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Things to consider when starting your business

Everything is on-line these days. This is no exception when starting a business and technology plays a major role. We can all benefit from one-on-one computer training and support.

First you need to have your business vision and a passion. Is there a need in the marketplace for this service? Does this new business make your heart sing? Having a strong passion for what you plan to do can really help – as there will be a lot of work needed and this will mostly be unpaid until you get your idea off the ground. And to launch your business requires networking and working with others that have come before you. There are many free small business services, help and resources you can tap into from the local chamber of commerce, to government NEIS plans and business coaching.

Forward planning can really save you time.  Zoe at Computer Coach Australia  has been computer training people in small businesses for over 3 decades to use technology. Initially starting with accounting packages and then moving onto to Windows and then Mac based systems.

Computer Training one-on-one

Computer Coach one-on-one to suit your needs

Choosing a business name

You can’t really start a business today without knowing how to use the technology. It can be very useful to work with someone that you can meet, trust and feel confident with.

First off you will need to choose a business name that will work with the URL Uniform Resource Locator – or the I love the catchy names that some small businesses use and some work and others flop. When choosing a business name do you want to put the description of the product or service in the URL?

A great resource for start-ups

KnowEm allows you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name or username instantly.  Search over 500 popular social networks, over 150 domain names, and the entire  Trademark Database to instantly secure your brand on the internet. You can grab your name and secure your brand before someone else does.

You will need to do this research to see if the URL is available for other social media sites? Some social media sites only allow a certain number of characters for the file name and all these things can be considered.

computer training one-on-one

Social media options

Do you know what kind of social media tools best suit your business ideas? There are many available and each has their own unique demographics. Is Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Pintrest going to be any use to you? One-on-one Computer Training can unravel the mystery of which sites to use including website platform and developing a marketing plan.

There are also many different types of websites. Some you can easily create for yourself – but will they suit your complete business plan like e-commerce. Can you start with one of these and if you want to upgrade to a site like WordPress that provides more flexibility will it easily transfer across.

computer training one-on-one

You might have paid for a new website, waited months to receive it (I am never sure why that happens to so many people) and then left with no idea how to use it. You may have to keep contacting the web designer for the slightest up date. I have heard of people not even receiving their website after spending thousands of dollars. If they do receive it, sooner or later they will need to make changes and are left having to spend more money feeling totally powerless.

Updating your website is a skill we all need to learn and receive training in. Computers are complex and computer training can help you to learn to learn to use your computer effectively. Learning from a qualified computer trainer has its unique advantages and technology is not just something that anyone can teach (especially not the kids – they are not trained to teach which is why most people are left feeling hopeless).

Connecting to use social media and understanding the process can save you time and promote your business to the demographics you want. One of the best ways to promote your business is organically and this is not so time consuming if you learn how. Just think what types of promotional material that may suit your industry in social media, website, e-news campaign, or design simple forms to improve your business processes?

Computer training small business
How Computer Training can help

Zoe at Computer Coach Australia mission is to provide training to inspire, motivate and empower people to be able to use their technology and not have to rely on constantly paying out in time and money for support. As a yoga teacher once said to me, everyone needs a Guru! Seeing people getting ripped off due to lack on knowledge and skill makes me feel really sad. Call Zoe today to discuss your needs 0407 956 071 working in the Eastern suburbs, inner Sydney and lower north shore areas.