Computer Support Sydney

Are you in need of someone who can offer you help with your PC? Computer Support Sydney is here to help. This week Zoe at Computer Coach Australia worked with Pat.

After her PC was upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, she was confused with the new look.  Because of this, Pat was ready to throw the computer out the window. Sounds familiar?

I can say now, though, after years of consumer testing, Windows 10 software is more reliable. Reliable software and hardware make training easier too when we can eliminate what is not working and why.

However, despite having a good virus scanner installed and running, she was still getting way too much spam. Pat did not have spam coming in before the upgrade.

She had speakers connected, turned on & the volume up in the relevant displays,  yet they were still not working. Furthermore, the printer was now printing emails that were fitting onto one page and were too small to read.

Computer Support Sydney Help with Phone and Internet Plan

After checking her phone & internet plan, it came to light that Pam was paying for a mobile phone she rarely used and 500 gigs of data. In fact, this a common trap our seniors fall into. They have no idea of what data is or how much they need. Moreover, it was noted that Pam barely used 4 gigs of data a month.

By discussing the plan with the provider & arranging a plan, Pat is now saving $35 a month. There was an option to sign up for the Pensioners priority service plan. Now when she calls Telstra, she gets personalised service that an 80-year-old with hearing and technophobia limitations can understand.

Computer Support Sydney

Computer Support Sydney

Computer Advise for Small Business

Besides offering help with choosing a phone and internet plan, you can count on Computer Support Sydney for computer advice if you run a small business.

Glen is a businessman who provides a global consulting service for retail outlets. He needed to learn shortcuts in Windows, PowerPoint, Outlook & Word skills, as well as WordPress. For this reason, we worked together and created templates outlining his services, recommendations, past sales success as well as testimonials.

He wanted to learn how he could use podcasts, bookmark web pages and share excerpts from publications and journals as well as access audiobooks. Glen’s goals were to create tables in Word and develop PowerPoint skills for creating .jpegs for logo design & mood board presentations. He needed to learn how to save information, file types and sizes to a USB stick for preparation of detailed artworks, editing images, slides & screenshots to take for professional printing.

Computer Coach Australia 

Computer Coach Australia

Social Media Training for Small Business

At Computer Coach Australia, not only do we offer computer assistance, but also social media training for small businesses.

Glenda is working on creating organic SEO.  We created & connected her WordPress website to a Facebook page. Moreover, she got help in creating ads, promoting posts, editing images, writing for the web, and connecting with businesses.

Glenda didn’t have her WordPress website backed up. Thus we downloaded a fitting plugin, updated existing plugins and talked about the purpose and benefits of using categories and tags.

Instagram as a social media tool will target the age range of clients Glenda wants to promote her services to, so we discussed types of posts that she can easily and effectively use.

Computer Support for Mac Computers

Robyn has an iMac that was struggling to do even the simplest function. This would urge her to click away frantically, often ending up in places she could not find her way back from. Therefore, she decided to seek help from Computer Coach Australia.

We discussed the nature of her files and the need to back up and update to the latest operating system. By updating, we solved the performance issues of her iMac. Robyn was unclear of file management principles as well as where her files & downloads would end up.

While sitting with Robyn, I noticed her basic trackpad skills were lacking. Often this simple touch awareness on phones & iPads is a technique that can only be shown one-on-one. It prevents smooth operation of even the simplest tasks.

How Computer Training One-On-One Can Help

Computer Support Sydney one-on-one in your office or home can save you time and frustration. Learning exactly what you need to know with a qualified computer teacher takes the pain out of trying to “work it out”.  Contact Zoe at Computer Coach Australia to discuss your needs.

Phone Number: 0407 956 071