Computer skills support and training to get online

Businesses all over the country are taking their service or product online. Likewise now is a great opportunity to use this time to sign up for online skills training. Staff are being asked to work from home and training and support is paramount. There are many people who are not confident with their online skills. They may begin to feel anxious working from home without on hand support.   At Computer Coach Australia we provide one-on-one, face-to-face – as well as remote computer skills training with ongoing support.  The support is priceless and we encourage you to make good use of your time to up-skill today. Give Zoe a call on 0407 956 071 to discuss your online skills training needs. It is all too easy to put things off, and we urge you to be proactive.  We will train and support you in anything computers including:- self test auditions,  creating or using your website to sorting out your computer file or how to take your business online.

Remote computer training one-on-one

Create or edit WordPress website

It is surprising how many people actually own a website with no idea how to use it. Likewise they may be trapped with an old website that they want to make changes to, with no idea where to start. A website that you cant change is dead, it is not found by the search engines and is a waste of money. Therefore your options may only be to find someone who can make the changes on our behalf.  This can be costly and you may not receive the changes, or they are not what you envisaged. Even worse you may not find anyone to make the changes or your web developer has disappeared. Websites are not as mysterious as you many are led to believe.

At Computer Coach Australia our online skills training one-on-one, face to face or remote training also provides ongoing support. We are here to troubleshoot and empower you. We show you how to use your website or create a free one to later take online. One of the great opportunities presented to us in the imposed lockdown, is time to spend developing all the skills you need. Even if you don’t plan working on your website, it is still very beneficial to learn how they work.

We remove the mystery out of websites

Websites are not as complicated as they have been in the past, each day they are becoming more user friendly. After a few hours with one of our Computer Coaches, you will wonder why you didn’t do this before. You will feel a sense of empowerment as the mystery dissolves and you take charge of your website. Any changes you want to do you, you will have the skills to do. Or alternatively if you have an idea of changes you want to make you will know how to manage the process of outsourcing the work. Having your product or service found on the internet, when people search for your service or product is a great feeling of achievement.

WordPress Website training and support

Self test auditions

What exciting times we are living in with all the new changes! There are so many wonderful opportunities to develop new skills. Actors are being asked by casting agents to create their own self test auditions to send into the casting agent.  A self test, or self tape as it’s often called, is simply a filmed audition (a screen test). In this instance instead of going into a casting director to audition you will have to film the scene or monologue on your own. Most self tests are usually filmed at home or at businesses set up to record self tests. At Computer Coach Australia we come to you. We have a great team to direct your acting for any self test audition. Likewise they provide the design, set layout, direction, filming, edit and finalisation of the test to your specifications.

Learn to create, edit and upload videos

There are several other great reason why learning to create your own videos is of benefit to you. Online skills training helps you to  develop skills for future auditions. Developing the self test audition skills will leave you empowered. As a result you will quickly produce your audition tape for quick a turn around. We see the future having an increase in self test auditions. These skills will become invaluable. As an aside have you noticed just how many people are glued to their screen indoors and out? This is because people prefer to watch a short video than read a wad of text. With Computer Coach Australia we provide all aspects of online skills training. You will learn to film, edit, create a video channel, upload it to your website or social media to share with your target area. We work with you one-on-one, face to face or remotely online. Together we create a learning plan of what it is you want to learn. From this plan we structure our lessons to ensure you achieve your goals.

self taped audition training

Clean up your computer files

Many people have computer files spread in so many different places throughout their computer. They can be on their desktop, downloads, documents, phone, and storage devices. Likewise they can be saved on clouds, backup disks or USB storage. They may have several photo apps running and have so many duplicates files their computer has filled up and they can hardly do a thing. As well as sadly people are sold devices that have very little storage. Also the computer may automatically save files to a cloud system that also runs out of storage. A messy computer is like having a messy house, sooner or later you just have to clean it all up, or start again. You can rest assured there are many easy ways to sort out your files. At Computer Coach Australia we are experts in this and can help you to sort out your information into one place. We will train you with skills to remove your duplicates plus more.

This is the kind of work we do best whether you need online skills training face to face or remotely online we are there to help you. Give Zoe a call today 0407 956 071