Tips for smartphone users for children

Kids with smartphones in schools? How advisable is it? We have some great help for you on how to limit children’s smartphone usage and protect your child and reflect on your own usage.

If your child goes to school alone, you will need to buy them a mobile phone, but with only the basic functions: calls and messages.

The use of mobile phones is common today among children in lower grades of primary school, and even in pre-school institutions. However, before buying their kid a phone, parents should evaluate whether the child is mature enough. Not to mention a child should not own a phone before the age of 12.

It’s not uncommon for kids, even in lower grades of primary school, to have modern phones, with advanced features. The problem with this is that many of those children who do not have phones feel less valuable because of peer pressure.

So, if you let your child to go to school or elsewhere without supervision, they will undoubtedly need a phone. However, it is recommended that you buy the most basic model with which they can call and send messages. This is all for personal safety reasons.

Go With a Basic Phone

The phone shouldn’t even have a camera or any other advanced function because it may distract the child during school classes. Not only that but you will need to explain to them the role of the phone: to send and receive message, to call and to be called.

One of the reasons why you should wait with purchasing a smartphone is that the child could be robbed, which would be a very unpleasant and traumatic experience.

Elementary school children are already getting smartphones, tablets and the like, which is absolutely unnecessary. Also, parents should set limits and ask the child if they are looking for a more modern phone, why they need them?

Children are trying to dictate the rules, and they make out their parents to be the bad guys because they didn’t buy them something. However, they should be taught that other people, as well as their peers, are judged by who they are and how they behave, not on the basis of what they all have.

Children’s Creativity In the Network of Modern Technologies

Children do not experience mobile phones as a means of communication, but as a means of playing games.

The path to a creative being starts from games and playing, and the basic game is created in motion, walking, running, jumping. While playing, the child is meeting the world. In playing, the child prepares for life. And this is the most important job of a child.

Digital detox programs

Even Bill Gates Set Restrictions

In fact, dad Bill Gates, who has had so much success in changing the world in the digital era, has introduced strict rules of conduct in his home regarding the use of modern technologies.

Bill Gates has three children, two teenagers aged 15 and 18 and one little older – age 21. All of them were not allowed to use smartphones before the age of 14, and phones were absolutely not allowed in the dinning room.

Gates carefully monitored how his children use phones right before going to bed. He, however, did not go so far as to ask his children to give him their Facebook passwords, but states that security on the Internet is a real challenge for today’s parents.

Limit child smartphone users

At the age of 12, it is possible that the child may see a beautiful event that they want to record, some kind of beautiful image they want to take. Then they should be allowed a more modern phone. But beforehand, you should have a serious conversation with your kid. You need to explain to them that they shouldn’t use the phone to record nonsense or each other. Not to mention posting things on Facebook or YouTube, as this will jeopardize the safety and psychological state of their peers and classmates.

Psychologists, however, claim that each child is an individual for themselves and that there is no single opinion about the age when they should get a smartphone. It is necessary to establish the rules for its use, as well as the punishment that will follow if the rules are not respected.

Finally, always keep in mind that modern phones also have the danger of using the Internet without supervision.

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