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Is your website invisible?

… or perhaps you don’t own one?

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We provide client focused training

At Computer Coach Australia we remove the mystery out of using websites through our one-on-one training. Some of the common issues people are blocked by are:-

WordPress Website training and support
  • no log in details
  • no idea of where to start
  • a belief they need specialised skills
  • wanting to change the look of the site
  • unsure how to add new information
  • paying out money for changes
  • the developer has disappeared
  • not updating or backing up
  • the site does not appear in searches
  • social media sites are not set up
  • unsure how to rank organically
  • no time to use the website

Use it To Help Your Business

It is surprising in our online world – just how many people have a website with no idea how to use it. If you don’t post and update your website – Google will lose it. Use it or lose it!

Running a business without a website is trying to do business without any contact details. Every business needs a website and owning and using one is not as difficult as some people may lead you to believe.

WordPress training and social media skills are a must for anyone in business today. In fact, all business owners and their staff will benefit from learning website and social media skills.

Running a business without a website is trying to do business without any contact details.

Everyone benefits from expert WordPress Training one-on-one or remotely online. We work with you at your skill level and set your website up so you can use it efficiently.

That’s what is so good about WordPress – their sites are easy to use for beginners to advanced. There are free versions you can practice on and a website can be set up with 24/7 support.

WordPress Teachers one-on-one

As teachers, our mission is for you to learn and be independent learners. Our aim is to give you the skills to build new skills upon – otherwise, we have not done our job properly. There are many benefits to training how to use WordPress one-on-one or online. What we expertly and patiently do is:-

make your website visible
  • teach to your preferred learning style
  • discern which tools will best suit you
  • demonstrate how to do the task
  • train you to do the task
  • create personalised instructions
  • test your operating instructions work
  • create action plans to move forward
  • provide personalised ongoing support
  • we know your system and your strengths

Ongoing support is priceless and should be no 1 priority

Someone who knows you and your system – that you can turn to when you are feeling frustrated and strapped for time is priceless. As experts in technology we understand the importance of ongoing support and that is always the no 1 priority. Two heads are better than one.

One-on-one Computer Training

WordPress training one-on-one with Computer Coach Australia is available to everyone in Sydney in your office or home or via a remote online service for those outside of Sydney. With professional training, you will learn to be proficient installing and using apps and plugins, know which ones are of use to your desired outcomes, in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

WordPress Training includes

WordPress training Computer Coach Australia

Setting up WordPress

Understanding the WordPress Dashboard

Customising Settings


Working with WordPress Themes

Parent vs Child Themes

Activating a Theme

Customising the Theme

Learn to Post in WordPress

Posts vs Pages

Creating a post

Publishing Options

Using the Visual Editor

Changing the Post Layouts

Working with Categories

Working with Tags

How to create Pages in WordPress

Creating a page

Parent pages and child pages

Page Attributes

Using Revisions

Understanding WordPress Menus

Creating your own menu structure

How to create Hyperlinks in WordPress

Creating internal hyperlinks

Creating external hyperlinks

How to update WordPress websites

Keep WordPress up-to-date

Keep plugins and themes up-to-date

Backing up your WordPress

How to get free 24/7 support

Learn to use Media in WordPress

Understanding the Media Library

Uploading media

Adding media details – alt text

Editing an image within WordPress

Uploading audio and video

Setting up Commenting in WordPress

Configuring basic commenting options for posts

Using Comment moderation and blacklists

Setting commenting for individual posts and pages

Learn to use Widgets in WordPress

What is a Widget?

Using custom theme Widgets

Adding a widget

Using built-in widget types

How to set up user Accounts in WordPress

Managing User accounts

Editing your own profile

Creating a new user account

Learn to use Plugins in WordPress

Installing and configuring a plugin

Backing up WordPress

Installing and configuring a simple form plugin

Learn about free Organic SEO

Learn to use WordPress one-on-one

WordPress websites with Social media offer tools to connect instantly with others around the world for free or at very little cost. Despite what you may have been led to believe about SEO. There are many people all over the world who will offer to optimise your website. These services are costly and do not always bring the desired results.

Keeping up-to-date with new technologies, learning how to use new software or apps is time-consuming. Learning computer terminology, where to look on the screen, understanding what the computer is asking from you – is how you become tech-savvy. WordPress training can save you tons of time and the one-on-one approach is always the best way to learn.

There are so many free tools available that can save you time online. In fact, you can easily learn to create fun promotional designs for social media posts, printing flyers, banners etc, and resize them at the touch of a button. All social media sites have their own specifications and creating work that is within their guidelines can be time-consuming. Knowing what is the best app, plugin or tool to use for your specific purpose is a skill you can learn.

