It’s possible that someone is watching you through the laptop camera without you knowing it.

prevent being watched over laptop camera

Is Someone Watching You Through the Laptop Camera?

An unsecured camera on your computer could provide hackers with a direct view into your life. And when they collect enough material, you can very easily become a target of blackmail. If it wasn’t bad enough that someone was watching your every move. Yikes!

However, how can you know if someone has hijacked your camera?

According to experts, it is surprising to easily to hack into someone’s camera, especially if the model is already vulnerable due to a certain security flaw.

How Do You Know Someone’s Watching You Through the Laptop Camera?

Although it’s easy to hack the camera, it’s much harder to spot if someone’s watching you.

One of the most obvious things is certainly a little LED light next to the camera on your laptop. If it lights up, and you did not activate the camera, it’s likely that someone has taken control of your camera and has been watching you.

However, skilled hackers can very easily disable this LED light, and that’s when things become more complicated.

A much more sophisticated way to check whether someone has been watching you through the laptop camera is through Task Manager. This also involves checking for recording and broadcasting audio and video through the computer, and active processes that involve your camera.

What To Do If Someone Hacked You?

Cleaning up compromised devices is even more difficult, but not impossible.

Experts advise that you first cover the camera with something that is not see-through so that the hackers could no longer watch you. Then you need to set up your Firewall to block any audio and video traffic. Afterward, you should uninstall the drivers for your camera and perform a complete scan of your computer.

Once you have done this and removed all malware, you can again install the drivers and remove the Firewall block for audio and video content.

What Can You Do To Prevent This?

  • Close your laptop when you’re not using it
  • Cover up your camera
  • Always update software, especially browsers and extensions
  • Activate the Firewall and keep it activated
  • Regularly check whether your computer is infected with malware
  • Avoid opening strange links in messages, even when you know the person who sent them

Even Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, covers his laptop camera. Be like Mark. Stay safe.