Christmas is the time of the year when we really think about what’s important to us. This is the time when we should be thinking about our friends and family as well as their needs. We tend to forget about the seniors in our family, and how isolated they can feel in the world of technology. We forget because technology is something that most of us pick up on instinctively, in our formative years. It’s hard to imagine how alien it can be to some people, especially today when everything revolves around it. Many seniors keep trying and struggling with group computer courses for beginners which usually has many drawbacks.

This is where Computer Coach Australia comes in. With years of experience and specialisation in working with seniors and NDIS clients with special needs, employees and business owners, we aim to approach every client differently. Teaching seniors is very different from teaching younger learners and requires teaching skills and diverse methods. Trying to apply the same tactics only ends in frustration, and many seniors give up learning as a result. Our beginner computer courses are one-on-one and face to face, in your home – they are designed to address the individual needs of your clients, starting at their unique level of understanding. This Christmas can be a perfect opportunity for you to help seniors in your family who are in need of a technological awakening! Our holiday package also includes the option of online, one-on-one computer training which is ideal for those that live outside of the Sydney area.

A Christmas Gift That Will Last

For many seniors, the biggest obstacle to learning is fear and lack of desire to try. Many see technology as a foreign and overly complicated fad that makes them feel inadequate. Group courses run to an agenda and a pace often leaving people at all different skill levels behind.  Classroom and online group classes are not suitable for everyone especially those who require a personal approach to help them get over their lack of self-confidence – this is problematic for seniors and people with disabilities.

We at Computer Coach Australia have started the practice of one-on-one remote learning precisely to overcome this issue. Whatever your predicament is, we are only a few clicks away and ready to offer assistance. We will arrange to connect with you and teach you how to use your computer at your pace, place and time. We are also available for troubleshooting any issues that will inevitably arise.

computer coaching christmas gift
an ideal gifts for seniors in your family

Digital literacy is crucial for seniors in the modern world as it can make their lives so much easier. With options for food and item delivery as well as staying connected with friends and family, it’s well worth learning to feel comfortable navigating the internet. The unfortunate reality for many seniors who don’t use computers, phones, and other devices, is that they feel left out and they are unfairly disadvantaged in society. This Christmas you can surprise them with a gift that will last and open the door for many possibilities.

Many seniors are frustrated from previous attempts at learning, and less likely to try again. They deprive themselves of the many possibilities that technology offers due to fear of failure. A gift from a family member might just be the right kind of push they need.

Perfect for Untrained Technology Users

Technology is not only for the young to enjoy. The benefits of having the world at your fingertips and feeling independent belongs to everyone! New technologies are for everybody and computer literacy is a must to organise everyday life. Everything from transport cards to banking, shopping and connecting instantaneously with loved ones all over the world.

Computer coaching Gift idea

Expert one-on-one computer, phone, and iPad training provides a huge amount of benefits. We specialize in catering to Seniors, NDIS clients and people with special needs, with the optimal approach for every situation.  With an experienced teacher, we analyze any learning gaps that might be present and teach ‘how to learn’. The goal of this is to teach you the skills required to build more skills.

Our mission at Computer Coach Australia is to enthuse each client with inspiration, motivation, and empowerment, so they can soon learn to work out how to do things for themselves. Maybe your partner could benefit from some one-on-one computer courses to overcome any learning gaps and increase confidence. At Computer Coach Australia we work with everyone on everything computers-related.

What a Computer Course for Beginners Offers

We can help you work on everything computers from learning to set up an email account, navigating the internet to creating and using a website and film making. We work both on Windows and Apple computers and can even help with a smartphone or tablet

Our trainers are so specialized they have the skills and patience to work with older clients and those with disabilities – and they are at your disposal at any time. We can offer assistance for those stuck at certain tasks and programs, as well as for complete beginners. Technological literacy can go a long way, and open various possibilities in all areas of life. We offer patience, understanding, and a professional atmosphere that should make all learners feel comfortable.

Another crucial factor to consider is the online security of seniors who lack technical prowess. All statistics point to seniors as one of the primary targets of online scams and fraudulent practices. Many of these scams and offers are easy to avoid for anyone with online experience but not so much for beginners. Even learning the difference between a safe link and a malicious one can be a lifesaver.

Purchase the Best Christmas Present Ever

Christmas gift for Seniors

Our fee structure has a range of packages to suit your budget and needs. There are 1, 2 or package of 3 x 2 hours – or 6x 1 hours variants. The image below will take you to our PayPal link.

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Computer Coaching

1 x 2 hours of one-on-one Computer Coaching suitable for beginners or advanced our training service is catered specifically to your needs - we come to your home or office or for those outside of Sydney we can work with you remotely online - with help to do everything digital from file management to WordPress websites.


For those in business, professional development and training is a legitimate expense. Simply click on the Christmas keys below.

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At your pace, place and time – we come to you – work with you where you are at and you will feel confident and empowered with learning new technologies.