iPhone is not as safe as much as you think. Will this hurt the mine or the company’s reputation?

iPhone is not safe

Wireless attacks on devices are the holy grail for hackers. Especially when it comes to devices that are known for their security – such as the iPhone.

And guess what?  …. things are a little different than what Apple is saying. A Google researcher who tried to “hijack” an iPhone from afar brought this to light.

Natalie Silvanovic, a Google security engineer, revealed that she was initially interested in attacks on the iPhone because of media reports of vulnerabilities within Apple’s iMessage messaging platform.

“When you look at public research, there’s not a lot of information on it, and there are people who suspect that bugs even exist at all,” she said.

The iPhone has truly earned a reputation as a secure device that runs on a malware-free platform.

And iMessage is widely praised for using end-to-end encryption that protects users’ messages and privacy.

iPhone is not safe

Things changed when the FBI managed to unlock and break into one iPhone without Apple’s help. This showed that there was certainly a bug that the company didn’t know about and that the iPhone is not safe.

Given the lack of information, Silvanovic and her colleagues decided not only to observe bugs but to focus on those that hackers can exploit remotely, quickly, and without any interaction with the target.

In her research, she examined the ways in which an attacker could send information to targeted iPhones via SMS, MMS, iMessage, and email.

“I was under the impression that everyone was talking about iMessage that no one was looking for bugs elsewhere,” she said.

Why Is iPhone Not Safe?

By the end of the research, she identified 10 bugs, and most of them were inside iMessage services.

The problem was the parts of the code that could activate more resources. In this way, there was more room for an attack. Not only that but more things could go wrong.

This research is unlikely to affect Apple’s reputation much, but it’s a great warning that nothing is 100% safe.

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