Intel Extreme Masters is one of the largest pro gaming circles in the world and it was held in Sydney, Australia last year on May 3-5, 2019. It was held at the Qudos Bank Arena and 16 of the best teams competed for a whopping prize of $US 250,000. The evolution of video games brought more awareness of sponsors and therefore, bigger price pools.

This is a lot of money and we’ve already written about how excessive gaming can lead to addiction.

For this reason, we have decided to interview a 29-year-old volunteer who wanted to share his experience with gaming and social media with us.

Here’s his story.

Game Boys back in those days gave an instant sense of satisfaction – an escape similar to the movies but you could control it. For the first time, it felt like you were there. That led to Sony PlayStation 1 where popular music and subcultures met the above. You could, this time, play with your friends.

Nintendo video game console
Nintendo video game console

You could both enter the world together, work together, fight together. That deeply-rooted satisfaction we sometimes get from a hard day’s work was obtainable from the couch, lost in the void of a video game. You could then take that satisfaction back to school with you where everyone would understand. You got the score no one else could and that gave you street credit all from the comfort of your couch.

This went along for a few years. Then the internet happened. MSN was all the rage! We could leave school, run home and dial-up if we could get the phone line. This was an online community, it was adult free and we could talk gossip, etc. All of this straight from our homes.

Once games went online, it all changed again. RuneScape was one of the first huge games that got everyone talking. You created a character, picked what he looked like then took him off into the world where he would develop skills. You could literately walk around with your friends from around the world and fight together, gather resources, and talk about anything you wanted. It was a community, a safe place, the greatest escapism. Things progressed from there. Just look at Fortnite now, it’s a free game worth billions. This is mostly because its players are willing to spend money on extra, in-game items.

Some people are interested in fantasy games where you develop a character and fight monsters. But there are also the emotional ones with dense storylines that play out like movies.

video game
Last of Us video game

I never got into shooting games which were too realistic, and I don’t like war or the idea of killing realistic-looking people. It’s horrifying that the guy involved in the New Zealand massacre last year had a headcam on. It’s also horrifying that it’s the future of warfare. People sit in shipping containers in NYC and blow people up on the other side of the world. They are starting to recruit top players from video games apparently.

When we were kids, it didn’t feel like we are missing out on anything. We just played games all night instead of dreaming we would play video games. It’s a different world of new opportunities.

I rarely spend time online anymore, unless you count streaming movies as being online. We hold the world in our pocket, just as Plato said – instead of using that as those great minds would have, we abuse it and take it for granted. Computers and Yoga are two topics that definitely go together and you can read here why.

It’s remarkable that the number of video game addicts has been rising since smartphones have been thrown into the market and substituted gaming on the computer. When their children played games solely on the computer, parents had more control over the behaviour of children because they could simply place the computer in the living room or unplug it from the wall. Today, the child moves everywhere with the phone and it’s impossible to control what they’re doing. Even when they’re going to sleep, they’re playing games under the covers.

In conclusion, video game addicts tend to be young, better-off and educated people. Everyone can develop an addiction because the basic skills necessary for playing games can be quickly be mastered. Those who play aggressive video games over time resort to virtual violence and become indifferent to real violence.

The evolution of video games brought many jobs and opportunities for people to express themselves, but it also brought much risk. To prevent this, we have courses dedicated to the more responsible usage of technology. If you realise the predatory practices that many games rely on, it will be easier to avoid them. Many modern games are designed in a way to stimulate dopamine centres, especially those with in-game purchases. So give us a call if you’re interested in learning more about the favourite hobby of the 21st century, and learn to recognise patterns that might give you trouble down the line. You can take our tech addiction quiz here.

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