Looking For a Computer Tutor?

Zoe at Computer Coach Australia has been awarded for the 2nd year running for her exceptional tutoring skills by Tutors-R-Us. Zoe works with a wide range of clients from those studying at school, people starting new businesses or wanting to learn to use their website and post to social media, to clients with special needs such as seniors and those with learning disabilities.

award for computer tutor to computer coach australia

Computer Tutor Award

Zoe is NDIS registered and has worked with technology since the mid-1970s. She will come to your office or home and provide that unique one-on-one attention with ongoing computer support. Everyone needs a computer coach to help them keep abreast of changing technologies.

Services We Offer

Zoe from computer coach australiaYou can give Zoe a call and discuss your needs, whether they be on a computer, phone or tablet. Zoe can help you to discern what you need help with. Often, clients will call up stating they want to know how to work with technology. However, they have no clear direction of exactly what it is they want to know. Zoe will discuss with you not only what it is you’re wanting to achieve but also what you are currently able to do. Often, people have way more skills than what they think.

We live in a digital world and it is virtually impossible to have no tech skills at all.

Zoe will then send you (if you’re online) a form that will provide topics that you can develop skills in. Form this form a learning plan will be created. If you are not online, then Zoe will call to discuss your needs. It might be assistance in buying the right type of phone or computer that will meet your needs. There is no point in buying a racing car if you plan to drive on dirt roads. Likewise, the salesperson at the shop may not be the best one to advise you on what is best suited to your needs. After all, they have sales targets to meet.

At Your Pace, Place, and Time

zoe providing her client with computer support

After a learning plan has been created with achievable outcomes for your training, you are ready to make an appointment for your first lesson.

Zoe will come to you if you are in the eastern, inner or lower north shore suburbs of Sydney. If that doesn’t suit you, you can find a convenient place to meet. There is the option for ongoing support or lessons online. We all need to get with the times, otherwise, we will be left behind. We can see the children using technology so easily and can often feel like we have missed the boat, but this is not necessarily the case.

With the right computer tutor, you can learn. Anyone can learn if they have a teacher who understands the subject area and has a solid grasp on how to teach. Zoe makes learning effortless as she has over 3 decades of experience teaching people to use technology one-on-one and in classrooms. Teaching is not a skill anyone can do – it is a gift and entails understanding where the client is coming from and meeting them on their level.

Zoe is also a Yoga Ayurveda therapist and this training helps her understand all types of people on many different levels. She can even help you remain healthy while plugged into your technology.

Below are some great tips on how to choose someone who can help you to learn, specifically what it is you need to learn.

Tips On How To Choose the Right Computer Tutor

Choosing the right computer tutor for you can be challenging. How do you decide who is going to fast-track your learning and help you to get the best results? Or furthermore, who will be able to provide you with ongoing computer support? It’s not as easy as searching online and just picking a number – finding the right teacher for you takes a bit more time and research.

But where do you start?

These tips will help you decide which tutor is going to be best for you.

  1. Select a Format

First, you need to decide what is best for you – would online tutoring be enough? Do you need more computer support, would one-on-one tutoring work better? Or are you hoping to enjoy something a bit more social –perhaps a group situation may suit you best? Whatever it is, before you set out to find the best tutor for you, decide which format would suit your learning needs the best.

  1. Look For Reviews

The beauty of the internet and reviews is that they give honest feedback about how people have found this person’s support. You may also be guided by the ratings on their Google business or website listing page. Where someone has rated 4-5 stars, they are likely to be a worthwhile tutor who gets results.

Reviews are the new referral. However, there are those who don’t want to use that route. You may also ask if you can contact a coach’s past students for a referral. Or you may like to reach out to friends and family and see if they can recommend someone.

  1. Interview the Tutor

Once you have chosen a computer coach who you think may be right for you, contact them and set up an interview. What you’re looking for is someone who is honest, trustworthy and that you genuinely connect with. Someone that will answer your questions and provide ongoing computer support. The key is to find someone approachable who genuinely cares and wants you to succeed.

A good coach will be happy to have a lengthy discussion to get to know you. They will try to understand your needs and requirements, as well as your interests and goals. This interview will be a two-way street. It will give you a good indication of whether this person will be right for you. Pay attention to their credentials as well as their attitude, teaching style and expertise in any specific area you need assistance with.

Call Zoe today on 0407 956 071 and have a chat about your needs.