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We work with a wide range of clients providing face to face computer training in Sydney, as well as a remote online service.  Computer Coach Australia is a NDIS registered computer training provider for clients with disabilities and special needs.

Our trainers are trained Teachers with University qualifications in technology, support, troubleshooting and working with people with special needs. They have over 20 years experience assisting clients to develop computer literacy skills to become independently empowered.

Client focused training is not subject focused

First of all, we work with both beginners and advanced clients. We travel to the clients’ homes and work in the context of what each person requires. Things they are already familiar with and what they need to know. Our session questionnaire is the first place to start towards writing a list of what you need help with.

We create a learning plan and service agreement based on the list of topics we cover. One on one computer training focuses on the client’s preferred learning style, therefore it fills in learning gaps. This achieves positive results, especially in contrast to other groups or online class training options. Clients we work with include:

seniors computer confusion

Special and unique needs


mental health


business owners

English second language

Aboriginal people

About Our Teachers:

Our trainers have 20+ years of experience in ’ business and computer skills, supporting groups and individuals with computer training. Furthermore, these are clients from all walks of life, including those with disabilities. We offer help in all aspects of computer use including phones, tablets, and other digital devices.

From bookkeeping to short filmmaking, websites and office apps also, we can teach you everything you need to know.

At Computer Coach Australia we know the need for one-on-one computer training having taught in classrooms for TAFE. Everyone has their own level of computer or phone training (often from untrained people or children who have no teaching skills) – so therefore we can easily assess your level of understanding and start teaching you from there. This will help ease any anxiety and learning will become easier.

Benefits of being connected

Using the internet provides various benefits for older people, aside from being mentally active and open-minded. At Computer Coach Australia we provide one-on-one training on your computer for seniors and NDIS clients at your pace, place and time.  Computer training will :

Seniors Computer Coach Australia

How we help you

  • Improve the quality of your life  learning specifically what you need
  • Help you to stay active and healthy.
  • Learning new technologies stimulates mental activity
  • Autonomy will be strengthened by promoting independence.
  • Maintain and expand your network of contacts
  • Email and instant messaging speeds up communication with other people.
  • Provide access to the ever growing number of online services such as banking, transport, subscriptions, tickets, that can be frustrating and time consuming.
  • Teach you how to manage your computer files, passwords, updates, security, photos, contacts etc

Computer Coach Australia trains seniors, special needs and NDIS clients in your home

Encouraged by the idea of the need for the full integration of all people in the community through lifelong education and to  remain active and connected in the community, Computer Coach Australia designs and implements one-on-one computer training for seniors, NDIS and people with disabilities either face to face or via a remote link up.

Whether your a beginner, or have some previous experience our programs do not require any prior knowledge and we work on the computer you are most familiar with – yours.

We will come to you!

We train – both the Mac/Apple and Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office, Social media, Website creation, film editing as well as the basics of using the Internet, namely: internet search, sending and receiving e-mail. And we are Apple Consultants and Microsoft Experts. Initially we start with a form of learning options we go through together, to design a course exactly around what you want or need to learn bringing you up to speed and leaving you with ‘Learning to Learn’ skills.

We provide additional training specifically on any app including the use of Banking, Government sites, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, FaceTime, and YouTube as a part of our computer training for seniors, NDIS clients and people with disabilities.

We  will come to you. We also provide training to people outside of Sydney via a remote service, where we work with the client one-on-one, this requires an internet service and is very effective.

Computer Training for seniors and NDIS clients is very effective

Through our computer training for seniors and people with disabilities, Computer Coach, Australia wants to enable their clients to keep up with the times by teaching a new form of communication to keep better informed and feel empowered. Without digital literacy skills people are considered illiterate and this is an additional disadvantage. You can meet Computer Coach Australia at the upcoming Seniors expo in North Sydney as part of Seniors week. Click here to find out more details.

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Computer literacy often opens up new opportunities for learning and gaining new knowledge, especially for people with disabilities. In this way, they are enabled to communicate more easily with each other and with the rest of the world. Find employment and gain innovative skills to increase social and community participation.   Step-by-step sequential teaching in a one-on-one environment make it easier to master computer programs and fill in any learning gaps. Together we create and test easy to follow operating system notes.

Fear of Technology

Many of our students who enrol in our computer training for seniors, NDIS clients, special needs and people with disabilities may have an underlying fear of technology. Just thinking about working on a computer gives them anxiety. If this is you, don’t worry. It’s perfectly natural and we will alleviate those fears through our sessions.

computer course for seniors

Our own Zoe Campbell has 20+ years of experience working with technology and she is also a yoga therapist. She can utilise her empathic nature to read people and do calming things that they don’t even realise she is doing. No one can learn when they are stressed or if they have a background of learning disabilities. Computers are something we need to learn sequentially. Some people have learning gaps or they learn in a specific way.

Zoe is a trained teacher with a Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Education and she specialises in technology and special needs. She can really empower people!

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A Computer Course for Seniors and People with Disabilities Can Really Help You

Have you had your children or grandchildren try to explain something to you? We bet afterward you were feeling even more confused and reluctant to try it on your own. That’s why working with a qualified teacher is so important.

Not only that but in a classroom environment, the teacher can spare only about 3-5 minutes of their time to each student one-on-one. Zoe knows this best because she was a TAFE teacher for 18 years. With computers, everyone is at a different level of understanding and that is why what you get in a one-on-one session is more than you will receive in a regular group environment.

Grandchildren are not trained teachers

Our sessions are organised one-on-one which is suitable no matter what level you are at. You will learn more, your confidence will increase and you will save so much time and frustration from trying to work it out. Technology is always changing and we need to keep our brains fresh and up-to-date with the changes. We need to learn how to learn so we can become empowered and independent.

Our computer training for seniors and people with disabilities is face-to-face, one-on-one. We also offer a remote service for those who are out of town, and we can work together online.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today because there is so much we can do for you! If your not sure where to start go to our session questionnaire for guidance.

Give us a call or send us an email:

Phone: 0407 956 071