Can people be too old to learn how to use a computer or a phone? When you show them how to do something do you feel impatient and they get all flustered and just don’t get it? There are more than 7 perks to having your own computer coach especially for Seniors and NDIS participants. We will save you time and take the frustration away from the “learn to learn” part of new and old technologies. Time is so precious to us all – and we are here to help you – and save you the time, showing your loved ones, how to do the same thing over and over again. Before you know it, their repeated failures can turn into learning blocks, which makes the task even more impossible. We are trained teachers and find this effortless and actually love teaching – so leave the job to us!

However, take heart, teaching is a skill that takes years of practice. If things don’t sink in, despite your repeated efforts, its time to hand the job over to the experts for computer, phone and iPad training for seniors. And here is the perfect gift idea! At Computer Coach Australia, we take the pressure of you to teach and we develop a relationship with each of our clients. They then have their own computer coach they can go back to for troubleshooting and support.

Seniors and some NDIS participants can be Disadvantaged in Modern Society

The traditional way of learning is one-on-one, to adapt to each person’s current level of knowledge and unique learning styles. Sitting in a class with 15 other people is not the most efficient way for Seniors or people with special needs to learn. This poses many challenges like, not knowing where to look on the screen, using the mouse, eyesight or hearing limitations. There’s also the constant frustration of not feeling smart enough to catch on to what the grandkids seem to manage with ease.

7 Benefits of Hiring a Computer Coach for Your Senior Loved Ones

Our seniors and NDIS participants often feel left out even with basic technology skills and struggle even with the simplest things with technology.

Most people over 50 have very little if any formal training and don’t intuitively learn how to use a computer. Without a sequential foundation of learning, people can soon become overwhelmed trying to understand the “why”.

For instance, you show them over and over again but they just don’t get it.  You explain where the switches are and what the icons mean and how to navigate from one screen to the next. They look like they understand and you feel like you have done a good job. Only to find the next time you catch up that the device hasn’t been touched. They are unable to renew their transport cards or log into any of the online services.

Research shows that people are disadvantaged by having limited computer skills and computer literacy is just as big of a problem today as not knowing how to read or write.  A recent study by Frontiers in Psychology found they voiced apprehension about lack of clarity in instructions and support. Everything is online and people are expected to know how to do it, which is huge pressure for the novice. As a family member, this responsibility can often fall onto your shoulders. The best way out of this is through the seniors’ computer one-on-one training and support, with experts that specialise in tasks just like these.

seniors computer confusion

Computer Training Assistance for Seniors

Our findings suggest that most of our participants were eager to adopt new technology and willing to learn how to use a tablet. However, they voiced concerns about the lack of instructions or their clarity and support. Understanding older adults’ perception of technology is necessary for assisting this demographic so that they can facilitate independent living through the use of technology.

1. Seniors and NDIS participants Fear of Using Technology Decreases

Being fearful of computers and phones and even talking about the subject can bring up a barrier that freezes and confuses many seniors. They want to be able to use the technology they have but it just sits there until your next visit.  You can read more about how fear of using computers can disrupt the learning process that only a trained teacher can rectify.

Screens are often confusing with small fonts that don’t offer immediate guidance. They think that pressing the wrong button will ruin the device and even delete everything on it.

Most seniors in your family want to use these devices to communicate with their family and friends overseas. But if they get an attachment and the sender asks them if they have received it, they freeze up. They have no idea what an attachment looks like or how to open it.

You come over to spend some quality time and before you know it, you’re at their computer screen again trying to help out. They want you to find the attachment cause it sounds like something exciting. Yet again you find yourself getting short with your loved parent who so patiently taught you to walk and do up a shoelace, and you leave feeling guilty and ineffectual.

Being fearful of new things is one of the biggest blocks to learning and it can be crippling to seniors. There is a condition call technophobia that keeps people away from technological devices, making them feel left out. Professional phone and computer training with an experienced teacher can gently and patiently change this condition.

2. Keep Seniors Safe from Internet Scams

A person who is not confident using a computer may click on things that most people can see is a scam except for them and they are very vulnerable to attacks. Everyone knows about the multitude of scary scams that out there and the risks involved. To learn more about how people can easily get scammed online.

An email had arrived in their inbox and it looked so genuine. There was an attachment and they now know how to open attachments. They thought they were really onto something good, and there’s a nice person offering help. This is where our remote training service is perfect – you can call us and we will help you to decide what to do next before you click on the button.

After some time they might start giving out their bank details to the nice person who was offering help. They might offer help with taxes, medications or other ailments. There are people who prey on those unfamiliar with technology, who will feel proud of being independent, before releasing their mistake. Then when the disaster strikes, you are in damage control, trying to explain to your elders what they did and how not to do it again.

Knowing what to click and what not to click leaves seniors and people with special needs often vulnerable to exploits.  They just don’t understand what is legitimate information or and what is a malicious bait.

3. Seniors and NDIS participants Gain Confidence Using Technology

Your parents are constantly calling you and asking you to show them how to do things that seem so simple. Everyone else is glued to their phones, they obviously get so much out of them. An article in the Forbes magazine states that while Seniors may be purchasing laptops, smartphones, and tablets, many older adults say they still don’t feel confident about using them.

Training computers for adults

Regardless of how many times you show them how to do simple things, they will just keep forgetting. Many times you will be baffled by how they still can’t turn up the volume or take a picture.

You bought your parents the smartphone thinking they would really enjoy its features and benefit just like you. You showed them how to turn it on and off, send a text message and add a contact. Yet when you send them a text a message they can’t work out how to read it let alone respond back. How can it be that hard to learn you wonder?

