Is Apple shutting down iTunes? The tech giant announced at its annual conference that after 18 years they will cancel their iTunes music application. They will replace it with streaming services such as Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV.

Apple Music

Apple Music, Podcasts and TV

When Apple released its service for music and video content 18 years ago, users around the world got a legal channel through which they could buy multimedia content. For many, iTunes has been and remains the main way of buying music, movies, TV shows and books. But that’s about to come to an end soon.

Although at first glance it might look like a crazy move, there’s a reason behind Apple shutting down iTunes. Namely, Tim Cook at the WWDC conference should present a whole range of new applications that will replace this outdated platform and allow users to continue to buy and listen to their favourite content.

Apple Shutting Down iTunes

Apple Shutting Down iTunes

The iTunes stores will continue to work, and users will be able to access their complete music library through the Apple Music application. TV and movie purchases will be available through the Apple TV app. Nothing will change for Windows users and iTunes gift cards can still be used.

This change comes into force with the new OS for MacOS Catalina in the Fall of 2019.

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Other Changes Besides Apple Shutting Down iTunes

The conference brought a number of improvements in the field of user privacy protection, which was announced to be concerned about the competition. Thus, users in Apple’s services will be able to log in with Apple’s tool in the future. They also won’t have to use their profiles on social networks. If they choose this option, users will be able to hide their email address. Apple will create a random alternate e-mail address for communication purposes with which the user will forward messages.

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