WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the internet. Not only that, but millions of websites from across the globe are run by WordPress. But today’s WordPress hosts far more than personal blogs.  Thanks to all the customised plugins and themes now available, WordPress can be used for e-commerce and business purposes, too. That is why so many companies are more likely to hire a WordPress expert. These are the people proficient in content management, web programming languages, online marketing, and more.

There are plenty of ways to obtain WordPress skills if you don’t possess them already. You can search Google for “WordPress tutorials” and find many helpful web pages that will walk you through every function of WordPress.

You can also take advanced online educational courses in WordPress or even short courses at local facilities. This kind of training will teach you the programming and development side of WordPress. If you can pick up this knowledge, you will be very marketable as a WordPress expert.

Wondering what types of WordPress jobs are available? Here are five of the most common:

1. WordPress Development

WordPress Expert

WordPress Expert – WordPress Development

As you may already know, WordPress is coded in a series of web programming languages. The back-end coding of WordPress is in PHP. Once you have PHP developing skills, you will be able to create WordPress themes and plugins for your employer or clients.

There is a growing demand for new themes and plugins. Sometimes they are sold individually through the WordPress marketplace. Other times, they are made exclusively for a company. This WordPress job will make you the most money out of all the others and prove your worth as a true WordPress expert.

2. Content Management

content management

WordPress Expert – Content Management

A content manager is someone who manages all the content published on a website. Content management typically involves updating, editing and writing content for blogs and web pages. You need to make sure the content suits the brand or image of the company.  

This is a very important job because it keeps visitors entertained and enthusiastic about visiting the website repeatedly for new content. Aside from text content, there could also be video and audio content to manage, too.

You don’t necessarily need to be a WordPress expert to do this job, but you must be familiar with how to use the platform to perform various content management tasks.

3. Website Design

web programming languages

WordPress Expert – Web Design – Web Programming Languages

Website design requires you to have front-end developer skills. Basically, you will be using the HTML and CSS web programming languages to convert coded data into visual text and graphics.

Website designers are different from developers because they only concern themselves with the appearance of the website, while developers concern themselves with its functionality.

If you are good at creating and editing graphics, along with using web programming languages such as HTML and CSS, then you will find a lot of good jobs in the WordPress field.

4. Online Marketing

content management

WordPress Expert – Online Marketing

Online marketing is a very diverse job field when it comes to WordPress. A lot of companies will hire online marketers to help them with search engine optimisation of their WordPress websites.

Sometimes these websites require e-commerce functionality, so the marketers are expected to set up online stores. Furthermore, they need to properly display the products and services in a way that will attract buyers. So besides being a WordPress expert, knowledge of social media advertising may also be needed.

5. Technical Support

Wordpress expert

WordPress Expert – Tech Support

WordPress users will usually need technical support at some point. Since they likely do not have advanced knowledge of the platform, they will have lots of questions about how to fix certain technical issues that may arise.

Technical support representatives are typically hired by technology companies that offer WordPress as a service to their customers. These could be hosting providers, internet service providers, software companies and so on.

If you want this job, you will need to know everything about the back-end and front-end development of WordPress.

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