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Increase your business or work skills and gain confidence, efficiency and productivity. One-on-one computer training and support provided on your work computer, creates a solid foundation for learning. At Computer Coach Australia, we provide training to specifically address your individual needs. Simply, write your own list of learning goals. Together we will work through the list, creating operational notes you can easily follow. With training from a qualified teacher,  your learning gaps will be filled. Your confidence will increase. Any stress you may have is reduced with increasing your knowledge. Knowledge is Power.Computer business training in Microsoft

You can learn how to use your computer efficiently and feel more confident

Rather than working through a pre-planned course outline. With Zoe at Computer Coach Australia you will work specifically on what you need to know. The learning process is easier and more beneficial when trained by a qualified teacher. We guarantee you will leave the session feeling more confident and empowered. There is a support option you can call on when required.

Computer Training for Business

Professional development computer skills 

Most professions require staff to undertake a certain amount of hours in Professional development.  We all need to keep abreast of ever changing technologies.  This requires good back ground knowledge and confidence to have a go. Business skills include presentations, reports, research and CMS data base systems. Social media and websites are just some of the skills we need today.

Computer business skills increases confidence

With professional computer training and ongoing support your productivity will increase.  You will have the consistency of a computer coach who knows your system. Someone you can call and go back to for support.  Companies will benefit from organising one-on-one or small group training and support for their staff.

Zoe is a qualified computer teacher not just someone who knows about computers. Most of people have not had formal training in using a computer and stumble along, wasting too much time. At Computer Coach Australia Zoe designs training programs for individuals based on their learning requirements. As a trained teacher, she can quickly assess any learning gaps, and problem areas.  Zoe provides that personalised one-on-one, face-to-face training with ongoing support; someone you can go back to, understand and trust.

Computer skills training for teachers

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