Learning to Understand Computer Terminology

Computer terminology is a language unique to itself. Yet part of this language, computer icons, have been around since the beginning of time. So much so, they have become an integral part of the universal language of computers.

We can see the symbolism of icons in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and the Hindu Gods. Hanuman symbolises courage, strength & compassion. Ganesh is happiness, wealth and prosperity. There is the Christian icon of the cross and the Muslim star and moon, plus many others. The universal language of modern-day icons like the stop sign, no smoking, telephone, on and off are all around us.

Computer Icons

Computer Terminology – Universal Language of Computer Icons

One of the training aspects Zoe at Computer Coach Australia focuses on, in a very gentle and unintrusive way, is to model computer terminology as you would a child. This provides the student with the language to speak when networking to develop more understanding or in troubleshooting. Everyone needs language and often this is one of the main stumbling blocks new and old computer users face. Once they can use computer terms they are able to ask for what they want and understand the instructions given to follow.

A Common Aspect of Computer Terminology Is the Use of Computer Icons

There is a trash bin, folders, USB ports, back and forward arrows, the @ symbol, the # and wireless connection etc. These are all computer icons we use all the time. We are subtly becoming used to the universal language of computers as more products use these. The QR code can automatically connect our device to the Internet.

Will the future create a universal language based on computers that will take over English or Chinese? Just think about this – you don’t need grammar when computer icons are present. We have all heard that a picture speaks a thousand words. This is particularly true in a chart or graph.

What Computer Icons Do

Computer icons are a command to the computer. By clicking on the icon, an activation code behind is set into motion. This makes the computer icon driven software a very user-friendly interface that even a 2+year old can manage often leaving elders discouraged.

For this reason, it is important to develop your computer skills. Read our article to see exactly how you can do that.

The Background of Computer Icons

When the personal computer first became available to the general public they were menu driven with a cheat sheet to help us understand the computer. For instance, F7 was print. Now we know when we see an icon of a printer, it has a big chance of meaning “print”. All software and hardware products have their own logo or computer icons. There are so many these days that they all must have their distinct computer icons. From an apple for Apple computers, tablets and phones, W for Microsoft Word to a simple G for Google.

Computer Terminology

Computer Terminology – Computer Icons

User friendliness means we have tools such as computer icons that help us to understand computers. It was Apple computers who first started using icons and they invented the smartphone. The handheld computer device we can’t pull ourselves away from using every waking moment.

However, when does using technology become too much? See our post on technology addiction to find out.

Steve Jobs was the genius who designed Apple computers, software and smartphones. He chose the universal and distinctive Apple icon. He took the name from his love for the Beatles music recording label – Apple records. This went on to the revolutionary option of buying music online via iTunes.

Some Background On Computers

Back in the 80’s Apple hardware and software captured the education and creative arts worlds. They kept the proprietary to themselves and still to this day keep a close watch on what they endorse. This makes their products very safe from most viruses and hacking, as well as user-friendly.

Computer Icons

Computer Terminology – Computer Icons

At the same time, in the early 80’s, Windows/Microsoft software was developed and they opened up to IBM computers. They had a lot of clout behind them to achieve their goals and that’s what they did. This was a strategic marketing move which gave the Microsoft Office suite products the business arena. Microsoft adopted the use of computer icons in their software which greatly enhanced its user-friendliness. However, it can have too many options (or places) to get lost and confuse a beginner. The Microsoft software now runs with only a few glitches on Apple hardware and can be accessed via a cloud or downloading the Mac version.

Learn What Computer Hardware And Software Suits Your Needs

Everyone is an individual and has their own needs. Zoe st Computer Coach Australia can help you based on your requirements and vision for using a computer.

We believe the best option, but not the cheapest, is to use Mac hardware/computer with Microsoft software for business requirements.

Sharing files is easy and Microsoft has the leading market share. Transferring from a Windows-based computer up to Windows 10, which now works pretty well is a big operational leap. Learning how to transfer to a Mac from a Windows machine can be confusing for some people.

We at Computer Coach Australia are skilled in both systems and can easily explain the differences and help you to learn what computer best suits your needs. Zoe is an Apple Consultant, Microsoft expert and WordPress advocate.

Assuming you’ve seen The Matrix, Her, or Ex Machina, you can clearly tell that technology is slowly taking over our lives. So, the next time you’re going on vacation, we want to make sure you are not clueless when you find yourself dealing with airport computer check-ins. Read our article to learn why you need to know some computer basics.

And, finally, if you are left wondering whether computers are male or female, here is what mature age students came up with for their assessment task.

In a computer skills classroom where students were developing computer basic skills training the computer technology teacher asked the group to report on whether a computer is male or female. The following responses are as follows:

Reasons for Computers Being Female

Computer Terminology

Computer Terminology – Universal Language of Computer Icons

They have an Internal logic that only a creator can understand.
Computers speak in a code only experts in communication can understand.

They store every mistake you make for later retrieval.
Once you commit to having one in your life you end up spending more and more on accessories.

Reasons Why Computers Must be Male

To get a simple report you have to turn them on to get their attention.
They have lots of data but still can’t think for themselves.
Computers should solve a problem but they soon become the problem.
As soon as you commit, you realise if you just waited for a little longer, you could have gotten a better model.

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