Our Most Popular Tutor Award for 2017

Congratulations Computer Coach Australia! You have been awarded a “Top 25 Most Popular Tutor Award for 2017.”

The Tutors4You Team is excited that we listed your business in our Top 25 Most Popular Tutor for 2017.

Here is how you have ranked:

  • #1 Most Popular Tutor in the Eastern Suburbs
  • #24 Most Popular Tutor in the Sydney Region

Congratulations and keep up the great work!

These rankings have been allocated by location to the businesses with the highest number of visits, positive reviews and overall engagement across the Tutors4You website.

Tutor services award

Tutor Services – Most Popular Tutor Award

What does it mean for your business?
The Most Popular tutor award helps visitors to quickly identify you as a trusted and popular business, which will attract more customers to your business.

The award for tutor services is exciting for two key reasons:

1. Recognition: We know how hard you work and you deserve credit for the progress you have made in business. Well done!

2. Promotion: Business awards are a great tool for promoting your business further, without having to be the one who is singing your own praises. Let us do the promoting for you.

Computer Coach Australia Offers Unbeatable Tutor Services

One-on-One, face to face at your pace, place and time, with someone who you can go back to, communicate easily with them and trust them.

Zoe has been working in business teaching people use information technology for over 3 decades. Furthermore, because of her excellent tutor services, she received the most popular tutor award.

She has experience in a range of subject areas and can help you with your social media presence and other information technology issues.

Computer Coaching empowers and nurtures the busy executives, elderly and groups with a user-centred holistic approach for computer training.

Computer Coach Australia Tutor Services

• Tailoring and designing computer training for individuals and groups
• Client-centred tutor services from basic to advanced
• Talking with the client to assess their needs
• Delivering onsite and online tutor services
• Installations, upgrades, backups and troubleshooting
• Monitoring and assessing training effectiveness
• Providing IT professional development for staff onsite
• Reporting onsite/offsite using MOODLE, CLAMS and SharePoint

Computers, Apps, Phones and Tablets

• Pc’s and Macs, smartphones, tablets and digital cameras, printers etc.
• MS Office suite, Pages, Numbers, Photoshop, iMovie and Apps
• Social Media, Websites, e-News, promotional designs and Video editing
• Payroll, accounting, inventory control and CMS systems

Our Clients are:

Executives, professionals, people with special needs, and small to medium-sized enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs that need guidance on basic to advanced computer skills or to delegate tasks such as website and blog content updates, and social media management, too.


It is common that once we start working with a client, we realise we need to start troubleshooting as issues arise. Moreover, fundamentals may not be set up on their device. Either passwords are not available, or software is not updated to support what we aim to get through in the session.

Quickly we identify that the client’s skills are at a basic level, which may need to be developed before we move on to the objectives of the session.

If you have any of these issues, you will have 2 choices:

  1. Not being able to get to your list due to technical and skill shortages

1.1 We can revise the scope for the session so you can learn the skills and get support in whatever is required to get your device to the level of optimization that we need to do.

  1. I can do the work for you in the time allocated.

2.1 Doing the preliminary work for you without teaching and note-taking, you are welcome to watch.

 Pre Session Requirements

You need to arrange all these points before the session and getting on with your to-do list.

Please note: If we are to spend time on these points below it will cut into the time together before we can access your list.

  1. Have all user names and passwords for all your accounts written out at hand and verify they are working
  2. Ensure all your software for the computer, tablet, or phones is updated to the current version and systems are backed up
  3. Have profile picture organized and data ready for any new account set-ups
  4. Ensure you paid for all your software subscriptions
  5. Have power cables and batteries charged
  6. Websites – create a folder and put into it what you want to add to your website
  7. Social media – find out if the URL is available on all sites using www.knowem.com
  8. Designs – research the size specifications for each social media site, have both images and text at hand
  9. If you are unable to do any of the above we will need to start with these.

Give Zoe a call at Computer Coach Australia

Phone: 0407 956 071

E-mail: computercoachaustralia@gmail.com

The form will give Zoe an indication of your skill level and aid you into forming an idea of what you need tutor services for. Please have a look through and highlight anything you may need help with and return to me, or we can go through it together.

Contact Zoe and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please call Zoe if you have any questions after reading this information.