Somehow it seems that the phone is now a part of our personality and we invest so much in it. Simply, we have a constant need to be on the phone because only in this way we feel connected to ourselves. Do you think that you could be addicted to your phone?

In a strange and abstract way, we have the need to be on the internet, on social networks and on websites. We just think we’re doing something for ourselves. We have a need to have fun, but it’s a the kind of fun such as reality show programs.

It is clear that the more time someone spends on their phone, the less time they spend in live communication with the environment in which they are with people. In cafes, for example, everyone will click something on their phone, which means they do not talk to each other at that time. You also have parents with children where everyone plays their games and is doing something on their phone. It simply diminishes live communication, and man is not made for virtual communication, but for something real and concrete.

Excessive use of the phone is everything over an hour, not counting conversations.

Smartphone Zombies – could you be addicted to your phone?

A study conducted in 2016 shows how the usage of mobile phones has drastically increased since 2012 creating “smartphone zombies.” The study was done to see how much time people from six countries spend on their phones daily and the results were staggering. Brazilians spend as much as 4h 48m a day with their phones, followed by China with 3h 3m. In third place, the USA with 2h 37m and then Italy with just 3m less than the USA, meaning 2h 34m. Finally, people in Spain use their phones for 2h 11m on average, and South Koreans spend 2h 10m on their phones each day.

Which Country Spends Most Time Online

In 2018, a report called we are social noted that Asians have a tendency to stay logged in for the longest periods of time. Thais spend the most time online with the average of 9h 38m per day. The Philippines came in second with 9h 29m, and Brazil in third averaging 9h 14m per day. Australia, the USA and the UK were quite down the list.

What People Do When They Are Using Their Mobile Phones?

What People Are Doing On the Internet

As shown in the chart, the majority (19% of the people) uses social networks such as Facebook. This comes as no surprise seeing how addicting the developers make these apps. The American Psychological Association issued a report claiming too much social media use leads to depression. Even developers of these apps have come out saying they don’t want their kids using them. The plan is for you to be addicted to your phone!

We crave communication and approval because it stimulates the dopamine neurons in our brains. However, excessive stimulation can cause this neurons to die altogether leaving us with feelings of unhappiness, depression and even suicidal thoughts.

The envy culture related to social networks doesn’t help either. Constantly thinking that somebody’s got it better than causes us to feel less worthy and increasingly insecure.

Phones Are Irresistible

NPR recently compared people using their phones to Ivan Pavlov’s experiment, notably called Pavlov’s dog. The psychologist once realized that when the bell rang, his dog knew it was time to eat and would start drooling. A similar thing happens when we hear our phones sound off when we have a new notification or a new message. We become excited because we know a reward is coming, we get our dopamine hit and progressively crave it more and more.

Other researchers even noted that when we put our phones down we may experience withdrawal symptoms as when using drugs. We become irritable, restless, have cravings or have difficulty concentrating.

Wean Off Your Digital Fix

How do you wean off your digital fix and spend more time doing things in “real life”?

Start off by turning off your notifications. The constant overflow of notifications makes us fatigued. Removing apps that you don’t need or don’t use that often will help as well since your phone won’t buzz showing you things that don’t really interest you.

There’s even an app that can help you control how much time you spend on your phone.

Plan your day and stick to it. Go to the park or take your kids out to ice cream. All the while, don’t check your phone unless you absolutely need to.

Device Quality Time 

Life is better without smartphones and you need to conquer your addiction! Not many people are against these tech devices but we should focus more on device quality time. We need to educate ourselves and be productive and creative, digital detox and reduce time spent online. We want to help you not to be addicted to your phone and develop awareness in how you use it.

Computer Coach Australia one-on-one remote training

Our Computer Coaching will do exactly this, show you how to use your technology in a manner where you stay productive and don’t stay plugged in for too long. We provide training to people all over Australia from beginners to advanced, for Seniors and NDIS participants. As well as people in business, having this one-on-one training and support is invaluable and will allow you to focus on what you want in life.¬†

Not only that, but we’ll also help students build confidence, communication skills and build worldwide awareness.

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