The hard disk, as the primary part of the computer intended for storing personal data, eventually experiences maximum occupancy. The fact that you filled the disc whose capacity you admired just six months ago is not at all a strange phenomenon. Especially when you take into account the size of today’s files. Mac Book Pro itself requires a certain amount of free space to function at normal speed and without ‘stuttering‘. This is precisely the reason to free a certain amount of unnecessarily things from your MacBook Pro storage.

Ensure to ask when you buy a computer or smart phone what the size of the storage is on the device, or before you know it you will be running out of space. These devices need space to hold the apps so they can do all the magic that they do via emails, texts, make phone calls, take photos and work online. These apps need to be updated on a regular basis and that requires space as well. It is in the interest of the suppliers to sell you devices with little storage so they can re sell you more devices and space on the cloud.

Here are some tips from Zoe who’s an Apple consultant on how to check your MacBook Pro storage:

Have you checked? Good. Now let’s see how you can free some space up!

Obviously, you can free up MacPro storage by simply finding and deleting large files and other things you’ve downloaded. Most of the space on the computer you can only free by removing dual files, deleting an attachment, clearing temporary files or emptying the trash can.

If you don’t clean your Mac’s hard drive, you’ll end up with a scary error “The disk is almost full,” so you can start right away and clean up some space!

If your unsure what to buy, or how to clean up space on your computer give Computer Coach a call on 0407 956 071 and we can help you.

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