Technology Is Time-Consuming But Necessary

Why you need a website exactly? One problem computer users are faced with today is in having no time to do anything, let alone answer all these emails and text messages. By the time we get back to our technology, there are several emails or messages waiting for us. If we say we will follow that up later, the thought of it often comes to us at inappropriate times. Technology should make our lives easier, but it is all so time-consuming. Research has shown that people are on their smartphones for a minimum of 2 hours a day. Furthermore, many others use their devices for even longer periods of time, whether it’s the laptop, tablet, the TV. Where is our free time to unwind?

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Paying To Have Your Website Made

Let’s take a look at the person who decides to contract a person or organization to make them a website.

This can come with many unforeseen catches unless you are aware of some basic guidelines. Often, Zoe will receive calls from clients who have no idea how to use their website or maintain it. Some may not even receive a working website at all, or a site that is so not user-friendly. Moreover, they can’t post, update or change anything without the extra charge of ongoing fees. Not only that but they often have to wait for the designer to “get-back-to-you”.

However, there is also the option to contract an expert like Zoe from Computer Coach Australia. Someone who can help us tidy up our files, use those annoying sites that just don’t seem to work, or show us how to run a back up of our work so we don’t lose it all.

Why You Need a Website

Today websites can be an economical way to attract clients or business. As a teacher, they can be great places to store resources. Every business and person who is in business needs a website as a place where people can find out more information about you. This is one of the many reasons why you need a website.

A website needs to be easy to use for the visitor and offer the information you think a user might want. Most websites have standard pages and you need to think about those before even making a start. A domain name and host that is reliable and offers 24/7 support is a must. With a website, you can add your services, events or monthly specials. These can link up to social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, etc.

However, just having a website is not enough if you are wanting people to find you.

This is what can cost you a lot of money, or you can learn from Zoe how to create your own organic SEO posts so that your site will appear in the Google search results. This will save you from the never-ending trap of paying for SEO which constantly needs tweaking because everyone wants to be no 1.

Promotion Is the Key To Success

Promoting your service, event or business on social media is the most immediate, economical and effective way to reach the audience of your choice. However, a lot of people are getting sick of looking at social media, so other options along with the internet need to be explored. Some people find delivering flyers to a targeted audience works, or going to networking events and talking about your service or product.

social media icons in promoting your websiteWhichever way you promote your services, a website is a must and there are many core basics to learn and consider before embarking on contracting someone to create a website for you. Or if you decide to create a website yourself, there are basics to be aware of that can trip you up in the future.

Hiring a Computer Coach Saves You Time and Money

Spending some time with Zoe at Computer Coach Australia, a qualified and experienced computer teacher in a one-on-one session could be your best investment yet. Together you will write down what you want to achieve and work methodically from the list. Next, we will create operating instructions that suit your computer system and preferred learning style. Having your own computer coach that understands your specific needs is just as invaluable as a doctor.

Zoe from Computer Coach AustraliaWe can’t live without technology and many people are falling into technology traps where their devices are taking over their lives. The internet and apps have crept up on us and, before we know it, we can’t seem to go anywhere without a device in our hands. Maybe it’s the first thing you communicate with when you wake up, even before yourself or your partner.

Make Technology Work For You

We need to learn sustainable ways to integrate technology into our lives rather than integrating ourselves into the technology. Most people are unaware of their tech habits and the dangers this can present to the body and mind. Read our article on tech traps and see if this is happening to you.

The ethos at Computer Coach Australia is to inspire, empower and motivate you to spend the least amount of time and money in front of the screen trying to “work-it-out”. Instead, we provide a solid learning foundation and tools to assist you to get the most out of using technology.

Zoe at Computer Coach Australia offers personalised one-on-one help and support at your pace, place and time at the office or home for all clients including those on the NDIS packages.

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