NDIS Clients and Seniors Social Media Usage Importance

In the current day and age, it’s vital to understand the value of NDIS clients and Seniors’ social media usage. Modern technology has led to an ever more frequent occurrence of feeling left behind in a digital world. Often we hear the cry “I feel left out because I cant use social media”. Understanding why people use social media is the starting block and context we educate first.NDIS and Seniors social media training

Today we are living in a digital world whether we like it or not. It is mandatory to learn how to remain safe online as technology traps can happen to anyone. Everything is online these days and low levels of computer literacy are a distinct disadvantage. It is fantastic to learn new skills to keep abreast of the changes in technology and society.

Working with one of Computer Coach Australia’s qualified and experienced trainers we will bring you up-to-date with technology. Learning from an experienced teacher will soon bring you online opening up a new world to you in a sustainable way.  We bring all types of people up to speed with technology in a non-confronting and empowering way, with our personal one-on-one, face to face (or remote throughout Australia) training sessions.  All learning starts from your level of understanding whether you’re a beginner or an advanced tech user.

NDIS and Seniors Social Media Apps

Social media is a collection of online communities that share information, ideas, messages, and other content. People connect by a common interest and then become part of a community that shares the same interest. For instance, the social media site Meetup was founded in June 2002 by Scott Heiferman and five co-founders. The idea for Meetup came from Heiferman meeting his neighbours in New York City for the first time after the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers. Within a few months of Meetup launching, 56,000 users had joined the site.

NDIS and Seniors social media apps and servicvesThis is one of the very useful ways for people to connect today. It offers new opportunities and services and is completely free to use. The user sets up a profile and includes as little or as much information about themselves as they want. You can select from a wide range of interests, including movie or dinner Meetups, or sailing and trekking holidays. A request is sent to join the group with notification arriving soon after of the next Meetup to attend.

Another very popular site is Instagram which is based on interests, services, products or events – there are no limits.  Joining Instagram means the beginning of “following” your friends, family, and acquaintances, as well as special interests. Then you could move on to posting your photos. This is all free of charge and purely optional how much of the services you would like to use. You could end up following more people than you have followers. Of course, celebrities rarely follow their fans and does that really matter if you can be kept up-to-date with the latest information?  Many people as we can see all around us, do take social media seriously and find joy in posting updates and seeing what their friends are up to.

How Social Media Helps with Loneliness

NDIS clients and Seniors need to learn social media to connect online with Facebook, email, instant messaging and skype. It can help in reducing loneliness, improving health and increasing confidence to become involved in community events. “Older adults think the benefits of social technology greatly outweighs the cost and challenges of learning to use technology,” says William Chopik, assistant professor of psychology at Michigan State University. “And the use of this technology could benefit their mental and physical health over time.” Affirming messages by other social media users is what keeps a person returning to sites such as Facebook or Instagram.

Keeping connected online is an easy way to find lost friends and reconnect with old acquaintances. Another opportunity that social media offers is the option to create invitations to events, reminders for birthdays and whats going on in your local community.  We can also learn what is happening all over the world instantaneously, information that was not previously available is empowering the people across the globe. Family members may be scattered all over the world and today we can connect so easily using social media. We get to see the persons face, environment and chat away free of charge, how great is that! Social media sites have connected people via the world wide web (www) internet and allow people to take a look into each other’s lives in a way that wasn’t possible before. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the free opportunities technology has to offer?

Social Media Uses

Companies and brands use social media to interact with their target audience and monitor consumer interest, people use social media to determine what their friends and acquaintances are sharing. “Likes” can be interpreted as a sign of approval while “Dislike” and “Unfollow” means disapproval of what has been published. Social media is useful for various things: messaging friends from all over the world makes you feel connected to them. You can also develop the everyday tech language and join in conversations that so many young people freely use. There are just so many apps – people can soon become confused – but really there are only a handful of popular sites and this is worth knowing why.

Our approach is to discuss with you what options are out there and find out what you are wanting to become apart of and advise what will best suit you. One of our team members will come to you or if you live outside of Sydney we can work with you remotely.  There are even apps such as Justunfollow, Unfollowgram, where users can see who’s unfriended or unfollowed them. Everything is transparent until you learn about the many security and privacy options available. For instance, everything is on and if you want your profile private open only to your immediate friends and family its best to learn how. Special interest groups can be joined and these have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Embrace the Opportunities

We all need to learn how to use social media carefully so we don’t fall into any traps, and use it the way we are supposed to. Some things are best-handled face-to-face but if that is not an option social media is a great solution. Social media is a great tool not only for adults but for children as well. Considering you can make a Facebook account as early as 13, it’s defiantly worth obtaining professional Computer Coaching for the whole family, including the grandparents. At Computer Coach Australia we teach people how to integrate technology into their lives in a positive and easy to learn manner. Read more about it here and contact us if you have any questions.

We are here to help you – so call us today on 0407 956 071 for more information.