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Learn to use your work computer efficiently

Are you sitting at working feeling less than competent when everyone else seems to know what they are doing? Work Skills computer training in your office increases productivity. Technology is a major part of the office today. Most people are glued to their desk and screens.  They send messages into the next room or office station and these basic skills are important to know.

Outlook is a complex email program that runs on both Mac and PC’s and is used as a popular email tool to communicate with. Some of the other basic skills employees are expected to know are Microsoft Office suite. MS Office includes apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher. Often in the job description it will ask for Windows 10 or Mac experience. If it is a Apple Mac they may be using Pages instead of Word. Keynote instead of PowerPoint, Numbers instead of Excel and then there are eBooks.

It is becoming accepted that new employees naturally know how to use these computer applications. But we are not born with this knowledge, nor do we learn it at school. A lot of jobs have the 3 month probationary period and KPI’s to work towards. Stopping another employee to ask how to do what looks like a simple task to them, is daunting. Each workplace has its own processes and protocols for completing tasks.

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Professional Development modules

Depending on your profession you will be required to partake in Professional development modules that must to be completed on a regular basis. Certainly teachers are constantly having to increase their knowledge on top of all the other things they are to do. Pre-school teachers need to take photos and send the parents a daily update of what the child did today. Meanwhile the parent is busy earning money to pay for childcare and exist in a 2 income world. Moodle is a free platform that is used for teachers and students. There are presentations that need to be created, reports typed, research, or the office CMS database systems. There are many different brands of CMS systems on the market that keep a track of clients and services provided. Work skills computer training is based on the individual situation for every work place.

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Increasing your confidence

Work Skills Computer Training and Support increases your confidence and efficiency. Most companies benefit from organising one-on-one training or small group training and support for their staff in the work environment on the work computers. Learning based in the work context creates a solid foundation for learning.

Teacher computer help

Zoe a qualified computer teacher at Computer Coach Australia designs training sessions for individuals or groups based on a questionnaire provided or simply write your own list of learning goals. Work productivity is increased and stress is reduced with knowledge. Knowledge is Power. The quality of what you learn in a one-to-one, face to face session or small group focusing specifically on your needs is far more beneficial than any online tutorial or group class. Having that one-on-one, face to face training with ongoing support from a qualified Computer Trainer, someone you can go back to, understand and trust saves precious time and money.

Call Zoe today at Computer Coach Australia 0407 956 071 to discuss the needs of your workplace training.