At Computer Coach Australia – we want to empower you.

Whether owning or working within a business you will need to be confident using social media to help your website rank in the search engines. WordPress has many useful features that can track these metrics which is why it’s invaluable for all website owners.

10 benefits learning how WordPress and Social Media work together

  1. If you have had no formal website or social media training, it can be overwhelming starting or running a business.
  2. Many people think a website is a mystery and they get caught out with no understanding and spend a fortune on many unnecessary costs.
  3. Ongoing unnecessary costs to get the website to rank without an understanding of how WordPress and Social media works can be financially crippling.
  4. There are so many things to do and websites can swallow up loads of time. The time that you need to spend working on your business.
  5. Whether you are going to use your website or oversee someone else, you will benefit from learning how WordPress and Social media work together.
  6. We will show you what you need to do to rank organically in search engines so your website can be found.
  7. We start at the level of where you are at, and together we make a learning plan to focus on what it is you want to achieve.
  8. You will develop the skills and confidence you need to build more skills upon.
  9. Fill in any learning gaps along the way, that you may have through lack of formal training.
  10. You will have us to go back to for ongoing support and troubleshooting.
Learn to link social media to your website
Best Time To Post On Instagram

You don’t need to sit through a course for weeks on end wasting even more time, while waiting to learn what you need.

Learn to set up and use Social Media with your WordPress

Relax, help is available for everyone from the beginner to the advanced user. You will gain many benefits from learning skills in WordPress and Social media skills one-on-one. This can be in your office or home or remotely online via an internet connection.

Deciding on what social media best suits your needs is the first task and this can be determined by focusing on the “who, what and where” you want to attract to your website. Even if you don’t have the time to learn the advanced methods of social media a basic understanding will help you to decide how to promote your business website or oversee someone who does.

We will hold your hand and are there for ongoing support

Learning why you need to set up social media accounts, how to link the sites to your website, what hashtags to use and when the best times to post online are, to connect with others plus where to post is a great start. We will help you with:-

WordPress social media organic SEO training
  • Google Business set up
  • Facebook profile – business page – ads
  • Twitter profile – posting
  • LinkedIn profile – business page – posts –
  • MailChimp – eNewsletters
  • Instagram – posting – tags
  • Designs – templates – logos – flyers
  • Paypal – payments – invoicing – transfers

Why working one-on-one is better than group classroom training

Having been classroom teachers we know the importance of learning in the context of your workflow, on your own computer, using your own software and at your own pace. This will increase confidence. Group training is what most people are used to so they go back to attending courses. Some of the problems with group classroom learning is:-

  • Slow process to get to what you wanted to learn
  • May not start at your level
  • One-on-one time is limited to 5-10 minutes maximum
  • Travelling time to get to the course
  • The teacher may not be a natural teacher
  • They are not catered for individual differences
  • Students are left behind

Group or online training is created for financial gain by institutions that have invested money to run the group courses. Students are left behind and leave often feeling worse than when they started. Online training can also be hit and miss for many reasons.

At Computer Coach Australia we pride in giving personalised and professional, expert training – one-on-one, face to face or via a remote online connection. This is the best way to learn for everyone.

How Computer Coach Australia Provides Value

Our coaches are experts in technology with backgrounds in business and run their own online businesses and stores. They have worked with both groups and individuals, training online technologies for beginners to advanced in all aspects of technology and they know what works. They enjoy finding free apps that you can learn and teach you many skills including video editing and promotional designs. WordPress training is one of our main focuses because of how much utility it offers, especially the one-on-one methods.

We recognise every client has individual needs and a preferred learning style

We provide client-focused training. Every computer has its unique set up and is different from the next. There are many different operating systems, applications, versions and storage options. There is not a one size fits all when individuals with individual computers are involved. An expert Computer Coach will first analyse your computer set up and then work out your learning style, to provide that personalised attention we all thrive on.

Our mission at Computer Coach Australia is to provide both WordPress and organic SEO / social media training to make your business viably visible.

We will empower and motivate you to be an independent and efficient learner of new technologies.

Providing a personalised service with ongoing support service you can go back to and rely upon.

Knowledge is power.

Computer Coach Australia Mission Statement

We’re There For You

Our training fills in any learning blocks and gaps. There are so many benefits in training how to use WordPress one-on-one. You will save time, money and frustration trying to work out how to do something. Your site will become visible and you will have the skills and gain confident knowledge.

Computer Coach Australia has been training people to use computers in small business for over 25 years. Our technology training skills and experience first started in accounting packages and then moved along to Windows Microsoft Office applications and Apple Mac systems.

Computer Coach Australia is a trained Yoga Ayurveda Therapist – visit her website Bondi Yoga Therapy.

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