If there’s anything this pandemic has shown us, it’s how much we depend on technology. Almost everything in the world is currently under lockdown. Most people are out of work; most facilities and stores are shut down. Everything that’s not essential is presently unavailable, along with all the conveniences we expect in our daily lives. However, technology is the one thing keeping us safe, sane, and giving us opportunities to make a living. Now more then ever, we are realising the importance of tech literacy.

Because of the Internet and its ease of use, many vital services are still available and running. Food and item delivery, daily updates about COVID-19, about risky areas and advice on what to do. Imagine how difficult things would be in the same situations without the Internet and modern media? People in different professions have options to continue their work and ease the burden on the overloaded system. Teachers, for example, are holding online classes to substitute school activities so that students’ education can continue. Some schools were already heavily relying on technology throughout their curriculums, so for them, these transitions were less painful. Since most of us are forced into lockdown, it’s important to do whatever we can to minimise the consequences that will follow.

It’s Never Too Late

However, the transition to an online way of life isn’t as simple for some people. Many employees in various areas are currently struggling because transferring to online work is so alien and unfamiliar to them. Older teachers, in particular, are having a hard time streaming their classes to students, holding chat rooms, and managing feedback. There are infinite options and programs available, but they all require some level of tech literacy to work with. “I’m too old for that,” is a common excuse we hear when trying to persuade seniors into getting help. Getting older, and especially while working in the same field your whole life, can make you less willing to try and learn new things.

The fact, however, is that it’s never too late to learn. Even as seniors, both men and women can familiarise themselves with smartphones, computers, and the Internet in special courses. This brings many advantages in everyday life. The problem is that modern technology can look so scary and unfamiliar to seniors and NDIS participants who may not even own a computer!¬† Therefore many¬† people with disabilities, give up before trying and are severely disadvantaged. That’s how many people think who haven’t grown up on the Internet. Many older people think they’ll never understand things like smartphones, tablets, Skype and WhatsApp.

tech education is essential

Others are afraid that they won’t understand how it works anyway. But right now, social media and connections are the only things keeping us in touch. As seniors are the most exposed group in the current situation, its imperative to stay at home. There are many things you can do online to occupy yourself during the quarantine, and they all highlight the importance of being tech-savvy.

Adapt Through Tech Literacy

Our courses are purposefully designed to prepare you for these types of situations. We offer one-on-one online training for people of all skill levels to keep learning new things. When taking a computer course in a small group, many seniors find that others have similar problems. This motivates them to look for solutions together in a familiar environment. It is even nicer to be able to contact children, grandchildren, and friends around the world via the Internet. The greatest benefit is realising that you are becoming competent in the modern world and are able to adapt to any situation. The Internet can be a window into the world, especially with decreasing physical mobility in old age.

senior tech literacy

Aside from seniors and NDIS clients, tech literacy offers huge benefits to small business owners as well. This global pandemic will almost certainly be the end for many businesses, especially those that rely on entertainment and non-essential physical goods. Having an opportunity to manage your business online might be a life-saver in these circumstances. Many companies throughout the world are offering their employees opportunities to continue their work from home. The first step here is to be able to work from home in the first place.

The harsh reality today is that employers might be forced to let go of workers who can’t adapt to this new environment because otherwise, their business is suffering. By working with Computer Coach Australia one-on-one online, you will be improving your skills, having a coach to go back to if you get stuck plus you can prevent these scenarios from ever happening, and always be ready.

The Danger of Cyber Crime

As with every catastrophe, there are always those who try to profit off the chaos. Cyber crime is currently on the rise as people without proper knowledge have to rely on internet services. Even browsing casual websites can be dangerous if you can’t recognise malicious links and ads that riddle the web. Seniors are being targeted specifically as they are more likely to click on fake content that can contain dangerous software. At Computer Coach Australia just this week we have spoken to several people who have received malicious email. Here is an example of one that turned up in our inbox. If in doubt give Zoe a call on 0407 956 071 act and don’t re-act.

Paypal scam example

You can secure yourselves to a degree by using anti-virus programs, but it’s better to avoid the problem altogether. Tech literacy is the only solution for being able to spot sketchy websites and chat windows that pop up. At Computer Coach Australia we offer you help with basic training that can help you navigate the web safely. The more practice you have, the safer you’ll feel using all the devices that can drastically improve your day-to-day life. Aside from our one-on-one online training, you can also contact us at any time if you need help in any situation. Our experts at your service at any time of day, so feel free to give us a call on +61 407 956 071 and let us help you deal with that pesky virus!