Tech education is a hugely important topic today as children’s lives are directly shaped by technology, now more than ever. Opinions are divided when it comes to whether children should be allowed to carry devices like smartphones to school.

For one, it’s difficult to limit the use of mobile phones in schools. The students will sometimes rather surf the web on their phones than listen to the lecture. Not only that, but they often want to be rebellious or simply show off to their friends. If parents are trying to limit the use of electronic devices in their homes, why should school be any different? After all, that’s where the children spend the majority of their day.

This kind of behaviour bothers not only teachers but also the other students who are not able to follow in class because they are distracted by their peers.

kids using smartphones during class

To top it all off, smartphones can be used as a means of cheating on tests.

For these reasons, some schools have already forbidden the use of tech in school and some others are on the way to do it.

Reason Why Kids Use Their Phones In Class

They call their parents and their friends, surf the web, play games or look at what’s trending on social networks. They chat with people outside the classroom or as well as with each other, often exchanging test answers. Furthermore, they can use their phones to take pictures of the teacher while they are unaware, or live-stream on social media.

Certainly, this is not a complete list of activities. It is clear that there are many ways for students to have fun with their phones. If the use of mobile phones for this purpose was allowed at school, we believe that 45-minute classes would be too short and that they would ask for more.

However, the school is not a playground, and they can do almost everything on this list at home. If the child is bored in school and uses the phone to kill time, and you then have to pay for tutors, ask yourself if you have set things up in the right way.

Putting an End to Addictive Behaviour

We’ve already talked about the addictive nature of software such as different social media apps and games. The manufacturers know exactly what their product can do; that’s why many of them don’t allow their children to use those apps. To make matters worse, teenagers are in the highest risk group when it comes to tech addiction and, thus, more prone to anxiety, depression and other addictive behaviour.

If parents are trying to limit the use of electronic devices in their homes, why should school be any different? After all, that’s where the children spend the majority of their day. The aim of tech education is to establish when children really need their smartphones and to condition their habits without depriving them of means of communication. 

tech education today

Tech education in modern schools

We easily forget that children sitting on school benches are not company CEOs, managers, nor parents who left a sick child at home. There’s no need for them to be on their phones all the time. A class lasts for only 45 minutes. They must be able to wait that long before picking up their phones to check notifications and reply to messages.

For every urgent call, there is a phone at school. If, however, the child becomes addicted to the phone, they cannot bear to be away from it any time and that’s a serious problem that we need to tackle.

Computer Coach Australia Is On a Mission!

We are not anti-technology, on the contrary. Our mission is conditioning the kids to come up with their own alternatives while making it fun and informative.

Active participation in different games and improvisation will, in a fun and relatable way, relay the principles of tech educations. It’s necessary to learn the importance of tech-free time where we can unwind in a sort of a tech-detox.

We aim to inform both the students and teachers alike about the responsive use of technology, create awareness and, as our name says, coach everyone to use their tech and save time being online.

You will feel your confidence with technology increase, but you will also feel more comfortable leaving your phone for a couple of hours without feeling the need to check it ever so often. 

Zoe the founder of Computer Coach Australia is a Hi-tech-yogi. She knows the benefits of having a balanced life.  Why does she run two businesses? Well technology has been a part of Zoe’s life for over 25 years and without a solid yoga practice she would have suffered many of the common work related issues. So Zoe also started up Bondi Yoga Therapy to help people manage their health in the workplace. Zoe provides digital detox programs using the tools of Yoga and Ayurveda as a Therapy.

Digital Detox Tools plus Yoga Ayurveda

To integrate technology into life in a sustainable way. We provide private Yoga and Ayurveda Therapy to detox from digital overuse. Most busy professionals today are suffering from a range of physical and mind related symptoms due to technology overuse. As a result these symptoms can include and are not limited to:-  RSI, frozen shoulder, wrist – carpal tunnel, elbow and neck pain, lower back weaknesses, headaches, eye strain etc. 

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