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Learning some useful computer tips can save you time.  An internet forum can be a useful way to learn how to fix problems with your computer, phone or tablet. Firstly, you will need to know how to access to the internet.  Secondly you do have to put a little time aside to read through some of he comments. It does take skill and experience to know which forum to follow that can solve your problem.  There are certain things to look for and learn how to skip through and find the information your needing. Learning some basics of computer terminology will also help you to phrase the question to get to the specific issue.

One of the problems we have been hearing from clients, is their internet going slow and this could be due to your computer or phone automatically connecting to Telstra Air outside and inside your home. If you are experiencing slow internet issues read on.  We have pasted some information below from a forum that may assist.  .The information was found on a forum for Mac computers.  If you are struggling still after reading the article below then give Zoe a call at Computer Coach Australia.

We offer one-on-one training in your office or home, in the inner and Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Computer training focusing on what you need is empowering, you will focus on exactly what you need and become prepared any future issues with your technology. Technology changes so fast and we can help you to learn skills to adapt to the changes and how to find out the information you need. Things are constantly changing, it keeps the economy going around, so that we can be sure of.

Except providing training tips in using a computer Forum

Come on Telstra Please. What I can not understand is why the Telstra Air app wants to log on to the Telstra Air hotspot of my own modem. Surely the software developers would have realised that nobody would want to do this and it is an annoyance. You would think that you could set an exclusion for your own hotspot and that the exclusion would be by default. I have turned off “autoconnect” and “notifications”.
Developers, please fix.

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Forum: re – stop mobile selecting telstra air when in my own network are:-

This is a recurring problem which I have just floated on the Apple Communities help board.

The following computer forum suggestions apply to iPhones and Macs only

For iPhones is to go:

  1.  Settings
  2.  Tap Wi-Fi
  3.  Tap on the little blue “i” in the circle next to Telstra Air
  4.  Tap on “Forget this network”

However, this means that you will need to manually join Telstra Air when out and in range.

For those with a Mac, the solution is more elegant, as you can set the Wi-Fi selection priority:

  1.  Tap on the Wi-Fi “Rainbow”
  2. Tap on “Open Network Preferences”
  3.  Tap on “Advanced…”
  4. A list of known networks will appear. At this point I suggest that you take a few minutes to clean up old and redundent networks by:

> Tap on an old network to highlight

> Tap on the “-” sign (Repeat these two steps for other unwanted networks)


> Tap and Hold on your preferred network and drag to the top, repeat this step until you have your networks in your preferred order

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