If you are a small business owner you will know how precious time is. Hopefully, you know how much your time is worth. It is easy to get lost in the vortex of learning new technologies. We know at Computer Coach Australia as a small business owner you have to run all aspects of your business from invoicing to providing the service or product. Let’s face it to do a good job who really has the time or the inclination to sit down and learn how to use their WordPress website?  However, we want to challenge you on this.

We can show you how you can learn to use your WordPress site in an efficient way that will save you time and money.

And whether you go on to use your website or oversee someone who does, the information you will learn will be priceless. With our WordPress one-on-one training, you will save money.

We see too many people who are excited to finally receive their website, organise a launch and then after some time begin to realise their website does not show up in the search engines. Things start to go wrong and they need to go back to the developer. That is when they realise the expense does not stop there. Some people do not even have their log in details or the developer has disappeared. Does this sound familiar?

How to get your WordPress website found by search engines

There are ways to make your website visible on search engines and fun to work on! If you are passionate about your business, you will want people to find you to share your knowledge. Constantly junk mail arrives from people who are sprouting they can fix your SEO and get your site to appear at the top of the google search results. However to keep competing for the no 1 position this way ends up very costly.

There are many free and easy ways you can get your website to be found by search engines – that you don’t have to keep paying out for.

Once you know then you can outsource and oversee the work at a reasonable cost and you will know exactly what needs doing. Or you may find by knowing how to do this with our WordPress one-on-one training that you decide to do it yourself.

wordpress training for small business owners

Learning WordPress for Beginners Is Empowering

WordPress training is suitable both for beginners with no knowledge of websites as well as for people who already own a website and want to learn to use it. You have the opportunity to learn to use your existing website or start from scratch and create a new one. WordPress training with a qualified and experienced teacher is available to everyone – in your office or home or via our online remote setup. Our website training will help you to be proficient in telling apart what plugins can be of use to achieve your desired outcome, in the most cost-effective way.

WordPress training with a qualified and experienced teacher is available to everyone – in your office or home or via our online remote setup.

Learning to use your website is not as difficult you have been led to believe. At Computer Coach Australia we take the mystery out of websites and developing an understanding is a great place to start. Every business today needs to have a website, that is how you get found for your service or product. Over 50% of the population in Australia are using the Internet to find information.

Purely from an emotional level, understanding the mysteries behind a website can be very empowering. Once you learn how your website works and what you need to do to fix it, you will become more confident and take further advantage of the new technologies that appear every day.

Onsite Employee Training Courses & Development

Well-trained and well-skilled people are more confident & motivated – adding value and contributing to the success and growth of your organisation. As trained teachers with over 25 years of experience in the IT and computer training industry, we bring enthusiasm and professionalism to each and every course we conduct and always strive for the highest customer satisfaction.

No two courses are the same and are tailored to the needs and requirements of those attending.

Our WordPress Training and social media courses are delivered face to face one-on-one, and a must for anyone in business today. In fact, all business owners and their staff will benefit from learning website and social media skills.

WordPress Topics Covered

WordPress Training – learn to create or use a website

Our  WordPress training aims to give participants a thorough understanding of the basics of using the market-leading content management system, WordPress. Participants will cover all basic aspects of the platform beginning with setup and installation right through to linking up your social media and SEO organic marketing.

Course Content

Introduction to WordPress

  • Setting up WordPress using a localhost
  • Exploring the WordPress Dashboard
  • Customising the Settings


  • Working with Themes
  • Parent vs Child Themes
  • Activating a Theme
  • Using the Theme Customiser

Introduction to WordPress

  • Working with Themes
  • Parent vs Child Themes
  • Activating a Theme
  • Using the Theme Customiser


  • Creating a page
  • Parent pages and child pages
  • Page Attributes
  • Use Revisions


  • Creating your own menu structure
  • Assigning menus to different locations
  • Using different menu link options


  • Posts vs Pages
  • Create a page
  • Publishing Options
  • Using the Visual Editor
  • Creating a post
  • Editing post layouts
  • Work with Categories
  • Work with Tags


  • What is a Widget?
  • Adding a widget
  • Using built-in widget types


  • Installing and configure a simple form plugin


  • Managing User accounts
  • Editing your own profile
  • Creating a new user account


  • Creating internal hyperlinks
  • Creating external hyperlinks
  • Setting up hyperlink options

Updating WordPress

  • Keeping WordPress up-to-date
  • Backing up your website
  • Keeping plugins and themes up-to-date


  • Configuring basic commenting options for posts
  • Using comment moderation and blacklists
  • Setting up commenting for individual posts and pages

Training is provided onsite on your premises we bring the training to you and will help you to become a confident WordPress user.

Build a New Website with Us

Learn and create a new WordPress site in 3 x 2-hour one-on-one training sessions or in all in one day.

We’ll spend the first of our 3 x 2-hour sessions getting set up to build your website together.  We’ll take this step-by-step and map out what you are wanting to achieve and explain everything along the way.  

Our second 3 x 2-hour session will be teaching you how to use WordPress so that you can maintain and evolve your website with confidence.  As our WordPress one-on-one training is tailored to your requirements.

In our third 3 x 2 hour session we will teach you how to link to additional pages, content, and menus, change page layouts and banners and work with media and organise SEO.

If you want to learn WordPress + get hands-on help to build your website all in 1 day then our one-on-one WordPress training is for you.

We will also provide you with the necessary written instructions for you to refer to when putting your training into practice. Our Team is also available for ongoing training and/or support if required.

Book Your Date on Time

We focus 100% on your learning and we work at your pace, place and time.

This course is ideal if you want to learn at your own speed and want to cover topics specific to your needs. You have our undivided attention and you can ask as many questions as you like.

Dates are booked quickly so we would advise you to book up as soon as possible.

Making a WordPress Website

Create a WordPress website

Learn to create a WordPress website 3 x 2 hour one-on-one Computer Coaching either face to face or via remote online


If you want to create a new website then the best place to start is answering the questions on our questionnaire attached here

Learn to Use WordPress Without Wasting Time

Even if you already own a website but are unsure of how to use or edit it, we have you covered. Through our sessions, we’ll go over the basics of how these sites function, and what components they’re made of. By the end, you should have a clearer understanding of how to move forward, regardless of your needs.

Our goal at Computer Coach Australia is to give you a complete understanding of how the WordPress website functions. Implementing SEO, monitoring traffic and engagements, and everything else you need to take your site where you need it to go.

While there are thousands of WordPress tutorials online that teach website administrators how to self manage their website, some people will always prefer a more dedicated environment that allows them to study at one-on-one, face to face in their office or home.

If you’re a business owner or staff member with a packed schedule, don’t waste time watching through countless videos of step-by-step instructions hoping to find the information you need, when you can learn how to use WordPress directly, in a few hours.

Learn to use your WordPress website

WordPress website training

2 hour one-on-one, face to face or remote online training session on how to use your WordPress website


Ongoing support with Computer Coach Australia is priceless

With Computer Coaching you have the option to come back to us,  we will know your system its strengths and limitations and your preferred learning style and vision for when things change.  

That is one thing we can be sure of – things will change. So take the challenge to learn. You will feel more empowered and on top of things. It’s not difficult, we all need to have a teacher to guide and support us. Call 0407 956 071