Technology Traps When Buying a Computer

people falling into technology traps when buying a computer

Technology Traps

Technology traps can happen to you if you plan on buying a new computer or a tablet, so you need to beware. Consumers who have recently purchased new technology, computers, phones or tablets are falling into a trap. I was with Danielle, an artist who received a scholarship to study a fine arts degree. Money is limited for her and she was caught in one of the new technology traps. She bought a new computer that doesn’t have enough grunt or storage for the type of work she needs to do.

Unfortunately, for the uninformed purchasers of computers or phones, the latest trend is for the seller to offer equipment with only just enough storage for their basic use. This presents a number of future problems that some people may not be aware of. Firstly, most phones and some computers cannot be upgraded in size – so why is this a problem?

Apps Use Up Storage

Apps that come with a computer or phone take up storage as they need to be saved onto your device. Some apps you may not need, but you are unable to delete. Other apps that you want may require more storage space than you have available. Running an app requires muscle and uses up resources (storage and memory). Add to the mix photos, video, downloads, emails, contacts, notes or documents and soon you will run out of storage space. Your device will slow down and you won’t be able to update it to incorporate the latest bug fixes.

Before Updating Your Technology:

Updates are common with technology, and these require extra storage space on your device. Updates enhance the app, performance and can also be used as safety measures. If you don’t update your technology you may fall into another technology trap. Computer viruses will in time slow down systems, or worse still, your system may become unusable.

Zoe at Computer Coach Australia has trained many clients over the years on how to save useful information and delete unwanted files, photos, videos downloads etc. to free up space. If your computer or phone is not updated when required, the printer might not interface (talk to and receive messages from) your device. Furthermore, your technology may slow down so much that you have time to make a cup of tea between each command.

Windows 10 configuring updates screenshot

Update Loading

Read the Forum About the New Update First

Before any large operating system update is performed, it is good practice to research on the internet forums the success other people have had with this update. Prior to running the update, ensure to back up your system in case the system crashes midstream. Do you back up onto a hard drive or onto the cloud?

Buying a computer phone or tablet without enough storage space may leave you with no option than to pay for extra storage on the cloud. This is a monthly fee for storage and also extra costs to upload and download files. Cloud-based systems have many advantages. Depending on your requirements, usage and the type of business records this may be an excellent option. Cloud-based systems do not limit you to only using your computer. All you need is a user name and password.

Before Buying a Computer Or Phone:

When buying a computer, phone or tablet it is very important to have an idea of what you want to use the technology for such as:

  • Will you be taking a lot of photos and do you want to convert your photos into movies?
  • Do you want to edit your images or create designs, brochures and flyers?
  • Are you using your device for accounting purposes or creating information that is confidential
  • Will you use all Android or Apple products?
  • What is the benefit of staying with the one system?
  • Do you want to sync your phone to your computer?
  • Do you want the same access on your phone as the computer to your emails?
  • What email address works best with your technology?
  • Where do you want to store your back up of your information, so that if one device stops working you can transfer the data onto your new device?
  • How often do you think you will need to back up?
  • What type of data and internet service plan best suits your needs in size, cost, reliability and speed?
  • Is the NBN working well in your area and should you transfer over?
  • What are the benefits of buying the equipment outright or purchasing it through a plan?
  • Is it worth it to get the extended warranty?
  • What apps do you want to use?
  • What is your budget?
  • Have you used technology before or do you need to join a computer group, classes or want to have a computer coach that guides your unique situation?
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    Buying a Computer

A Computer Coach Saves You Precious Time

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