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Computer Coach Australia face-to-face training Eastern Suburbs Sydney Training

Computer Coach Eastern Suburbs Sydney & inner city, lower north shore

One-on-one computer training in your office or home 

Saving you time working out how to use your computer, phone or tablet

Qualified Computer Teacher

Client focused training from basics to advanced

Empowering & nurturing the busy executives, business owners, employees, seniors & special needs

With over 3 decades of business & computer experience, you will ‘learn how to learn’

Or we provide a computer management / social media service

Keep up-to-date with changing technologies

Let us do the work we do best, leaving you to focus on what you love

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The difference between learning from an experienced and qualified computer coach, rather than someone who just -“knows a bit about computers” – can be revolutionary

How a Computer Coach can help you

We come to you in your office or home. Learning in your own environment one-on-one, face to face with a qualified computer trainer & assessor will improve your online skills and productivity. Your confidence and motivation will increase  We will teach you exactly what you want or need to learn.


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How to know what apps will best suit your needs?

No time to spend on Social media?

Social media can target your demographic and simply be linked to your website


Buying needs based rather than price is smart buying

Help to understand data and mobile plans

How to know what computer, phone or tablet will best suit your needs for now and in 5 years time.


Paying bills, buying tickets, filling in forms

You can learn to do your banking online

Pay bills and shop online feeling secure at the same time


Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Movie maker made easy

Essential basic office skills

You can easily learn to enjoy using a computer with Zoe at Computer Coach Australia


WordPress offers thousands of free and inexpensive templates

Create easy to use websites WordPress websites

You don’t have to keep paying $$ to be seen online


So many creativity tools & apps

You can learn to do your own editing

Easily learn to edit videos, post onto social media or share by email.


Essential basic office skills

Word Excel PowerPoint & Outlook made easy

You can learn to enjoy using a computer with Zoe’s at Computer Coach Australia


Keep track and monitor campaign success

Automatically reach clients in seconds

Learn to create and easily link your email campaigns to social media



Computer Coach Eastern Suburbs Sydney has provided training and support in the Eastern suburbs, inner Sydney and lower north shore areas since 2012. Zoe is undoubtedly one of the first and most experienced computer teachers in Australia. She started her career teaching one-on-one to small businesses; computer packages for accounting, inventory control, payroll and several other applications over two decades ago when computers were only 16k in size! Zoe is a digital native, she has an intuitive sense with computers and enjoys imparting this confidence and knowledge onto her clients.  Zoe joined TAFE teaching Windows & Mac platforms to a diverse range of groups for many years. During this time she studied Computer Teaching and Special needs Education at University, while her son Sam was going through school. Zoe is a reflective teacher and she knows computer students learn and achieve their best learning at their own pace. A client will  have learning gaps, unique learning styles and different goals for a session.Additionally tuning in to what the student wants to learn and starting at their level is client focused training. Client focused training is impossible to achieve within a standard group training session. They are pre-planned, paced and with specific learning goals and outcomes.


Zoe has a Degree in Education, Information Technology and Special with over 3 decades of teaching experience.  Additional qualifications in Work Place Training and Assessment, Certifications  in Film editing, Radio and Client support. She is an Apple Consultant, WordPress and Microsoft expert. Zoe has a broad intuitive knowledge in everything computers. Zoe’s training covers Apple Mac, and PC Windows platforms, iPhones / androids, iPads / tablets, digital cameras, video and social media marketing.

Computer Coach Eastern Suburbs Sydney

NDIS computer help

Zoe has been working with people with special needs throughout her career. She has these special training skills and an inclusive manner that puts the client at ease.  Her training methods are client focused rather than subject focused. Understanding the preferred learning styles and any special needs the client has makes learning easier. Her skills in training are non-intrusive and infuse the client with confidence and motivation drawing on their weaknesses and special interests whilst learning the skills required. Zoe is a member of the Australian Computer Society and a Board member on the Bondi Chamber of Commerce.

Saving you time


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Computer Coach Eastern Suburbs Sydney, inner and lower north Shore.

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