After brutal 2018, Mark Zuckerberg has great plans for his social network, Facebook, in 2019. The new version of Facebook under the code name “FB5” will be the biggest change the social network has had in recent years because almost every aspect of it will change in some way.

Mark Zuckerberg introducing FB5


This year, Zuckerberg will redesign Facebook with a focus on the community and the privacy of its members. He announced this during the Facebook F8 event where he also spoke about the problems with the security and leak of personal user data.

But what exactly will FB5 bring?

New Design for Mobile and Web

With this big FB5 redesign, the main focus will be on communities, known as Groups. The new design should make them more reliable, but also visually much more beautiful. The new Facebook app will also see the light of the day and it will be available to download on May 1st. The good news is that it should finally become much faster.

Facebook has significantly improved the search, and, more importantly, made it safer.

zuckerberg addressing privacy issues with facebook and the new fb5

New Facebook

This is the biggest change the application has experienced in the past five years. The redesign went through the Facebook logo as well, which is now more rounded and of a brighter blue color. The very appearance of the social network will be simplified because the blue color will slowly give way to a greater whiteness within the social network.

Facebook’s FB5 update should now be much more lenient to the resources it needs to work smoothly. It is expected to be available to everyone in the next few months. However, you will be able to immediately see some of the changes.

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The Goal Is To Build a Community

Zuckerberg made it clear to everyone that Facebook’s focus is shifting to communities, both private and public. This means that Groups will be the main core, and there are currently tens of millions of them. You will now be able to find and participate in them more easily thanks to the redesigned Groups tab.

Also, group recommendations will now appear in more places, but will also be more relevant to each user as they will be related to what they do in the app.

Facebook privacy FB5 update

Facebook Privacy Update

Facebook Messenger Gets a Desktop App for Windows and Mac

So far, people have been able to use Messenger from browsers, but they couldn’t use certain features such as group calls. Now this will be available with the desktop app.

In the next few months, we are expecting a number of changes, according to Mark Zuckerberg. Furthermore, we’re currently left to believe that the scandals that happened with the social network are over. Not only that but also that it will finally really start worrying about its users and really become safer for our personal data.

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