Develop Computer Skills

Plugged into the screen spending hours and trying to work things out is not funny. There are, however, jokes and videos we can all relate to circulating the globe about our struggles & frustrations developing computer skills. So many computer users think that if they can’t use ‘everything’ on a computer then they are hopeless. Also, they often fall prey to internet scammers because they don’t know how to protect themselves. They call Zoe at Computer Coach Australia. They say they can’t do anything, know nothing and want to develop computer skills in a one-hour session. Could they have technophobia? Read on to find out!

Compare and Despair

When we see kids (digital natives) glued to the screen & tapping away furiously, we make the mistake of thinking they’re experts. So we ask for help. The younger person is continually plugged in and in the middle of something and not trained to teach. They use YouTube, WordPress and everything else so easily. So they whip through the ‘how to’ so quickly, it would be difficult for even an expert computer user to grasp. The new student is often left feeling worse about their lack of computer skills. Teaching is an art and innate gift, that not everyone is endowed with. Untrained teachers may not know the benefits of patience, nor have the ability to assess a student’s current level of skill. This is important to understand where to focus and develop computer skills.

Technophobia is Real

Develop Computer Skills

Develop Computer Skills / Technophobia

Some people think their lack of computer skills is causing the problem. Sometimes it’s anxiety and self-sabotaging beliefs or faulty equipment. In some cases, it is exactly technophobia.

Others may not simply read the screen or furiously click away and find themselves lost without knowing how to find the information they want. Then we have unreal expectations, digital clutter, outdated software or simply no time. Moreover, they could be more productive by outsourcing what they need to be done.

How a Computer Coach Helps You Develop Computer Skills

Zoe at Computer Coach Australia is a trained teacher with  20+ years of experience assisting people to develop computer skills, confidence, motivation and empowerment. Furthermore, she can help you conquer your technophobia. First, we send you a list of computer skills you can develop and ask you to create a list in priority order. If reading, opening and saving the form is a problem we know where to start and Zoe will do that with you. She will train you to write operating notes that you can refer to and follow. It is surprising how many people expect to be shown once and retain the knowledge. Learning to use a computer is like learning a new language. Despite seeing the kids tap away looking so proficient, they actually may have very little understanding of what they are doing. This foundational knowledge can be useful as software continually changes as do our needs.

Is It Me, the App, Or the Device?

Develop Computer Skills

Develop Computer Skills

Just when you think you have a grip on how the computer or software works, an upgrade comes through and things change. Some newly released programs can have bugs or be not user-friendly. Being able to adapt and see if the problem is the user, the software or the hardware (device) is a computer skill worth developing.

Often the consumer is testing out the changes for the new software. This leaves the user frustrated and losing their confidence. The new or upgraded software may work on one operating system (Mac Apple or Windows/Android) or search engine (Google, Safari or Bing), but not another. Often things not working prompts the user to take it personally. They think they must have done something wrong when maybe they haven’t. And who has the time to test out the new software for corporations that should have employed a quality control strategy?

Computers Don’t Develop Phobias

Computers are taking the jobs that people once had. Gone are the days when you could pick up the phone for help. Have someone on the end of the line that knows you and can offer that personalised support. Now we get a computer generated message or a call centre that has a standard set of responses and never the same person. You get a case number and hope everything has been logged. But what if their computer is down and you need help?

Contact Zoe Today and Chat About Your Needs

At Computer Coach Australia we know you, your strengths and limitations. We know your computer and the software you use and what you want to achieve. We come to you and patiently, methodically and expertly help you to develop computer skills. And all this in the context of where you are doing the work. Moreover, we offer training for teachers and help them implement technology in their classrooms. And, what’s most important, we give you realistic, honest, cost-effective advice. We provide encouragement and support one-on-one.

Having your own computer coach can save you time and frustration. Not to mention you will develop computer skills rather than sitting there for hours trying to work it out.

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