WordPress is the chosen site and there are plans that range from free to a business WordPress plan. With each plan, there is a range of different services depending on what you need. As your business grows you can upgrade the WordPress plan. With the client today we opted for the free WordPress plan to get the information transferred over. As he has more complex needs or design ideas, we will see which theme can provide this and which plan may suit him better.

choosing a wordpress plan

WordPress Plan

Today Zoe worked with Peter. He is a gardener in the Eastern suburbs and he has a website that he had made a few years ago. However, he didn’t have the password or the user name for the site. In fact, even if he did, he has no idea how to use the website. He has a Facebook account where he can connect with friends and read about what is going on. He had heard that he should use Facebook to get new business but he doesn’t know how to do it.

Create & Use Your Website

Learning to create and use your website with Zoe is done in 2 x 3-hour sessions. Afterwards, you will know how to use your website and learn how to become visible in the search engines. This type of information only a teacher or coach will show you. They want you to become independent and to make the best use of your systems rather than being dependant on having to find someone and pay for their service. Even if you don’t want to become independent and learn how to use your website, it is a good skill to learn. With a teacher, you can learn easily and become empowered.

Peter learned how to set up a Facebook business page linked to his profile and to set up what notifications he did and didn’t want to receive. They then looked at the link with groups and Zoe explained the benefits of advertising in a targeted way to people in the age bracket, area and with gardens in their homes. She then discussed the benefits of having an Instagram and Pinterest account. They created the accounts and talked about how to use them, why people use them and what tools they offer.

Without the website logins, Zoe taught Peter how to save the images and text on the website. They then started up a new website with a free WordPress plan and copied the information. Zoe showed the different WordPress plans that are available and what services they provide. They decided to start with a free site. The site name, logo, information and links were created to social media sites.

Website Customisation

Zoe showed Peter how to upload the images and transfer the text across to the new site. Together they created a better-looking home page, a portfolio page of all the fabulous images of the beautiful gardens Peter create and a contact page. Customising of the website was done by adding the menus, a logo and a tag line. The site information including time zone contact details were set up.

She demonstrated to Peter how Google search bots work and why, and discussed the benefits of organic SEO as opposed to paying someone on a regular basis. They looked at Google ads and how they appear in the searches.

Zoe has left Peter with an action list of things to do before their next visit such as:

  • Sign up to sites such as yellow pages, true local, gumtree that can help with visibility.
  • Start taking images and videos of the work you do.
  • Find interesting articles or videos on topics that you would like to put on your website.
  • Start posting onto your facebook and Instagram feed.

Next time they meet she will teach Peter how to create a blog post and link it to the social media accounts. Not only that but also how to customise the look of the website.

If you have a website you can’t use then you should take control of this immediately and give Computer Coach Australia a call.