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One-on-One, Online or Group Classes?

If you have a small business you will need to upgrade your computer skills from basic to advanced, but where do you start first and then find the time? Some people may think that they can join a computer class or support group and learn what it is that they need to know. Having been a computer teacher in classrooms for TAFE with around 16 people, who are all at a different level of their learning, I can assure you the amount of one-on-one, face to face training is very limited. In a group individual help over a 10 week course would possibly not even equal a 2 hour session of computer coaching. A 10 week course can cost a minimum of $250.00. If you value your time, then count up the number of hours you would spend in the course and then add onto that the travelling time to and fro. Another disadvantage of classroom learning is not using your own computer. Most students are sitting in a class room where the teacher is following the required course outline. You may not even get to what it is you went there in the first place to learn.

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Learning to use your own computer in your office or home and working on what it is you want to know provides a purposeful context for learning which makes the learning process easier and more beneficial.

Another option to learning is online. There has been a lot of money poured into providing organisations to develop online training courses for beginners. This makes me laugh. Often people can’t even log onto their computer or the internet. How they are expected to find their way and use these online modules? Totally useless for beginners and those who are less than confident. If you are competent you won’t need an online course or a group computer class. Usually these poor decisions are made by competent computer users – or digital natives who have no idea what it is like to be lacking in computer literacy.

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Zoe is a Computer Teacher at Computer Coach Australia who can help you set up your computer systems, invoicing and social media to stream line your efforts for increased productivity and success – or she can simply do the work for you leaving you time to focus on what you love. She has been a computer teacher for the past 3 decades and recognises the benefits of face to face teaching which caters for peoples learning styles and individual needs.

Learning to use the computer properly rather than bits and pieces from this person and that who may not be trained to teach and may not have the skills in the specific areas that you need help for a small business start up is invaluable. Using your own computer at your own pace and time sets the context perfectly for learning.

…and yes we will come to you and provide that personalised service.

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