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Help For Slow Internet

Seeking help for slow internet is not uncommon if you live in Bondi. Despite being one of the most populated areas in Sydney to live, this has to be one of the down sides, especially if you are in business.  Web pages struggle to load and uploads time out.  Here is an example of what a website looks like if it is timed out.

6 months ago, Zoe from Computer Coach Australia, who provides computer help in Bondi and the inner Sydney suburbs, rang the internet service provider (ISP) about the slow internet speeds in the area. The ISP said a new modem would fix the issue for a price, plus signing another contract term for 2 years.  She then spoke with another ISP who said they could provide the NBN at a cheaper rate. However, she decided not to go ahead until she had done some research. What she did find was that many people in the Eastern suburbs have slow internet speeds and the NBN may not be the solution at this stage. Can’t have it all they say.

Slow Internet Speed Causes Problems

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Slow Internet Bondi

Beware of the ISP who offers fast internet speeds and plans. There are plenty displayed on the internet. Perhaps you have had a phone call or an offer in the letterbox?.  At Computer Coach Australia, we have met many people who have had bad experiences looking for help for slow internet speed. A little tip is to never be one of the first to try a new product.  Best to conduct some local research first. Ask around, talk to your neighbours,  find out what they are using.  Do you have the time to be the guinea pig and test systems? Windows 10 was a bit like that. Finally, it is starting to be more solid.

Uploading Files

On Friday night, Zoe needed t0 upload her first ebook on Yoga Therapy for ageing, arthritis and bursitis. 🙂 she was very proud of her achievements and excited too.  The book with text, images and video was a 540-megabyte file. After 4 hours and 40 minutes of uploading, the dreaded notification arrived that the upload had failed. Not about to give up, she did a little research. Yes, she confirmed it, a slow internet speed timing out. Zoe was keen to find out where she could find a fast service to upload her ebook. What she discovered was the fastest internet in Bondi is at the Telstra shop or Apple Store.  Zoe decided to call the ISP to seek help for slow internet speed. She began to question if the decision not to sign up for the new modem and contract she was offered 6 months earlier could have worked. Slow internet speed is such a time waster.

Checking the Speed Of Your Internet

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Slow Internet Bondi

Support is always the main criteria when buying a new product whether it is a website, domain name or if you simply need help for slow internet speed. Someone you can call and speak to. Zoe called the ISP, who do provide a number you can call and who offer a real people service you can talk to.  The troubleshooting began with Zoe describing to the ISP the issues and sharing screenshots of a website that struggles to load.  The ISP had instant success loading the site.  The next thing to do was to go to a website (there are many that offer this service) to check the internet speed.  Check out the results in this image. The ISP went on to explain the results showed a fast internet, as well as how fast it’s going to get in the near future. However, the upload speed measured .85mbps and download speed of 13mbps.

Reasons For Slow Internet Speed

The ISP added other reasons for slow internet speed. Clicking on the WIFI tab showed the other 16 internet users in close proximity all using the same bandwidth. To the ISP ‘s credit, they did not try to sell a new modem or a new plan. They went on to explain that the Bondi area, some time in 2019/2020 will be eligible for the NBN.

Computer Help To Navigate the Cloud

It is disappointing that Australia has a slower internet speed than 55 other countries.  Just when they are about to complete NBN? It can be very time-consuming posting to any online site, especially updating a website with a slow internet. Files saved onto the cloud require constant uploading and downloading. The cloud is not the best solution in a slow internet zone for storage or backups.

Australia – One Of the Slowest Internet Speeds In the World

Below is an excerpt of an article from the New Daily about the status of the Australian broadband. The results from the speed test in North Bondi in Sydney Australia are more dismal in 2018 than when the article below was written in 2017. Increasing population and computer users, peak times of day and the copper wire all plays a part.

Help With Slow Internet – Performing Speedtest

Australia’s broadband has fallen even further behind the rest of the world in 2017 according to a new global ranking. Even despite millions of homes being connected to the country’s supposedly super-fast National Broadband Network.

Speedtest is a site that provides exactly what it’s name says – a free speed test. The US website is popular for rating the connection speeds of individual web users. The site estimated that Australia’s internet fell from 53 to 55 in world rankings between November and December 2017. This put Australia behind the small US island territory of Guam, which rocketed up the rankings from 54 to 53. The website launched its monthly country-by-country comparison in August last year. Not only that but it also got quickly adopted as a popular global guide.

Here Is Who Has the Fastest Internet

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Help With Slow Internet Speed

Australian-fixed broadband downloads according to Speedtest are at 25.88 megabits per second (Mbps), almost half the global average speed of 40.71 Mbps. If accurate, Australian broadband is two-and-a-half times slower than New Zealand (64.32 Mbps) and six times slower than world leader Singapore (161.21 Mbps).

The caution is that Speedtest compiles its country-wide averages based on speed tests of individual users who choose to visit its website. So it is possible that more Australians with slower speeds visited the website in December.

NBN Internet Speeds In Australia

An NBN spokesperson blamed Australia’s slower speeds on the fact its network had not yet been fully deployed. Speeds would improve once more Australians were connected, a spokesperson told The Australian. “As these premises switch to the NBN and we move towards our target of eight million activated NBN premises by 2020, we expect to see the overall fixed-broadband speeds in Australia ­increase significantly,” the spokesperson said.

Computer Help Sydney

If your computer is going slow, it may not necessarily be the internet. There are several maintenance steps that we can take to clean up your computer to allocate more speed/space. Zoe has many years of experience working with people and computers (not the other way around). She is a qualified teacher that can explain, demonstrate and empower you with your computer knowledge. Zoe provides Computer help in Sydney. Computer help one-on-one at your pace, place and time is an invaluable service – if you value your time and peace of mind.

One-on-One Training

You actually meet and speak with Zoe, she will understand the strengths and limitations. This is the level of support and training will motivate you with the skills to move forward. Technology is constantly changing, websites evolve and new products are available. You can centralise your computer help and support with a technically-oriented person who is trained to teach.

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