This happens because you are trying to teach them from your own perspective. You probably knew how to use a smartphone when you first saw it, but to them, it’s an unsolvable puzzle.

4. Seniors Learn to Manage Their Computer Files

Some people can have so many files and photos on the computer or phone, cluttering the desktop and slowing things down, they can feel overwhelmed and get easily confused. They want to organise their photos, divide them into albums and respond to that message they got on Facebook. The only thing left to do is to sit in front of their computer all day, knowing tomorrow will be the same. Who’s got time for this?

You decide to devote some quality time with your parents and show them how to sort out their photos. When you get to the computer you see they have limited storage, it hasn’t been updated and the photos aren’t backed up.

But your senior has so many files and they don’t even know the difference between a photo, movie, or a document. They have made a mess and they have to call on you for help. At the end of the day, you’re pulling your hair out tidying up their computer once again.

5. Seniors and NDIS participants Confidently Navigate the Internet

Navigating the Internet for information is so common the word Google has been added to their dictionary. What is your parents want to write up their life story to leave for the kids. You think it’s great they have a project that is inspiring them and perhaps the technology was a good idea. But they end up getting lost in cyberspace and lose all the great information they discovered.

They don’t know what a search engine is, how to find their way back to a site that they like. And how do they get from the browser to a document and then back to browsing again? It all looks so easy when they see others do it but left on their own they get confused and frustrated again.

This is not what you had planned. You go over and you show them step-by-step and try to explain the best way you can, without displaying the lack of patience you have. You’re starting to think that maybe there’s something wrong with them? You try to be patient and understanding but after a year of teaching them, you’re back at square one! Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is a sign of madness.

6. Seniors Understanding Internet and Phone Plans

We see too many people today paying for an internet plan with no idea what data is now why they need it. However, the telemarketer was successful in signing them up for a new phone plan and now the Internet hasn’t been working for days. They call you up for some help, they hate being a bother again, but they don’t know whom else to call. They just can’t seem to work out what to do and feel really stupid.

The banks are closing their branches and that personal service is disappearing everything is going online. They want to go online to set up their automatic bill payments. So you trudge around after work and you see the bills that are piling up.

Your parents are getting ripped off. They are paying $300 a month for data that they will never use and the bills are piling up.  The Internet plug has fallen out the back of the computer and it’s hard for them to get down to the floor and plug it back in. Perhaps things could have been set up for easier access taking into account each person’s limitations.

Your senior has no idea of why they need data but the telemarketer tells them they were doing the right thing signing up for a 24-month plan. With a professional computer and phone training is effective filling in any learning gaps and explaining in a way that seniors can understand. Click here to read some of the testimonials from clients who have used Computer Coach Australia.

7. Seniors computer skills increase 

Most seniors have no idea how to update or back up the computer, phone or iPad or what an update actually does.  If they do actually manage to successfully run an update, suddenly things don’t look the same and they think they have done something wrong. They need help straight away, they just don’t know who to call to fix it other than you! Computer Coach Australia is the perfect gift for your Senior leaving the hard work to the Computer Coach Australia.

You have taught the senior it’s important to update the software on all of their devices. You explained that the little red numbers are called “notifications” and they could fix a problem they’re having.  Following your instructions, they have clicked on the update.

The update this time is a major operating system update and they had left it for too long since the last ones. There were problems with the update, the Internet was too slow or the phone wasn’t plugged in. Automatic backups couldn’t function because they ran out of data and all the photos from their last holiday aren’t backed up. Now they have lost all their recent photos without having any idea why.

Set Up Remote Training for Your Seniors

Teaching seniors anything about technology can be a daunting task due to many reasons. Many older people have little desire to learn how to use modern technology, as there are many obstacles. They don’t want to burden you or travel long distances for group classes where they will be left behind if everyone doesn’t start at the same level. Remote one-on-one training is perfect for those who live outside of the inner Sydney area and it combines the best of both methods.

Our seniors’ computer training offers the first remote training for seniors throughout Australia.  There’s no need for crowded classes or complicated online courses when you can get individual attention and assistance at any time. The reason you are losing patience while trying to teach your seniors comes down to perspective and training. Our teachers are trained to start from the grounds up and offer your seniors help whenever they’re stuck.

New technology isn’t really intuitive for new learners so give our team of experts at computer coach Australia a call. We will troubleshoot your problems, explain where and why you’re stuck. Don’t spend hours going down the rabbit hole of confusion that will consume your time without teaching you anything. You can send us an email or give us a call and test the service for yourself! Read here the benefits of remote one-on-one computer training

A Computer Coaching Gift Voucher Is a Win-Win

Our team at Coach Australia specialises in seniors and people with special needs (NDIS welcome) computer training. Zoe has over 20 years of experience with university qualifications in teaching computer literacy skills and she is mentoring a team of handpicked coaches. We don’t offer an online course that requires computer skills to navigate. They work with all types of people face-to-face, one-on-one and have the skills to assess any learning gaps.

It wont be long before the senior and special needs (NDIS) computer user will become confident and motivated using their devices. Their life will open up and they will be able to connect with old friends all over the world. At Computer Coach Australia they help with everything from

  • buying a computer or phone
  • understanding internet billing plans
  • sending emails
  • writing and publishing books
  • filming and editing videos
  • making picture books
  • creating websites
  • using a website
  • searching internet sites
  • buying and selling online

You name it, they work with everything computers-related from beginners to advanced.  We also provide professional training for Computer business users. Don’t waste any more time, find out exactly and let our patient coaches help you both. At Computer Coach Australia we specialise in one-on-one computer training, to find out more – call today and have a chat with one of our team on 0407 956 071