Are people really chipping in Sweden?!

Already, around 4,000 people have taken the opportunity to insert a bio-chip between the thumb and forefinger of one of their hands.

Such a chip makes it possible, for example, to pay for tickets in transit electronically or to open the door by simply touching the door handle.

Many, however, have agreed to the chip for medical reasons. The chip can be programmed to remind patients of the times when they need to take the medicine. Not only that but also what is the right box of medicines they should take. All bottles or boxes must be labeled and “tagged” with special sensors. This will allow the chip to help the patient open the appropriate bottle.

The chip embedded in the hand is also able to act as an electronic wallet. So, it can be used to pay with a touch instead of a credit card. Furthermore, it can act as a recognition sensor in different situations. You can use it to enter a building, authorize access, unlock a car. control the devices in your proximity.

Sensors the size of a grain of rice, are often invisible and function passively. This means they must contain preset operations or inserted data that can later be read from them at close range, using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

In this way, the security of the data is somewhat preserved, since the hackers cannot access anything except the chip data.

It wouldn’t be surprising if this craze spread word-wide. We are living in an age where everything is automatized and digital. So why wouldn’t we be too?

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In the meantime – what do you think about this craze of chipping in Sweden? Would you do it? Let us know! The 5G summit information above may be just the kind of information you need to make this decision.