WordPress Training one-on-one in Sydney

It is surprising how many people have a website with no idea how to use it – then it becomes dead – is this you? WordPress Training and social media skills are a must for anyone in business today. In fact, all business owners and their staff will benefit from learning website and social media skills. WordPress training one-on-one with Computer Coach Australia is available to everyone in Sydney in your office or home. Learn to use your website or create a new one. With Computer Coaching you will learn to be proficient in telling apart what apps can be of use to achieve your desired outcome, in the most cost effective way.

Social Media Training

Social Media Training one-on-one

Keeping up-to-date with evolving technologies and learning how to work out new software or apps is time-consuming. But whether owning or working within a business you will need to be confident using social media and websites. WordPress websites and Social media offer tools to connect instantly with others around the world at very little cost.

Have You Had Formal Website and Social Media Training?

If you have had no formal website or social media training, it can be overwhelming starting or running a business. But there are apps that can save you time online. In fact, with some of these apps you can quickly create promotional designs for social media posts or printing flyers.

All social media sites have their own specifications and creating work that is within these ranges can be tricky. However, there are some great apps for video creation and editing as well as the free version that comes with each operating system. But knowing what is the best app to use for your specific purpose is a skill you can learn.

 What We Do at Computer Coach Australia

Relax, help is available for WordPress and Social media training for everyone, the basic to advanced user. You don’t need to sit in a course for weeks on end wasting even more time, waiting to learn what you need at Computer Coach Australia we start our coaching at the level you are at and focus on what it is you want to achieve. Whether that is learning to use an existing website or start one from scratch we can help you.Wordpress Training Sydney

WordPress Training Sydney

Not to mention that with professional one-on-one computer coaching you will develop the skills and confidence you need to build more skills upon. Filling in any learning gaps you may have through lack of formal training.

Together we will create a learning plan that meets your goals and desired outcomes.

First, we will assess your preferred learning style. Then demonstrate how to perform the task. Finally, together you will create operating instructions for easy reference.

Moreover, at the end of the session you will be provided with an action plan of things to practice and follow up on for our next session. It is important to read through the operating notes we make and to jot down any issues that you are not clear on or come up between sessions for your next one-on-one computer training.

If you really get stuck, you can, of course, give Zoe a call on 0407 956 071

Who We Help at Computer Coach Australia

At Computer Coach Australia we train people one-on-one, on your computer, in the context of your workflow.

Wordpress Training Sydney

WordPress Training Sydney

Client-focused website and social media training for:

  • the busy executives
  • business owners
  • employees
  • seniors
  • NDIS clients
  • people with special needs and phobias

Our coaches have in-depth business & computer experience. They have worked with both groups and individuals, training online technologies in websites and social media for over 25 years – you are in good hands. Training is also available in digital story telling,  film editing, selling and buying on line as well as blogging. As a matter of fact, we recognise the need for one-on-one training that starts at your level. Every client is on their own level of understanding, has a preferred learning style and individual needs. Each computer is set up differently; there are many different operating systems, applications, versions and storage options. And that is why having one-on-one coaching with a patient and experienced teacher saves you time and money.

WordPress Training Sydney and Social Media Training or Management

Deciding on what social media best suits your needs is the first task and then understanding how the platform works. If you don’t have the time to learn and need to use social media to promote your business, we offer a service to do the work for you either onsite or remotely.

We will chat with you about your vision and goals and assist you to create a plan moving forward with tangible outcomes.

WordPress and Social Media Training and Services

Setting up accounts for:

  • Google +
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Email
  • Instagram
  • Templates
  • Choosing a suitable website platform for your skills and needs
  • Domain registration and hosting
  • Determining your client demographic
  • Website/blog creation
  • Linking your website to social media
  • Creating Mail chimp eNewsletters
  • Designing social media promos, flyers, logo and stationary
  • Posting updates to your website and social media sites
  • Admin of website (backups, updates and installing plugins)

How a Computer Coach Can Help When Starting Your Own Business

First you need to have your business vision and a passion. Is there a need in the marketplace for your service or product? Does your idea energise you? In fact, having a strong passion for what you plan to do can provide a great energy boost. Starting up a new business requires a lot of work –mostly unpaid –until you get your business off the ground.

Not to mention that in today’s digital world every business needs a website. Whether you conduct business over the web or not, you need to have a web presence that can be found on social media for promotions, marketing and networking.

Forward planning saves you precious time, too. There are many free small business services available for the start up. These resources are a benefit to tap into, for example:

  • Your local chamber of commerce
  • Government NEIS plans
  • Business coaching

Why WordPress Training Sydney?

Computer Coach Australia has been training people to use computers in small business for 30 years. Training skills and experience first started in accounting packages and then moved along to Windows Microsoft Office applications and Apple Mac systems.

Our mission is to provide both WordPress training and social media training, as well as motivate and empower people to be able to use their technology and not have to constantly pay out in time and money for support. Seeing people getting ripped off due to lack of computer literacy is a disadvantage in today’s digital world. Knowledge is power.

“As a yoga teacher once said to me, everyone needs a Guru!” says Zoe.

Equally important a Computer Coach will come to you to provide that individualised service.
Contact Zoe at Computer Coach Australia today to discuss your needs
Phone: 0407 956 071
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Don’t hesitate to write to us, we love to hear from you.