The Internet has enabled us to create our identity in a simple way. We manage our personal online reputation and create a digital footprint in the process.

It sounds very easy, but clicking on “log in” and creating a profile on one of the social networks makes it seem that a lot of online reputation awareness is left to the side. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that every photo we post on the internet, every comment or status actually says about a lot about us. What’s most important – what’s online, stays online and leaves a digital footprint.

What Is a Digital Footprint?

how the digital footprint influences our online reputation

Digital Footprint: Online Reputation

A digital footprint represents the traces left behind when using the Internet. There is an active digital print (which we consciously create) and a passive digital footprint (that we cannot influence).

An active digital footprint is a set of all our posts, clicks, likes, downloads and photos, videos or our personal data we willingly put on the internet. It is important to carefully choose what you want to post to the general public. Thoughtless posts, in addition to endangering your online reputation, may compromise your privacy.

What’s Online, Stays Online

Whoever ventures into the cyber world needs to keep in mind that everything they post on the internet, stays on the internet. The published data are not deleted and are probably preserved somewhere. Therefore, it is not advisable to write statuses about something we do not stand for. Something which we are not ready, for example, to say through a megaphone in the city square.

In order to transfer the credibility acquired in the real world to the internet, we need to communicate and act in the same way in the virtual world.

The Internet has provided us with so many opportunities. Promoting our business and connecting with people, quick surfing and the ability to have our voice heard. Therefore, we should use it in the best possible way. However, before posting anything on the internet, think of the saying “think before speaking”. However, in this digital age, it could sound “think, and then post on social media”.

At Computer Coach Australia we are well aware of the dangers of being on-line for everyone and we have many tips and tricks to share with you that will help protect your identity and from falling for scams. Scams are coming in now via text messages and emails, and sadly and all too often people here in Australia and being caught out. Give us a call today and have a chat about your needs and concerns. We provide one-on-one training, support and troubleshooting in the office, home or at another convenient location in and around Sydney and the Eastern suburbs. Your confidence will improve and you will become empowered to use technology in a safe and manageable way. Call us today on 0407 956 071