Insufficient RAM can result in having a slow computer.

If your computer is running slower, or noticeably slower, you may have reached a point where you need more RAM.

What Is RAM (Random-access Memory)?

It’s super fast storage that your computer uses to keep the information that’s needed in the short term.

For example, your hard drive is the shelf on which you hold all the papers, and RAM is your desk where you put things at the moment you are working.

The more random-access memory you have, the more projects and programs your computer can use at a time, without having to go to the shelves.

How Much RAM Do You Have?

slow computer because of RAM


If you are using Windows 10, checking the amount of working memory you have is quite easy. Click the Start menu, type “about” and press enter when “About Your PC” appears. Scroll down and under the specifications of the device you should see “Installed RAM”. This will tell you how much working memory you currently have.

If you are using a Mac, then click on the Apple Menu, then “About This Mac”. In the Overview Tab, you will be able to see with exactly how much RAM you’re running. In the Memory Tab, you can see how many slots you have available and what kind of memory chips you can install to make an upgrade.

Possible Issues

The general rule is that 4GB of RAM is no longer enough, while 8GB is completely fine for most computers.

But in the end, it still depends on person to person. For Windows users, there is a much more accurate way to see if you need more working memory and it’s called Task Manager.

If you think you have a slow computer, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to display Task Manager. Click the Performance tab and select Memory to see the graph showing the current use of RAM.

You do not want the graph to be completely empty because all of the unused RAM is wasted away. But if it’s completely full when you’re trying to do some basic things like surfing the internet or using Word, then it’s time to upgrade.

And if you are planning to upgrade, first see how much RAM your computer supports.

Many modern laptops have RAM that is connected to the motherboard and you can’t add more because you do not have free slots. But if you have a desktop computer or a laptop that allows upgrades, you’ll easily add it.

You need to first check the exact RAM used by your computer and buy it. Then just open the computer and insert it into the free slot, or replace a smaller slot (4GB) for larger (8GB).

Still Not Sure?

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