saving you time and frustration in trying to work things out. Below are some examples of the types of computer help we give to Seniors, NDIS registered, special needs and business clients.

Digital Storytelling Creation with a Computer Coach

We all have a story to tell. Here’s a digital story I made about my brother Keith who had an acquired brain injury. Often the thought of using computers can seem overwhelming. Learning to create stories using images, video and text is a powerful way to teach people to use computers. It is fun and meaningful, as well as a confidence booster. Moreover, these stories can be uploaded online and easily shared with others or put into a blog.

Computer Basics Training with a Computer Coach

It is often the basics that trip us up. What does a software update mean, should I do it? How do I back up my computer or phone? Why is everything going so slow? There are so many little things that can go wrong that can stop us in our steps. You can learn to write a list of the little things that cause you problems when using your computer or phone. Zoe at Computer Coach Australia will go through these things and patiently guide you how to find the answers. Click on the image below to get yourself a copy of these notes for easy reference.

Computer training for seniors

Computer Coaching


Days come and days go, where do they go? Journalling is a fun way to learn computer skills.  You can add images or videos of both your daily and weekly events. Perhaps a theme of how the services you attend improve your life. These can be easily shared online with family and friends. A journal is a great place to store your experiences and ideas or use it to assist with daily life’s challenges.

Memory Joggers

For some of us, the daily routine can be a challenge, especially remembering what seems so simple.  You can learn to make videos of your daily routine, things to remember and they can be played each day. Videos can be uploaded to Youtube to help others, or set to private. We can create a blog of your weekly schedule for continuity and easy reference.

Computer Training for Seniors

Computer Coaching – Computer Training for Seniors

Calendar Alerts

There is so much going on and it is easy to miss appointments. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed and confused especially when we let others down. You can learn to make the best use of the calendar and notifications settings. Create alerts for your daily appointments and inviting others to events that may be of interest.

Make Your Computer or Phone User-friendly

Technology is a fantastic tool if you know how to use it. There are simple ways to set up your computer, phone or tablet so you don’t feel overwhelmed when looking at the screen.  We can show you how to increase the text and cursor size on the screen. Becoming familiar with Siri or a Google assistant, plus many other voice-to-text options are available. Knowing how to use them and what best suits your needs is a skill.

Computer Coaching

Computer Coaching

File Management

Passwords are such a challenge for everyone with or without special needs. There are so many passwords, and it seems the computer just wants to keep you to the seat in front of the screen for as long as possible. With time, our computers and phones fill up and our computer slows down,  as a computer user we need to manage this.

You can learn to create a filing system, store passwords and who is your internet and phone provider. Learning how to search for lost information or clean up your storage areas from duplicated files. Furthermore, there are systems that can be put in place to help you to backup and update your computer. Click here to check how much space you have available on your computer.

Downloading Apps

There are so many apps that can make our lives easier. A fabulous app called Night Sky is free and shows the constellations in the sky. But how to know which app best suits your needs and how to download it, then work out how to use it? You can learn these skills and make the best use of all technology has to offer.

Contact Us at Computer Coach Australia

Give Zoe a call on 0407 956 071 at Computer Coach Australia to discuss your needs or send us an email at and request the list of learning topics we cover. You can click here to view a Youtube discourse from Zoe about Computer Coach Australia.