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Becoming Positively visible

Most people in business have an Internet presence. If you don’t or have trouble using your website, then it is time to become positively visible. You can easily change the look of your website and add new features or link to social media.

If you are stuck having to go back to the developers to make changes or updates, you are not alone. I meet many people who are in this situation and even worse the developer may not be still around to go back to.

You can be empowered and learn to use what you have. A website is not as mysterious or difficult to use as you may think, that’s if you have the time.

Or could you benefit from keeping your focus on your goals and delegate these time-consuming tasks and be freed up to focus more on what you love?

Positively visible websites and training

Computer Training in Sydney one-on-one with Zoe

Networking events

As a sole trader or small business we can easily become isolated and becoming positively visible can really turn our work life around. There are many benefits in business networking from meeting others in the same field for some cross networking or simply connecting with other business associates to hear how their business is progressing. We can learn so much from listening and asking questions as well as have fun at the same time!

In the beginning of 2017,  I was attending a great local business networking breakfast group and sadly it folded. So I approached another member of that group with the idea of forming a group for ourselves . We rallied up a few people and organised a time to meet and gauge  interest in the idea. Another member had a great idea for a venue, so we all discussed ideas and put together a format.  Before we knew it we had a great group formed with a regular fortnightly catch up in the eastern suburbs.


There are many ways to network with other local businesses. A good friend of mine suggested I join the Bondi Chamber of Commerce two years ago so I did. I am currently a board member, and I get a lot out of meeting local businesses plus all the other benefits joining a local chamber provides.  Check out your local chamber of commerce, it is a great place to start. Or another idea is to create a profile at Meetup.com and select some of those special interest groups on offer. When you go to an event, make sure you have your biz card or ask for theirs. A great app you can use to create your own card is using Canva. If you would like to be a part of our group which is based in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney give me a call and I can tell you more.

positively visible designs

Canva is a great app to learn and create your own flyers and designs.


Social media

What best suits what you want to achieve? Do you have a clear idea of how you want to go ahead for 2018? How can you best represent your product or service and become positively visible on the web?

There are the main sites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest. Each of these sites you can post on for free or pay a fee to promote your service or products to your desired audience profile. With a website you can easily link to your preferred social media sites and reach your target audience with just one single post, rather than individual posts on each site.

positively visible business for 2018

Learn to use your computer with a qualified teacher not just someone how knows about computers

Consuming society

We live in a consuming society and are told it keeps the economy healthy.  Continuously we are bombarded (if you have a TV) with media advertising. Even without a TV, like me the adds to consume are endless. We are encouraged to purchase, buy and our houses, computers and minds fill up with endless clutter. Most of the household clutter we accumulate or hang on to is not that easy to dispose of. Some people think they are doing the 2nd hand shops a favour by dropping their stuff on the shop doorstep. But then the shop is often left to dispose of 50% of it themselves, this is not easy and can be costly.


Set yourself a task and do a little research to find out where you can send your unwanted household items. Setting aside 15 minutes a week to clear out a draw or cupboard, throw out those clothes you haven’t worn all season can be transformative.

Digital Clutter

Having a reliable computer file management system is good for your mind and productivity.

It is hard to have clear vision if we have clutter all around us. Digital clutter creeps up on us and before we know it the computer is struggling with files, folders, images, PDF’s, all over the place.

Are you one for having a cluttered desktop for easy retrieval? Too many files on the desktop can really slow down the booting up of your computer. Are their any files you want to find but have no idea where they were saved? You might have been in a hurry at the time and you didn’t name the file appropriately even noticed where it was saved. Create a file naming protocol that includes the date for easy retrieval.

Digital clutter removal training

Digital clutter also clutters up our minds and impedes our progress

New computers are defaulting to save files onto the cloud and this storage can easily fill up slowing down your computer. Or files can get scattered in too many locations.  Adding to this you might end up with duplicates of files.  I can show you many free apps that can sort through and display the duplicates to delete.

Another common area that can fill up on your computer is the downloads folder.  Make it a habit to save the download to where you want it, print it or just delete the file and keep the folder empty. This also applies to the trash. Even though you may have transferred the files into the trash, they are still taking up space on the computer and can easily be retrieved. The bin is a two-step process, just like at home. Don’t forget to take the bin out!


I create folders on my desk top for each area of my life with the name & 2017-2018. At the end of the financial year I move them into the main folder inside documents.

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